Pijoto's Links

These are some Pokemon sites that I recommend you visit.

Strata Strikes draws the best, and dare I repeat it again the best Pokémon on the net.  I have nearly saved all 

of her drawings onto my computer and have used some of her images on my own websites, noticeably the top images on the front page.  Also if you spend your time scanning through her guestbook, you can find that I've signed it, twice!

The UPNetwork, this site became my number one site for Pokémon news and info.  After the late and great Pokémon Forest X bit the dust!  You can find me on their BBS, I'm a regular there, but mainly hang out at their infamous Miscellaneous board.


The best Brock site of course, and the Webmaster Eji, is a great artist and writes some of the best Brock fics ever.
This is just an archive site of the infamous newsgroup, known as the Pokéwars.  I considered joining Pokéwars one time or another, but never could adjust to interactive fics, since they take some dedication to join, and as you may notice, I like to take my own lazy pace towards writing quality fiction.


A great site for Gameboy info, and they have huge sections on Pokémon.   Such as well-written editorials and not to mention a thorough G/S walkthrough.
Many sites call themselves the TRHQ, but as far as I can tell this site is best of them all.  With the best TRHQ fanfics located here and more!  Look for exclusive interviews with Eric Stuart and Rachel Lillis.


For some reason I found myself visiting this site on a more regular basis.  Anyways, it's just your average fanfic repository site. 
Recently I have become hooked on the Webmaster's, Leto, fanfics.  A writer of over 75 different stories, ranging from ongoing to short stories, they are amongst the best Pokémon fanfics you can read on the net!  Also Leto is one of my favorite Moderators on the UPNetwork's BBS, this is what she really looks like ~~>  ^_^* 


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