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                The night air was cool and fresh. The moon was full and high in the sky. Derek just stared at the glowing orb peacefully. It was a beautiful sight. It made him think about nights back on the beach by his home on Valencia Island. That was three years ago.

     Derek was tall, skinny, and had a surfer cut. He also had braces, but that didn't bother him much. He had plenty of friends. He was smart, but didn't think things through all the time. He had a humorous personality and all the imagination in the world. He was also a great Pokemon Trainer.

     His traveling partner was a good friend. His name was Jason, though he liked to be called Jay.  He was shorter than Derek and not as thin, but he wasn't fat. He was a goofball and loved to joke around. He too was a Pokemon Trainer. He was somewhat better at capturing Pokemon than Derek was.

     Derek first met Jay about two years ago. Derek lost his family in a shipwreck off the coast of Valencia Island one day. They were on a cruise for Cinnabar Island. Suddenly they were attacked by a gang called Team Rocket. He wasn't sure if his family died or not, but he never saw them again. That's when he was forced to move to Cerulean City with his aunt.

     That's when he met Jay. They became best friends easily. Within months his aunt died. That's when they set off on their journey. Jay knew the Pokemon Researcher named Bill. He gave them both fire Pokemon. Derek got a Growlithe and Jay got a Vulpix. With the help of some Pokemon they caught, they defeated the Cerulean sisters and earned their first badge, the Cascade Badge. They've been on the road for a year. That afternoon they both won Earth Badges. Now all they needed were Boulder Badges from Pewter City. And by the way, I'll let know teir teams. Derek uses an Arcanine, Jolteon, a Donfan ( The elephant thing from the beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back if you don't know what Donfan is. ) , a Golduck, Marowak, and a Scyther. Jay uses a Ninetails, Riachu, Sandslash, Kingler, Venusaur, and a Primeape. Now let's get on with the story.

     The duo were walking the streets of Viridian City looking for an open hotel. So far all the others were closed. Derek was tired of walking. " Jay, you know why all these hotels are closed?! ", Derek said. " Didn't you hear about that big disaster in some town called Pallet? Some professor by the name of Oak had caught some rare Pokemon. Two Marrils, a Porygon, a Dragonair, and something called Mew. He was doing some tests and BOOM! Dead. The professor died and all his Pokemon were swiped. Team Rocket did it I think. They bombed the whole town. It's nothin but rubble now. All the survivors came here. They need a place to stay, so… "

     " Team Rocket?… ", Derek said, slowly getting angry. Derek vowed he would destroy Team Rocket one day, for all the trouble they've caused. Derek started to think about those Pokemon, Marrils were hard to find, but they weren't Pokegods like everyone said, He defeated one in a Trainer Battle easily with his Jolteon. They had a powerful evolved form, but still easily defeated with the right Pokemon. Porygons were very rare, but too weak. Jay had one. Dragonair on the other hand, was Very rare and very strong. But Mew? Derek heard of those. They were powerful psychic Pokemon, They used to be very abundant, but now the are considered myths. He also heard about the accident with trying to clone one. They had created a true Pokegod. A monster.

     " Derek?! Are you listening?! ". Jason yelled. " Huh? ", Derek asked. " I said there's a hotel over there. " Jay pointed across the street. " Um, Miss? ", Jason asked. " Yes? ", the lady asked. " Do you have any rooms? " " Yes. It's 120$ " Jay turned to Derek. " The lady says it's 120$. " " All I have is 80$. We lost are packs earlier, remember? What are we gonna do? " " I guess we keep looking. "

     At that moment, a young man walked through the door. He was tall and wore a black/white uniform with a black cap. It had a red " R " in the middle. He was a Rocket!!! " Okay! Cash, valuables, Pokemon, you know the drill! ", the man said. " Not without a fight! ", Derek said. They walked outside.

     " Okay, Three on three kid! ", " DEAL!!! " " Go Poliwrath! ", the man said. " Go Jolteon! Jolteon, start with Agility, give it a Pin Missle attack, and finish it with a Thunderbolt! ", Derek said. " Nice attack plan! ", Jay said. " Poliwrath, Water Gun! "

" JOLLLLLTEOON! " With that, Jolteon ran forward. It dodged the volleys of high-pressure sprays easily without a scratch. As soon as he was close enough, he curled up and fired three volleys of poisonous needles. The poison was pumping in Poliwrath's veins seconds after contact. Jolteon then released thousands of volts of electricity from its body and directed it at Poliwrath. " Huh?! Poliwrath return! Go Hitmonlee! Hitmonlee, Rolling Kick now! " You couldn't count how many times Jolteon was kicked in the next five seconds. He was then finished with a Hi Jump Kick.

     " Jolteon return! Go Donfan! Donfan, Rage Tackle! " With a grunt, the short elephant curled up and attacked. It sped forward and hit Hitmonlee square in the chin. It then stabbed him with his tusks. " Finish it with Dig! ", Derek yelled. It curled up and dove under ground as if it were water, it then popped up and sent Hitmonlee flying. It snorted. " Hitmonlee return! Go, Nidoking! " " Donfan, Headbutt! " Donfan bashed its head and tusks into Nidoking's body. It was then wacked with a Tail Whip from Nidoking's bony tail. " Donfan Dig! " It dove under once again. But it wouldn't do anything because Nidoking used Fissure. Out of the huge crack, hot gases and molten rocks spewed out. Donfan also spewed out. He landed with a good old thud. He was severely burned. " Donfan return! Go Arcanine! Use your Fire Blast!"

A massive explosion of firey rage erupted from Arcanine's mouth. The Battle was over.

      " Now Arcanine, attack that man with Ember! " Arcanine fired a fireball at the man. He went flying. " Young boy! Since you saved my hotel, you can stay for free. "

" ALL RIGHT! ", Derek yelled. He felt proud.