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Chapter 4

--- Ryan Davies
--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

Brock and I were arguing over something very stupid. It turned out he
leave Peweter without permission from his parents Brock(you know the one
who traveled with the characters on the show) and Jenny an officer. But
that's not what we were arguing about. He wanted to take two of his friends
and his little brother. Why do we have to take them anyway? I asked.
Because they'll get to lonely without me. He said. It's probably the other
way around. Okay fine we'll take them. I said as Brock lifted his lucky bat
and almost hit a grand slam with my head but dodged just in time. Things
weren't so bad the only girl so far kept looking at me strange her name was
Liz and she was 14 even though I was only 12 I'm just as tall as her. Brian
was Brock's other friend he was the oldest at age 16. Brocks little brother
was Red at age 8 he was really short. Mt.Moon was really creepy the only
thing that told us what parts were safe we watched for the Clefairy. It was
pretty intelligent of Brian to think of it. Even my computer said(which I
had put my pokedex data Pikachu had totalled it) we decided we should keep
all our pokemon out. Then we came to a dead end oh great instructions we
got from that messed up nurse. I said sarcastically. But she thought I was
sweet. said Brock. See told ya she was messed up. Then the floor underneath
us started to crumble. We all fell on the hard ground. Brian was out cold
and when I tried to get up I heard a sickening crack. My leg had come
completely off I swore loudly. I saw three pairs of bloodshot eyes looking
at us. I figured they were probably pokemon. I took out my computer.
EAT ANYTHING AS LONG AS THEY'RE ANGRY. Um Brock did you just hear that? I
asked. I turned and saw one of the Omastars ripping and tearing at his
face. Brocks pokemon grabbed it and tore it away from him. The Aerodactyl
swung down at Brian I wasn't thinking, I grabbed my leg and threw it at
him. It woke him up and he got out of the way just in time. I was saw Red
go very pale. Our pokemon were doing there best to defend everyone. Brocks
Onix,Rhydon,and Nidoking,Reds Snorlax,and Poliwrath,Brians Dragonite,and
Kingler, and my Wartortle were probably doing the most damage. Pikachu and
Mankey started glowing I knew they were evolving Squirtle had done the same
when he turned into Wartortle. I knew exactly what they were. Okay Raichu
giga-shock. Raichu had sparks flying from him he was basically going after
Aerodactyl who got most of the blast, but Omastar 
and Kabutops got shocked to. Poliwrath,Staryu,Snorlax combine your surf
Red commanded they did just that knocking the legendary pokemon out. Well
you three don't just stand there catch them. Brock said since he and Brian
already had six. Fine I get Kabutops I said. Liz got Omastar and Red got
Aerodactyl. I was loosing blood really fast. I tore of my book bag and took
out my gym socks from school and tied them around my cut. I fitted my leg
as best as I could in my bag. We used our fighting and rock pokemon made a
new exit and there we were in Cerulean city. Brock recalled his
Golem,Rhydon,Onix,and Hitmonlee,I recalled Kabutops,and Primeape,and Red
recalled Aerodactyl. I was going to fight at one of the gyms there were ten
of them. People stared at me as we walked to the poke center. After we had
our pokemon restored Mew helped me get my leg back on using his psychic
powers. I figured I'd go to the smallest gym there was. Brian and Red went
to a different gym. Brock also went to a separate one from me to which left
me with Liz. Oh well maybe I can tell her I like her without anyone making
fun of me.