Back to 10 Years Later...


Chapter 4#

" OOOOOOHHHHHH **********IIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!' screamed Ash. He was right 
about to be stabed when a flash of black flew across the room and as quick 
as the speed of light untied Ash, slashed open the glass case were Pikachu 
was held in, and put them both on the ground! " What the hell?" said Ash. " 
Pikachupika..chu?" said Pikachu. The person was now on the ground too. It 
looked like a Ninja! " You will now pay for trying to hurt that person," the 
Ninja screamed! The Ninja ran at the 5 guards and took out his Ninja sword 
and slashed at one of the guards. The guards head flew off his neck and 
fell to the ground. It rolled around and it hit the other guards foot. The 
Ninja took out his Ninja stars and threw them at the next guard.

The stars hit the guard in the eyes. He screamed in pain. Then the Ninja ran 
up to the guard and pulled out the Ninja stars. The stars now had the guards 
eye's on them! Two of the guards ran out the door and ran down the hall 
screaming for help. One guard, though, didn't run. That guard wasn't scared 
of the blood thirsty Ninja. " Come get some," said the guard. The Ninja flew 
at the guard at full speed. As soon as the Ninja was close enough, the guard 
picked up a metal rod and let him have it. After the guard looked up, Ash 
and Pikachu were gone. The guard noticed the back door was open. " Damn. Now 
were the **ck is that Ninja," the guard said.

Then the next thing the guard knew, he had a giant sword through his stomach 
and he was on the ground. He noticed he could not stand up. He looked down 
at his feet. His feet had been hacked off! He swung his head back up. The 
Ninja appeared in front of him. The Ninja reached behind his back and held 
up a big 500 pound brick and slammed it on the guards head. The Ninja heard 
a crack sound then a whole bunch of blood came pouring out from underneath 
the brick. The Ninja ran out the back door to catch up to Ash and Pikachu. 
Ash and Pikachu were running down the hall way. " Pikachu this place is 

Where do you think we should go? left or right?" said Ash. Pikachu panted 
then pointed to the right. Ash noticed that Pikachu was tired so Ash picked 
up Pikachu and held him while he ran. The Ninja was catching up to Ash and 
Pikachu very quickly. The Ninja was now right on Ash and Pikachu's tail! Ash 
took a sharp turn to the left and barely missed the elevator! When Ash ran 
in the elevator, a part of his jacket got ripped off! Pikachu pressed the " 
floor 2" button. The elevator jerked and went to the second floor very 
slowly. " Where safe," said Ash! Just then the elevator came to a stop.

" What," said Ash? Then a giant sword came down and just missed Ash's skull! 
The sword then quickly went back up. " What, the ,**** was that!!!!" said 
Ash?! Pikachu rolled in a tight little ball and coverd his head. Then Ash 
and Pikachu heard a slicing sound. Then a Ninja star came down. Then another 
came down. There were about 20 Ninja stars stuck to the outside celling of 
the elevator! Then the stars started to move in a circle. Then the Ninja 
took out the circle and jumped through it. Ash was face to face withe the 
Ninja! Ash was paryalized in fear of the Ninja!

" What do you want from us," said Ash!? " I want to join you. I can help you 
with the Team Rocket H.Q," said the Ninja. " Well.....Ok fine but you can 
join, but, what's your name," asked Ash? " My name is Shriek. I have come 
here to settle a fight that me and Giovanni had 5 years back ,said Shriek. I 
have many pokemon and was going to compete in the " Pokemon League" but, a 
girl with red long hair and a guy that had purple short hair plus a talking 
Meowth took out a Arbok and the pokemon bite me in the rist and the neck. 
That caused me tobleed everywhere. I blacked out after that. I guess I lost 
to much blood or something. Well anyway, when I woke up, all my bages were 

I became a Ninja because if that ever happened to me again I could fight 
back with out my pokemon. I killed those guards because I hate Team Rocket 
and you were about to be killed!" " Well I'm happy you saved my life but 
next time, don't make it so damn gory," said Ash. " Sorry about that but 
that's how I was trained to fight," said Shriek. The elevator stopped and 
Pikachu, Ash, and Shriek all got off. " Be very quiet, the guards might see 
or hear us," said Shriek. Ash and co. snuck down the hall and to a room that 
said " EMPLOYES ONLY ". Ash stuck his head in and saw a whole bunch of 
guards. The guards were drooling over two people in the room. " They must be 
looking at two strippers or something," said Ash.

