Back to 10 Years Later...


Chapter 7#

" What Are we gonna do!!??? said Shreik and Duplica. We can't hold two 
people on the rope and go down at the same time!!!!". " I know we can't. " 
That's I'm going to call out Venasaur to lower Misty down to the first 
floor," said Ash. Venasaur came out and lowerd Misty to the first floor. 
When Venasaur's vines came back up, Ash called him back. " Duplica, you go 
first," said Shreik. Duplica walked up to the rope and slid down it. " Ok, 
Ash, your nnnneeeeexxxxttt!!" screamed Duplica from the bottom of the floor. 
" Shreik, how about you go next?!" said Ash. " No way. I leave when you 
leave," said Shreik. Ash sighed then when to the rope and slid down. Ash hit 
something very hard at the bottom. It was the elevator! " Ash, climb through 
that crack right there just like I did!" said Duplica.

Ash bent down and squeezed through the crack. Next, Shreik came down and 
squeezed through the crack too. " Alright. Duplica is here and Ash and Misty 
are here. Is that everyone?" asked Shreik. " Yep!" said Duplica. " Alright 
then. Now lets blow out of this joint and run. As soon as Ash, Misty, 
Shreik, and Duplica ran out the door, they took off running! Ash and co. 
stopped by the forest that Ash and Misty walked through to get to Team 
Rocket H.Q. Ash and co. then looked up at that old hell factory and watched 
it burn to rubble. " Well, I'm happy that nightmares over!" said Ash as he 
looked at Misty. " What are we going to do with Misty?" asked Shreik. Ash 
looked up at the clouds and sky and said softly " We'll bury her in the 
pokemon lake were she found Stayu".

At 9:00 p.m, Ash, Duplica, and Shreik got all there pokemon and gatherd up 
for the ceremony. At 9:10, the ceremony began. " Dearly beloved, Ash began. 
We are gatherd here today to pay one last visit to our dear friend, Misty. 
Misty loved water pokemon and wanted badly to be a water pokemon master. 
Sadly, her dream was cut short and she died at the age of 20. Poor Misty. 
She'll never know what it will be like to be a master trainer. What I think 
is that Misty would love to get revenge on Giovanni and Team Rocket 
itself,". Everyone bowed there head in respect and looked back up at 
eachother. Misty's pokemon then created a glass coffen over Misty and lay 
her down in the ground. Then all the pokemon baried her in durt and put 
glass flowers all over the place were she lay. Duplica noticed Ashwas gone 
and over by the tree. Duplica walked over and said " Ash, are you ok?".

Ash turned to her. His face was pail and his eyes were red and tears were 
coming down his cheek. Then Ash put his head on Duplica and cryed. Duplica 
was rubbing his back and saying " It's alright Ash. It's ok to be sad." Ash 
said softly " I want to be with her again and tell her I'm sorry,". It 
started to get dark and Ash and co. were almost ready to leave. Shreik 
peered out to a ledge over the sea where Ash was sitting. Duplica was right 
about to walk over there when Shreik grabbed her by the arm and said, " 
Leave him alone. He needs to think,". Ash sat on the ledge and and thought 
as he cryed he could not wait until he and his angel would be in peace and 
would be together again.

The End