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Author: Zapdos86

description: Akira is a young girl who wants to be a pokemon master! She 
will conflict ( battle) anyone who tries to get in her way of fighting! Many 
things will happen on the journey of pokemon + an all new type of pokemon 

Akira and the mystic pokemon adventure

One Early morning a girl named Akira was fast asleep while she was suppose 
to be at Prof. Oaks lab getting her new pokemon for her journey. Akira's dad 
died along time ago so her mother takes care of her now. Akira's alarm clock 
went off! " BBBBBRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!" " AAAAHHHH!!!!" shouted Akira as 
she came rolling off her bed! Her head slammed into her night stand! " 
OOOOWWWW!!!!" shouted Akira again. You can tell Akira's not the morning type 
of person! Akira's Mother rushed up the stairs and through the door. " 
Akira! Are you alright. I heard you screaming and banging around!" " Every 
things fine mom, just the clock over here scared the crap out of me!" said 
Akira. Akira's mom whacked Akira on the head.

" Watch your mouth!" she said. " But ma, CRAP is not a.." SMACK!!! " 
OOOOWWW. Mom quit'it!" Akira said. " Then you watch your mouth. I Don't want 
you ending up speaking like a darn trucker!" She said. The mom left in a 
huff and told Akira to put on some clothes. Akira looked at the clock. " 
Hmmmmm.. 12:00....!?!? 12:00!? AAAAAAHHHHHHH I'm late!!!!" Akira rushed to 
her dresser put on some clothes, got everything she needs, said goodbye and 
was off! Huffing and puffing down the rocky and muddy road. As Akira ran she 
said " Ugly, stupid, slow, any pokemons good just save one for me!"

When Akira arrived someone else was there. Big lines and piles of people 
were standing in front of Proffesor Oaks lab cheering out the name " 
Kojiro". Akira pushed through the people and saw Kojiro for the first time 
in 5 years. " Well long time no see Akira, laughed Kojiro, I thought you 
weren't gonna show up!" " You now that I would show up you little brat!" 
said Akira. " You two calm down!" said Prof. Oak who just got out of his 
lab. " You two used to such good friends, whatever happend to that?" Akira 
and Kojiro glared at each other for along long time. Akira remembered that 
when they were very little, they did get along good.

But when Kojiro got older, he got meaner and selfish. " I don't have time to 
think about the past, said Kojiro, I need to think about the future." Kojiro 
hopped in his car that his friend was driving with cheerleader in that sung 
out " Kojiro, Kojiro his our man, if he can't do it, no one can!" As the car 
drove off the people cleared out. " OOOHHH I'll show him!!!" grumbled Akira. 
" Prof. Oak do you have a pokemon for me!?" said Akira. " Well lets go take 
a look see!" said Oak. After a long walk through the lab, Akira came to a 
small room with a table a 7 pokeballs. " Oh wow, POKEMON!!!!" screamed 

" Well why don't you pick one" said Prof Oak. Akira picked up the 1st one 
and opened it. Nothing was inside. " Darn" said Akira. Now she tried the 2nd 
one. Empty! " WWHHAA..." said Akira. Akira raced through the pokeballs only 
finding nothing in any of them. " Prof. Oak, do you have any other pokemon?" 
sighed Akira. " Well... your in luck cause I do have one!" said Oak. He went 
up to a red switch and a blue panel. He typed in a code and pressed the red 
button. Just then, a pokeball came out. Akira smiled and picked it up. " NOW 
NOW BE CARFULL!!!!!!" said Oak. " Why what can a pokemon do to me!" said 
Akira. Just then the pokeball opened and a pink lightning bolt shot out the 
pokeball and out came the pokemon.

Akira opened her eyes and saw a Jigglepuff with a cute little yellow bow 
clipped at the foot of its ear! " OOOOHHH it's so cute, screamed Akira! How 
did you get it?" " Well... I found it in the woods near my lab. I heard it 
crying so I found it wrapped it in a blanket and been taken care of him ever 
since then. But the weird thing is that it's a jigglypuff and only electric 
pokemon can shoot out electric energy like that. The other weird thing is 
that it shoots out pink electric energy when it should be yellow or gold!" 
I've always wanted to give this pokemon to a skilled trainer and well.... I 
think you are going to be that skilled and lucky trainer!

" Wow! You really think I'm going to be a master trainer Prof. Oak?!" said 
Akira. " Welllllll….. It all depends on your pokemon skills and how many 
pokemon you catch!" said Oak. " Well… You can count on me Professor Oak to 
be a pokemon master!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" said Akira. " Oak, is my pokemon rare 
by any chance?" asked Akira. " Well to tell you the truth… Your pokemon is 
mch rarer than Kojiro's is." Said Professor Oak. " Alright I rule!! shouted 
Akira! Is my pokemon stronger than Kojiro's ?!"

" I'm not going to tell you everything. I Tried to give you each equal 
pokemon so there would be no difference…but.. I gave you each different 
pokemon so now one stronger than the other and faster than the other and you 
get my drift," said Oak. Akira walked out the door with Professor Oak. " 
Well I wish you good luck Akira!" said Oak. " Thank you! Well goodbye!" said 
Akira. " Wait you forgot somethings!" shouted Prof. Oak. " Here is your 
pokedex and pokeballs.

Oh and one more thing, That Jigglypuff of yours hates to be in its 
pokeball," said Prof. Oak. Akira took out the pokeball that Jigglypuff was 
in and let it come out. ZZZAAAAPPPPP!!!! Jigglypuff bounced out and yelled " 
cough…. Wow that little bugger hurts!!" said Akira.

" Well your just gonna have to deal with it. After you spend time playing 
with Jigglypuff and spending time with it, Jigglypuff will grow to like 
you!" said Prof. Oak. " Ok I'll try my hardest then," said Akira. " Goodbye 
Professor Oak and thank you!" said Akira as she ran off into the woods. " 
*Sigh* That kid reminds me of myself when I was little and starting my 
pokemon journey," said Professor Oak to himself. Akira ran in happiness 
knowing that this would be an adventure of a lifetime!
Meowth: Bye, Vegeta! Thanks for being on the show!