Then Ash, Shriek, and Pikachu slowly crept in. Ash saw it was Misty and 
Duplica!!!! They were being looked at by those slobs of guards. " Shriek. We 
must help those girls over there. There friends of mine also trying to stop 
Team Rocket," said Ash! Shriek heard the men shout rudly at Misty and 
Duplica. Some guards were trying to grab there ass or try to kiss them. " On 
the count of three we will jump in and help Misty and Duplica.1..2.. 3!!!" 
screamed Ash! " Pikachu electric shock now," yelled Ash! 
PPPPPIIIIKKKAAA....CCCCCCCCHHHHHUUUU! Shriek came and save Misty and 
Duplica. He set them on a near by bench were they were out of harms way. " 
HEY. There not employes! Kill'em," shouted the guard. All at once all the 
guards ran towards Ash, Pikachu, and Shriek! Shriek darted at the guards and 
slashed his sword at there necks! All at once, the guards heads went popping 

"EEEEEEWWWW," shouted Misty and Duplica! After all the duards were 
decapatated, Ash told Misty and Duplica about there adventure.**** " Wow. 
That's really scarey and exciting," said Misty. " If you were looking around 
the 3, 4, 5 floor how come you came to the 2nd floor?" asked Ash. " Well. 
Duplica began. We looked at the 3rd,4th, and 5th floor. We found guards and 
many doors we couldn't get in! We found: a super potion, a pokeball, a full 
heal, we found a Master ball, and finally this weird pokemon. Misty and I 
think it's one of the newly discoverd pokemon!". Misty pulled out a 
masterball and said " Pokemon. Come out!". Then a big flash of light came 
out and a small pokemon came out!

It was a Marril. It looks like a Pikachu but smaller and fatter. It has a 
little black tail with a blue ball at the end. It has big blue ears with 
pink inside them. It also has a white tummy with two little pink dots for 
cheeks and the rest of its body is blue! " Wow. That's the pokemon Tracey 
had!" Ash said. The pokemon came out with a big smile on his face! " Oh, 
It's so cute!!!" said Duplica. The Pikablu ( Or Marril) was so happy to be 
out of his Masterball that he cute little dance. All the sudden, Pikablu 
took out a kazoo and started to play the heck out of it! " Neat! Not only is 
it cute, but it can play a kazoo!" said duplica. " Well, we better put 
Pikablu back in his Master ball and get going," said Shreik.

" There's a bit of a problem here," said Ash. " What?" said Shreik. " Who 
get's to keep Pikablu?" said Ash. They all stared at each other. " Well I 
think I should keep it, said Misty. Anyway I found it so it should mine!" " 
No way Misty. You have a Toggepi," said Ash. " Let's just give it to 
Duplica. I don't want it and Ash doesn't want it either right?" said Shreik. 
" Right, said Ash. Misty, hand over the Pikablu to Duplica". Misty sighed 
and gave Duplica the Masterball. " Alright! I got Pikablu!" said Duplica! " 
Well what are we waiting for? Let's get going!" said Shreik. Ash and co. 
left the room and took the elevator to the 4th floor.

" I wonder what were going to find on the next floor?" said Ash. " Probably 
nothing but secruity guards. I really think it's just going to look the same 
as all the other floors," said Shreik. " This elevator is very creepy!" said 
Duplica. " Oh come'on. What's the worst thing that could happen!?" said Ash. 
Then all the sudden the elevator came to a stop. " What the hell?" said Ash. 
Then they heard a growling sound from up above. Thena claw came down a tryed 
to strike at Ash and co. Then the claw went back up. " That claw looked like 
a Grolwlithes calw!" said Duplica. " It must be one of Giovvani's plans to 
kill us!" said Shreik. " You mean giovvani knows were here!?" said Ash.

" Right. I also noticed that the Growlithes growl is very wrong sounding!" 
said Shreik. Then the pokemon remed through the metal celling and stared 
meanly at Ash and the group. " ddonn't.. make.. 
any..sounds..aatt. aall!" whispered Shreik. The Growlithe snareled at them 
and sniffed them to. The pokemon was right about to go away when Pikachu 
sneezed! " PPPIIIKKKAAACCCHHHUUU!!!!" screamed Misty. The Growlithe turned 
around and was ready to strike at Misty! In a slit second the Growlithe was 
gone and so was Misty! " Goddammit!!! The Growlithe took Misty!!!" said Ash!

Will Ash and the group find Misty before the
Growlithes eats her!? Will Ash and co. get out of
the elevator and stop Team Rocket!?

Find out in the next chapter: Chapter 5#