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Chapter 2

I sighed as we left Lavender I at least had people to travel with and
a pokemon.Onix was too cool for words. Soon we came on some guy who was
fishing. New to training, he asked? we all nodded. Well same here, he said.
How's bout we battle. Okay you can battle Onix he needs training. The man
sent out a pokemon named Magikarp they were famous for doing absolutely
nothing. I called on Onix but he wouldn't come out. What????????? I started
banging on the poke ball open up I took out my pokedex and typed in
Prof.Stouts number and of 
course he answered Professor Onix won't come out. I said. What Onix? he
asked. You saw it Professor. Oh 
that's not Onix it's a Mew it hasn't de transformed. Ohhh I said. Thanks
by. Okay go Mew. MMMMEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!! it said. Awww it's adorable. Hannah
said. It's cool I said I love it. It's short Logan said. What do I use
Ryan? What who said that? Me, Mew. I stared Mew was speaking
telepathically. I shook myself awake. Mew use uhhhh bubble beam.
Immediately mew shot a stream of rock hard bubbles at the helpless fish
KKKKKKAAAAAAAARRRRRPPPP!!!!!!! it said just before it fainted. I win I
said. Here take this, the man shoved 175 yen into my hand and left. We were
soon on our way to Saffron to go to Peweter. I suggested on going threw
Digglet's cave in Vermilion City, Logan wanted to Cerulean City and go
threw Mt.Moon, and Hannah was being just plain dumb. She was going to
Celedon on cycling road. She'd head towards Fuchsia swim past sea foam to
Cinnabar swim to Pallet threw Viridian forest and then reach Peweter. Not
able to agree we all went different ways. I was getting lonely so I sent
out Mew he was with me all the way to Vermilion. It was huge buildings
everywhere. Lavender was nothing like this. It was getting dark and I was
hungry I saw a bunch of other kids my age enter a building that said
Pokemon center. I decided to do what they did and enter it. It was packed
with trainers I went up to the lady at the front desk 
she had red hair that bent upward and was tied together in the back. Can I
help you? the lady asked. Umm are you allowed to rent rooms here? She
nodded her head yes. I asked if I could stay the night and she nodded her
head again. She handed me a set of keys and told me my room number. There
were six small beds probably for pokemon to sleep in and one larger one. I
sat down on my bed and Mew got in his we both slept well that night. I woke
up to find out that someone had brought in breakfast. Don't I get a good
mourning and a thank you? Mew asked me. Why should you be thanked? I asked.
Because I brought up our meal I've never met such a lazy human. And why am
I lazy? I asked. Because it's 12:00 noon. Wow I'm a heavy sleeper I said.
We checked out of the room and were headed toward Digglet's cave it took 
five minuets to get there. Digglet's cave was long it took us nine hours to
get through but we made it the gym closed in another hour so I figured I'
de take a walk and catch some new pokemon I came back to the gym. I now had
three new Pokemon to my collection. They were Mankey, Squirtle, and
Pikachu. Okay boys lets show this guy what we got they all nodded in

A mere kid challenges Brock the rock fine I except your challenge
three pokemon no time limit let's start. I was ready for him, he threw a
poke ball go Zubat he said a blue bat with no eyes came out of the ball. I
choose you Pikachu. Pikachu hopped onto the rock hard platform Pikachu
start with thunder wave. Zubat super sonic Zubat made a terrible screeching
noise but Pikachu wasn't affected. Pikachu zapped Zubat into paralysis so
it couldn't battle. Good but can it beat Golem go. You no what it can't
return Pikachu, go Mankey. Mankey start with barrier Mankey put up an
invisible wall in front of it Golem explosion. A giant boom filled the
arena but didn't even scratch Mankey knocking Golem out all right Mankey
we're gonna win this one Mankey nodded. Onix go Onix bind the Mankey Onix
wrapped itself around Mankey knocking him out. Arrgghh go Mew. Mew
transform a small ball shot out of Mew into Onix and came back to Mew.
Okayy use fissure Mew slammed it's rock body on the ground and caused a
large reaction and K.Oed Onix. Wow was all Brock could say here's the
boulder badge. An hour later Brock and I were walking to Mt.moon.