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Chapter 5#

" Goddammit! The Growlithe took Misty!" said Ash. " Poor Misty. She'll 
probebly be taken to Giovanni and get hurt or something," said Shreik! " 
Well whatever does happen, we'll still look for Misty," said Ash. " How are 
going to get out if were stuck in the elevator?" said Duplica. " I got an 
idea," said Shreik! Shreik took out his sword and cut a large hole in the 
top of the elevator. " We'll climb out here and climb up the rope till we 
get to the 4th floor," said Shreik. " That's easy for you to say Shreik. It 
will be scaryer then hell climbing up a dinkey little rope all the way up to 
a floor and your 400 feet in the air!!!!!" yelled Ash. " You'll be fine. You 
do want to save Misty don't you?" said Shreik. Ash shruged and then said " 
Yes I do want to save Misty, but, I still think there's an easyer way," said 
Ash softly. " Oh quit being a pain Ash and haul your asskens up there!!!!" 
said Duplica.

" Ok then. Don't rush me you brat!" said Ash. " BRAT!!!! Your the one who's 
a big brat you son of a....." Ok knock it off you two!" Shreik interupted. 
Ash spat out his tounge and began to climb up through the hole and on to the 
rope. " Ok Duplica, your turn to go up," said Shreik. Duplica gazed up at 
Ash who was so far up he was just a speck! " Uuummm... Shreik maybe you 
should go up next," said Duplica! " Oh so I'm the one being a pain Duplica. 
HA!" said Ash. You could barely hear him cause he was so far up. " Oh you 
little," said Duplica! In a split second, Duplica was racing up the rope to 
get Ash! Shreik sighed and then started to climb up the rope. As soon as 
everyone was up on the 4th floor the rope snaped and the elevator crashed 
down with it. " Woh, that was close," said Duplica! " Hey look over there," 
said Shreik! On the red rug was black dark foot prints on the rug.

" Those must be the Growlithe's foot prints," exclamed Ash! " It might be a 
trick though," said Duplica! " Oh well if it's a trick. I still want to 
follow the prints. My mind keeps saying, follow the foot prints to Misty," 
said Ash. So Ash and co. started to follow the foot prints. " The foot 
prints lead to that little heater vent," said Shreik. " It's awfully dark in 
there," said Duplica! " Hey were's Ash?" said Shreik. " Hey you guys. 
Com'on, I want to go and save Misty," said Ash. He was already in the vent. 
Duplica and Shreik sighed then got on there knees and started to crawl. As 
they crawled through the heater vent, Duplica would make funky noises to 
freak out the guards! Shreik noticed that it would get darker, and darker 
everytime they got closer to Giovanni's office. The Ash and Duplica heard a 
slithering sound and it was coming there way! " What the **** is that?" said 

Now that he heard it, he tryed to pull out his sword and so did Duplica, but 
the vent was to little! Then, they all saw a big black thing slither across 
the vent not to close from Ash and co. Shreik pulled out a pair of goggles 
that were night vision. " What do you see Shreik?" asked Ash. " Well, 
nothing yet," Shreik said. " Oh..Wait! I...see..I ...see.... an Arbok," said 
Shreik! " What are we going to do?" said Duplica. " I've got an idea, said 
Shreik. Charmander, go!" Charmander lit up the room. " Well I don't see 
anything," said Ash. Ash looked over at Shreik and Duplica. They were frozen 
with fear! " What the hell is with you guys?" said Ash. " 
Um..Ash.....look..behind you!" Duplica said softly. Ash slowly turned 
around. Right there was the black Arbok breathing on Ash. Now Ash was frozen 
too! " Charmander use your flamethrower to kill that Arbok!" said Shreik 
quietly. Charmander flung around and used his flamethrower on Arbok. Arbok 
was now knocked out for only 10 minutes! " Well lets get going!" shouted 

" Hey look up ahead," said Duplica! Up ahead was a sliver of light! They 
were right about to get out of the vent when all the sudden, the vent caved 
in and Ash and co. fell down on the ground! " I guess we were to heavey for 
that part of the vent," said Shreik. " Hey were's Duplica?" said Ash. Just 
then Duplica fell down on top of Ash. " SSSSSShhhhhh, said Shreik. There are 
a bunch of guards in the next room so keep quiet!" said Shreik. Just then, 
a pokeball fell from Duplica's backpack. Marril popped out and began to play 
the kazoo! " What the hell is that?" said one of the guards in the next 
room. " I'll go and check!" said one of the other guards! " Oh no, we need 
to hide some were!" said Ash. Shreik and Ash hid behind a corner of the 
room. " Wait. Were's Duplica!?" said Shreik. Duplica was right near the door 
waiting for the guard to come out! Then the guard came bursting out the door 
saying" Who's there!?"

Just before the guard saw Marril, duplica swung her sword at the guard and 
sliced the guard in half. the blood spaterd on Duplica's face and body. 
Marril was shocked at what he had seen his trainer do. " Marril, return, 
said Duplica. Shreik, I'm going to need your help and you too Ash can help. 
Ok, Ash you need to make the guards come out by making Pikachu use strange 
noises. When the guards come out me and Shreik will kill them with our 
sword's. Ok, now on three...1....2..3!!!!" Pikachu began to make noises. " 
What the ****," said eight of the guards! " Ok, all of you guards attack!!" 
said the captain guard. All at once all the guards came pouring out of the 
room! Shreik cut off the first guards head. Then the next guard tryed to hit 
Shreik with a 2 by 4. Shreik ducked down and swung his sword at the guards 
knee's. The guard then fell to the ground. Duplica ran infront of Shreik and 
sliced the guard's head in half! The guards blood and brains came gushing 
out his head. Then all the guards circled Duplica and Shreik and were ready 
to strike, but, Duplica and Shreik span around in circles slicing all the 
guards stomachs open and slicing there faces! When Duplica and Shreik stoped 
they saw dead bodys and blood all over the carpet!

Shreik whiped the blood off his face and his body and sayed" Well, now that 
that's all over with we can continue following those paw prints." Ash and 
Duplica stepped over the mangled bodys and made there way toward the door. 
The room was dark and quiet. Ash saw a door up ahead that said " GIOVANNI'S 
OFFICE ". " Yes! We finallly made it to Giovanni's office," yelled Duplica! 
Just then, Arbok and Growlithe appeared inrfont of Ash and co.! The Arbok 
lanched at Shreik and the Growlithe ran fast towards Ash and Duplica! " Oh 
crap, were screwed!" yelled Ash!

Will Ash, Duplica, and Shreik be
killed? Will they ever find Misty?
Will they ever get to fight Giovanni? All these answers and more
lie in the next chapter: Chapter 6#