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Chapter 1

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I had just woken up from a nightmare and
had screamed my lungs out. What's wrong Ryan? Huh oh high Pete I just had a
bad dream that's all. Was it about ghosts? Pete asked. No it was just
adream about something. OK cause you know we'd 
never hurt humans that's what we were Pete said. No I I I just go back to
sleep or whatever ghosts do I said. Okay goodnight Ryan. Night Pete. I
looked out my window at pokemon tower Lavender's to creepy especialy with
no parents or pokemon or practically anyone to talk to I thaught to myself.
Then I fell asleep.

Pid pidd pideot. Oh shut up you. Pid pid. I shoved my pillow over my
pillow over my head to block out Pig's constant squaks. Go back to Alfred's
Pigwidion you're too anoying. 
Now I did it I called Pig by his full name and all of a sudden my bed and
clothes were flung in every which way from a whirlwind attack. You crappy
bird I screamed yo're lucky I
don't own you. I half said half shouted. I walked out of my house and
walked to the lab of 
my friend's uncle Prof.Stout. My friend's were drooling over girls again.
C'mon you four 
I said now where's Kyle? Only Logan could answer the others had gone back
to the girls again. Kyle's in make out city again Logan said smirking. Well
let's just go get our pokemon and leave them I said. At the lab there were
tons and tons of pokemon. Hello boys 
said the Profecesor. Yo! we said together. Do you boys ever change your
said a girl's voice from behind Stout. Ryan you're constantly wearing green
and Logan you've always got on black. Nice to see you to Hannah I said. No
we don't and won't change our colors. Fine Logan whatever you say now who
will I travel with? Excuse me miss down in the rear but we're sticking
together and no you, profecesor can we each have a pokemon we 
want to get out of hear and fast. Okay but you will have to take Hannah now
Logan you first. All right how about this one he picked up a red and white
ball in a flash of white light there was a large ghost. G-g-g-gastly! it
stated.(I think it stated that at least)
Ryan you next. There were so many I couldn't pick. I closed my eyes and
just grabed one I felt it open in my hands and slam on my foot the whole
place shook Onix! I opened my eyes and a giant rock snake stood there wow!
This is mine cool. We left the lab and the three of us took off for our