Back to 10 Years Later...


Chapter 6#

The Growlithe was charging at Ash and Duplica while Arbok was getting ready 
to strike at Shreik! Arbok lunged at Shreik with his fangs pointing out. 
Shreik slashed at Arbok with his sword but Arbok was to smart for that and 
just dug underground! Shreik was confuised. Then, after 4 seconds, Arbok 
rose out of the ground behind Shreik. Arbok striked at Shreik but, Shreik 
was also very quick and he dodged Arbok's poison bite. Shreik slashed at 
Arbok once again, but missed. Arbok and Shreik continued to fight while Ash 
and Duplica had problems of there own. " Damn. He's to quick!" said Duplica. 
Finally Growlithe had enough and launched himself at Duplica, his mouth wide 
open! Duplica took one great swing with her sword and cut through the 
Growlithe's mouth and his whole body!

the next thing Duplica knew was that there were two seprate parts of 
Growlithe laying on the floor and they were twitching. Ash walked up and 
smashed the two parts of the Growlithe. It stoped twitching. Meanwhile, 
Shreik had his handfull with that Arbok. Shreik was fast enough and he got 
his arm torn off! Shreik moaned in pain as his arm lay there on the floor. 
The socket, though, was bleeding all over Shreik. Now Shreik was so angry, 
he could hardly think or hear straight! Shreik eye's turned all white and he 
ran at Arbok full speed! Now Arbok was to slow and instead of just getting 
cut, Arbok got his tounge ripped out, a ninja star jammed through his right 
eye, his tail bit off, Shreik's hand through Arboks' heart, and to top it 
all off, Shreik's sword through Arbok's head.

" Wow. Um, Shreik... Are you ok?" asked Ash and Duplica. Shreik turned to 
them with his sword pointed to them and Shreik was ready to strike at Ash 
and Duplica! " Now...Shreik,heh..heh, um, were your friends remember?" said 
Duplica. Shreik, without an answer, ran towards them and slashed! Ash and 
Duplica opened there eye's and found that Shreik slashed at Arbok behind 
them. " Arbok was right behind you guys and he was ready to kill you!" said 
Shreik. " Are you ok Shreik?" asked Ash. " What do you mean?" answered 
Shreik. " Well, um, your arm after all is torn off," said Ash. Shreik then 
tore off a peice of his clothing and wrapped up his arm. " There, is that 
better?" asked Shreik. " Well, at least it's better," sid Ash. Ash and co. 
now made there way to "GIOVANNIS OFFICE".

Ash opened the door. The door creeked which made it very hard to go in. The 
room was dark. There was a dim light on a desk. " Charmander, go!" said 
Shreik. Charmander lit up the room. It was a huge room with a bunch of 
pokeballs all over the place. Ash looked around and saw Misty over in the 
corner sleeping. " Misty!" shouted Ash. Misty woke up with a smile on her 
face. " Ash! Duplica! Shreik! Your all here!" said Misty. " We thought we 
might have lost you!" said Duplica. Then, Ash and co. heard a voice coming 
from high above them. " Aaaawwww, isnt this a touchy moment," said the 
voice. " Who the hell is there?!" said Shreik. " It's Giovanni," said Misty. 
" Correct! We have a winner!" said Giovanni. Giovanni jumped of a book shelf 
and landed next to Ash and co. " Giovanni! I've come here to get revenge for 
my friend Brock!" said Ash. " Brock, Brock, who might I ask is Brock?" said 
Giovanni. " You know's as good as hell who Brock is!" screamed Ash.

" Oh, yes. Brock, the kid who was 20 and got squashed by a peice of my old 
celling at my old Team Rocket H.Q, that Brock. Am I right?" said Giovanni. " 
Yes," said Ash a little more calmly. " Well. It's impossilble to defeat me, 
or my Head Quaters. Team Rocket will always live on forever!" said Giovanni 
laughing. " Shut the **** up!!!" screamed Ash. Ash ran at Giovanni and 
punched him right in the face! Giovanni held his face in pain while Ash 
jumped back to his friends. " My, that was quiet a punch, said Giovanni. But 
let me dhow you how it's done!". With that, Giovanni ran at Ash and punched 
him in the face 3 times and in the stomach 4 times! Ash fell to the ground 
in pain. Shreik, Duplica, and Misty ran up to check if he was all right. 
Before they could gelp him. Giovanni called out the Missingno and the 
pokemon blew Ash's friends clear across the room and hit the wall. Missingno 
floated to Ash's friends and started to shock them.

" Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I think I'm going to die! said Duplica. Missingno 
stoped after 2 minutes. Misty was bleeding all over on her arms. Duplica was 
bleeding on her back. Shreik was hurt on his face. " Ooooowwww!" said 
Duplica and Misty. Giovanni called back Missingno.Misty called out Starmie. 
" Starmie, heal all of us exsept, Giovanni," said Misty. Misty called back 
Starmie. Ash and co. stood up. Giovanni was gone. " Were's Giovanni?" asked 
Shreik. " I don't know," said Ash. Just then Giovanni appeared in back of 
Misty and took a sword and rammed it through Misty's back! Everyone looked 
in shock as Misty stood there with her eye's wide open. Giovanni took the 
sword out and Misty fell to the ground. " Misty!!!" Ash screamed. Ash was 
holding her on his lap. Misty was dead. Ash began to cry and said " My eye's 
are burning, my mouth is dry, and I feel weak!". " Misty. I made a promise 
that nothing would hurt you on this mission. I... failed." said Ash. " 
Misty, Ash said in tears. It wasn't suppost to end like this". Duplica was 
starting to cry.

Shreik was so angry and sad at the same time, he couldn't help not begining 
to squeze out a tear. Ash layed down Misty on the ground softly and stood 
up. " You'll pay for this!" Ash screamed in tears. Ash took Duplica and 
Shreiks sword. Pikachu shocked Giovanni a bunch of times. Then Ash ran at 
Giovanni screaming! Ash put one sword in Giovanni's heart and the next one 
in his brain. Ash took out the swords and started to slash and stab Giovanni 
all over. Giovanni was dead as a door nail. Giovanni's body was seprated in 
5. Guts and blood all over the place. " DDDDAAAAANNNNNMMMM!!!!!" said 
Shreik. Ash stopped. He walked back to Shreik and Duplica and gave them back 
there swords. " I'm sorry," said Ash. " what do you mean your sorry?" asked 
Duplica. " I mean I'm really sorry! Ash said as tears began to fall again. 
I'm sorry I let Giovanni kill Misty. I'm sorry you had to watch me brutalize 
Giovanni like that!". " Well first off, Shreik began. It wasn't your falt 
that Misty died. And you were mad at Giovanni anyways.

Now that he's dead, we can shut down this Team Rocket H.Q.". Just then, 
Missingno's pokeball rolled out of Giovanni's coat. Missingno came out and 
saw his master dead. Missingno was angry now. So he used his selfdestruct 
which would explode all of the Team Rocket H.Q and anything inside! " We 
have to hurry. We only have 5 minutes!" said Shreik. " But what about 
Misty?" said Ash. " Carry here if you want, said Shreik. Now let's get 
going!". Ash picked up Misty and ran out the door with his friends. " The 
elevator. We can use it to get out of here quicker!" said Duplica. " 
Remember! It's broken! said Ash, and we only have 2 minutes left and there 
are 7 big floors that will take us more than 2 minutes to get through!!". " 
What Are we gonna do!!???" said Shreik and Duplica.

What will happen to our hero's?
Will they be killed in the explosion?
Find out in the final last chapter: Chapter7#