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Chapter 3

I was walking with my new friends. I had no clue what happened to Brock
and the others. 
I was traveling with my friends from Lavender Michael Busbin he had blue
hair with glasses. His pokemon were
Charmeleon,Scyther,Porygon,Ninetales,Golduck,and Pidgeot. Doug Stoute he
had Poliwrath,Pikachu,Eevee,Ivysaur,Gyarados,and Snorlax. The last one was
Sora Troy she had light brown hair almost like mine she had
Magmar,Ditto,Krabby,Arbok,Victrebel,and Dugtrio. My pokemon had changed
some to I now had Mew,Wartortle,Parasect,Geodude,Muk,and Electrode. I was
trying to win a Porygon at the arcade just like Michael. So far I wasn't
having any luck with winning coins. I decided to stand by Michael against
the back wall. Soon Doug and Sora joined us. We were about to leave when I
accidently hit something. Lucky we were the only ones there cause if a
giant door opened up from a wall people wouldn't be to happy. Doug who was
always curious walked right in we had to drag him out but then we met
someone else another girl her name was Mimi. I think I'm gonna like this
girl. I said. Mimi had Beedril,Seadra,Exxegcute,Staryu,Ledyba,and Seaking.
We found out the place was run by team 
Rocket so we decided to trash the place later when it was night. When we
all decided what we would do we left Doug was security,Mimi and Michael
take out the security cameras, I would take out all the
computers,alarms,locks, and files, and Sora would break into the lab. I had
to first turn on the elevators once that was done Sora opened the control
box. I took out a pair of tweezers and turned off all alarms, all automated
locks and all the auxilliary to both of them. Sora tried to pick the lock
to one of the doors. I thought were an expert on this. I said. It's a
different code you try it. Fine. I took out a small card 
I had gotten from the gaurd at the front. I opened up the door let's go
let's go let's go.
Sora put a wire on the only camera left so we could see what happened once
we were finished. I took a disc out of my pocket and inserted it into one
of the computers I started copying all the files on it once that was done I
started deleting them. Half way threw deleting them an alarm went of. Ryan
I thougt you turned all the power off. Michael said. Not for the fire
alarm. I yelled back. Way to go bonehead. Sora screamed. Hey I'm a 13 year
old kid lighten up. I yelled. Doug came in yelling at us to hurry up. Ryan
what are you doing type type. Get your hands off the key board. I was
planting a virus in the computer. Fatal virus crash and burn. I took the
disc out. Everyone was taking all the pokeballs they could get. The next
day we were watching the Rocket leader talking to some other guy about
finding all of our prints. Well. Michael said. At least none of us have
files so our prints don't come up. Well that's not intierly true. Sora and
Doug said. Oh don't tell me you two have records. I said. You know what I
think we should dump Doug and Sora like filthy step kids with their prints
muk'n up the works. Sora shot a spitball at me. No way we are not going
down without any of you we'll name name's. I told she was trouble. I said.
She's evil. No. Micheal said. We're sticking together to protect the under
dog. Well 
whatever that means we're not sticking together if the dog leaves prints.
But fine we'll give them one more chance. We heard that the leader had a
stash of hidden pokeballs. What oh great he still trying to get his hands
on some sort of bio weapon. Doug had an idea that we could get the
pokeballs by meating them at a public place. Three hours later we were
looking for any sign of rockets. We saw them grabbing anyone they past. Hey
loosers you want the balls come and get them Micheal said into a micro
phone. We led them to a putting green. Michael and I went one way the
others went another. I cralled threw a small house while Miceal grabbed
two putters from someone. One of them got stuck halfway threw. Four we
yelled we brought up the putters and swung at two balls real hard knocking
the guy out. Nice slice I told Michael. Well. He said. It went a little to
the left but I'm happy with it. He said. Golf clap? golf clap. Soon they
were everywhere.