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Chapter 2#

Akira walked all the way to Viridian City with Jigglypuff in her 
arms. Akira peered over a hill and could see the orange and gold sun peer 
over the city ahead. " Hang in there Jigglypuff," said Akira! Akira saw up 
ahead a police officer. Akira was right about to go in the city whe the cop 
pulled her collar and jerked her back. " Alright you pile of crap, what are 
you doing with that pokemon!" yelled the cop. " I was just going over to the 
pokemon center to heal Jigglypuff," said Akira!

" Oh don't give me that bullsh*t and let me see your ID," Yelled the cop 
louder! " Look! I was just going to a pokemon center to heal my pokemon! And 
I don't have an ID I'm only a kid!" said Akira raising her voice. " You 
could still be a worker or spy for the theifs!" said the cop! " How many 
times do I have to tell you! I'm a goddamn kid who wants to go to a pokemon 
center to restore my pokemon now will you please let me through you fat sack 
of fat!" screamed Akira!

" Hey watch your mouth young lady or I'll take you to juvenile hall, said 
the cop, but since you begged, I'll let you go this time!" " Thank you," 
said Akira. As Akira walked off she thought in her mind " Jackass!" Akira 
got to the pokemon center in about 6 minutes. " Hello, I am Nurse Sasami. 
How can I help you?" " Well it's my pokemon. Can you heal it?" asked Akira. 
" Sure we can!" said Sasami. Akira handed over Jigglypuff. " Great. It will 
only take 11 minutes," said Sasami.

While Akira waited, she decided to call her mom. The phone rung and then 
her mom answered. " Hello" said Akira's mom. " Hi mom," said Akira! " Hi 
sweet pee. How's your journey?" asked Akira's mom. Akira sat for 6 minutes 
talking about the adventure so far. " And talking to the cop was like 
arguing with a 3 year old, just with a filthy mouth," said Akira. " Well it 
sounds like your having fun," said mom! " Yeah, I guess I am," said Akira. " 
Well talk to you later mom, I love you, bye," said Akira, and hung up! By 
the time Akira hung up, Jigglypuff was all healed up and ready to go! " Hope 
to see you again!" said Nurse Sasami!

" You too, bye!" said Akira. Before Akira could get to the door and get 
out, they heard a voice from above! " Stop right there!" the voice said. " 
Huh?" said Sasami and Akira. " Hahahahaha!" said the voice but , there were 
three voices! Three unilluminated figures jump from the sun roof and into 
the pokemon center. " Whose there!" yelled Akira as dust filled the whole 
pokemon center with dust and dirt.

When the dust settled, you could see the traid of people. One was a girl in 
in black bell-bottoms and a tie-die headband with a navy blue tanktop. There 
was a guy and he was wearing a leather gloves with camouflauge baggy jeans 
with a black jacket with a brown t-shirt and army boots. At last they had a 
talking Ninetales with them! " Alright , hand over all your money and 
pokemon!" said the girl. " No never!" said Sasami! " Oh, you leave us no 
choice then," said The man. Just then the man and the women pulled out sub 
machine guns and fired rapidly!

Sasami and Akira were luckey enough to get behind the desk in time! But 
There was a young boy hidding behind the telephones and the Women was coming 
right toward him with here machine guns loaded! " Hey leave that boy alone!" 
said Akira. " Hmph who died and made you boss, said the women, and besides, 
how are you planning to stop me?!". " I'm not sure, but, what the hell are 
your guy's names?" asked Akira. " Ha! My name is Takishi!" said the women. " 
And I am Nanaki, said the man, and and we are money thieves and pokemon 
thieves!" " Now less chating and more stealing and killing!" said the 

" Right!" said Takishi and Nanaki. Takishi ran at the boy and shot about a 
million times! " NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed Sasami and Akira! The dust 
cleared and the boy was gone! " what the fu*k?" said Nanaki. Akira and 
Sasami found the boy safe and sound right behind the desk with them! In the 
boys place was a Akira's Jigglypuff! " What's with the jiggly thing?" said 
Takishi? " That Jiggly thing is a Jigglypuff that can shoot out pink 
electricity!" said Akira. " Wow! A Jigglypuff that's shoots pink 
electricity? That's one rare pokemon!" said Ninetales. " Snatch it guys!" 
ordered Ninetales.

The Jigglypuff was so mad, it detonated the whole pokemon center! Yellow, 
red, and blue flames danced all around the pokemon center! The police 
arrived but only found the thieves! " Hey what's this pink sheild?" asked 
one of the cops. It was Jiggly puff that had a safe force feild around 
Akira, Sasami, and the boy! " Wow, that's one hell of a pokemon!" said the 
cops. Akira, Sasami, and the boy woke up in thunderstruck that they weren't 
dead! " Oh thank you so much!" said Sasami crying in happiness.

" Jigglypuffpuff!" said Jigglypuff laughing! Akira hugged Jigglypuff and 
also said " Thank you very much Jigglypuff!" Akira and Sasami watched the 
three idiots being pushed in the cop cars. " Goddammit I alreadyf*nking told 
you no I don't want a bullet in my head!" said Nanaki and Ninetales! " Look 
kid, you haven't seen the last of us dammit!" said Takishi pointing to Akira 
and Sasami. " Hey what happen to that boy?" asked Akira. " Oh the police 
said they couldn't find him after him saying something in latin and also 
something about a new type of pokemon called Mystic pokemon!

After that, his eye's rolled back in his head and he ran of into the 
flames," said Sasami. " I hope he didn't kill himself," said Sasami. Just 
then Akira had an idea. " How woul you like to come with me on my jaunt? I 
mean, your pokemon center is destroyed, and if we got are pokemon hurt, you 
know what to do!" said Akira. " Ok, I'll come!" said Sasami happily. So now 
Akira and Sasami march off into the woods with Jigglypuff and a smile on 
there faces.