Back to 10 Years Later...


Chapter 3#

" Pikachu!" screamed Ash and Misty! Pikachu lay there not breathing or 
moving. Missingno looked at the weak Pikachu and grinned. Missingno looked 
at Ash and Misty and began to choke them again. Ash's face was getting very 
pale and Misty's face was turning blue! When Ash and Misty thought this 
would be the end of the journey, Missingno all the sudden dropped Ash and 
Misty on the floor and didn't move. Misty and Ash ran over to Pikachu to see 
if he was alive. Pikachu looked up and Ash and Misty and smiled and said"". They all looked over at Missingno who was froze still. " 
Hey Ash look up at Missingno's face!" Ash and Misty saw there was gigantic 
slash across its face! Missingno started to bleed out his face. Missingno 
fell to the ground, blood and all. " Do you think it's dead?" asked Misty. " 
Of course he is. Look at the size of the slash!" said Ash. " Yeah but.. who 
did that?" said Misty. Ash and Misty looked around the room. Misty gave up 
looking. She pulled out a super potion out of her cloak and sprayed some on 
Pikachu. Pikachu sprung up from the ground ready to go! Just then Ash saw 
something. It had long sky blue hair and a big sword. It turned around and 
said" Who are you?" it asked. It took out the pokemon Charmander and the 
pokemon lit up the room so Ash and Misty could see. It was a girl. " You 
look very familier," said Ash and Misty.

"Don't you remember me from 10 years ago. I'm Duplica!". " WWWHHHAAATTT!!!" 
said Ash and Misty. They sat down and Duplica told her story. " Well when 
you guys left... Wait a sec.where's that boy named Brock? " He died 5 years 
ago" Ash sighed. " Oh, i'm sorry," said Duplica. " Well anyway, as you know 
you guys left when you where done helping me re-build the imatation house. 
Well me and Ditto worked there for 2 years then I left to become a Ditto 
master! I finally did when I was 17 years old. I was right about to go to 
the pokemon league when Team Rocket beat the @#$! out of me and took off 
with my Ditto! So I made my way to the Team Rocket H.Q. When I went to sneak 
in, I fell down a trap door amd landed on a hrad floor. Then I looked up and 
saw you guys being killed. So I took out my Musasami sword and slashed 
Missingno aross the face. " Where in Team Rocket headquarters? " Yep" said 
Duplica. " I think were stuck here" said Misty. " Nonsens, said Ash. There 
has to be way out here!". PIKACHUPIKA!!! " What is it Pikachu?" asked 
Duplica. Pikachu walked over to the end of the left wall. Pikachu pushed on 
a tile on the wall. A secret crawl space arreared. " Good job Pikachu!" said 
Ash. Pikachu, Ash, Misty, and Duplica crawled down the long path. " Hey I 
think I see a light!" said Misty. When Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Duplicathey 
found themselves in a big room filled with Pokeballs. " These must be all 
the pokemon Team Rocket has stole," said Duplica. " Well lets free all of 
these pokemon!" said Ash. So Ash,Misty,Pikachu and Duplica took the 
pokeballs and started to free the pokemon. After all the pokemon were out 
and free, Duplica spoted a near by window. " Venasaur ggoo," said Ash. One 
by one, Venasaur put the pokemon out side on the grass with its vines. After 
all the pokemon were gone, Venasaur was called back into it's pokeball. Ash 
noticed that there were three large things hanging behind them. " Hey you 
guys. I think there's something behind us!" said Ash. All at once Misty, 
Pikachu, Ash and Duplica turned around.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" said them all. Quickly Pikachu went 
into Misty cloak and got out a flash light. Pikachu shined it out near Ash 
and co. Pikachu froze at sight of what he saw. Ash and co. gatherd up all 
their courage and turned around to see. They saw three tore up mangled bodys 
hung by a cable string. They were Team Rocket members or use to be. " 
EEEWWW" screamed Duplica and Misty. " Come on you guys. We have to get 
moving" said Ash. The group walked into the next room finding themselves in 
the front room of the Team Rocket H.Q. There were elevators and stairs all 
over the place. They snuck over to the directory. There are 700 rooms and 7 
floors. " Lets slit up and look for a path to Giovanni's office" said Ash. " 
Why do we need to find a way to Giovanni's office?" asked Misty. " Because 
on this map there are about one hundred security guards outside his office. 
Ok now that that's taken care of, lets pare off into groups now, Ash said. 
Me and Pikachu will search floor one, two, and three. Misty and Duplica will 
search floors four, five, and six. Then we all go in at floor seven. We'll 
meet back at the directory in four hours. Everyone clear on that?". " Yes" 
said Duplica and Misty. " Before you go Ash I want you to hang on to this 
pokemon. It always comes out of its pokeball!" Misty screamed. So Ash and 
co. started looking for things and ways to get to Giovanni.

Ash and Pikachu took the stairs and Misty and Duplica took the elevator to 
the 3 floor. So now lets turn the story over to Ash and Pikachu. " So what 
floor should we explore?" asked Ash. Pikachu looked at the map of Team 
Rocket H.Q and pointed to the 1 floor. " Alright then. were going to the 
1st floor. But what we really need are some Team Rocket uniforms" said Ash. 
When Ash and Pikachu got out of the elevator, they noticed 1 Team Rocket 
memeber in a closet trying to get out the mop and broom. Ash tip toed over 
and pushed the guy in the closet. Before the guy could yell or do anything, 
Pikachu did an electric shock that knock him out. Ash ran in the closet and 
quickly switched clothes with the Team Rocket memeber. Ash came out looking 
like a Team Rocket memeber! He had a black shirt on that had the letter " R 
" on it.With that shirt he had black pants and boots. He also had a hat that 
was black too. Ash and Pikachu looked around finding nothing at all, until, 
Pikachu saw a room that had a security guard. Ash tryed to walk in the room, 
but the guard hit Ash on the head with a club. " OOOWWW, why did you do 
that!" Ash screamed. " I need an ID you dumbshit!" said the guard. Ash 
flashed the ID at the guard. The guard said " Ok fine get your ass in 
there!". As Ash was pushed into a hall, there was a password key that would 
open the next door if you knew the password. " Well Pikachu, you know how 
good I am at cracking codes," Ash said swiftly. Pikachu just rolled his eyes 
and sighed. On the key pad it had the keys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,a, b, 
and c. Ash looked at the key and said " Lets try this!" He typed in: 
1945a88bc. Then all the sudden an alarm went off and both doors opened. 
Security guards came running out from both door ways. They all pointed there 
guns to Ash and Pikachu. The guard that hit Ash on the head came up and took 
off his hat. " Your not a memeber!" said one of the guards. " Pikachu 
electric shock!" Pikachu zapped all of the guards. " RRRRRRRUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!" 
screamed Ash as he ran over the body of the guards. " HEY GET BACK HERE!!" 
screamed 3 of the security guards. Ash ran right into a hard brick wall! 
"OW, DAMMIT!" said Ash. Now there were 7 guards cornering Ash and Pikachu. " 
Were screwed!" said Ash. Then all at once the guards clubed Ash till he was 
knocked out. When Ash woke up, he saw Pikachu in a cage 10 feet away from 
him. Ash then noticed that he was under a wall full of spikes and knifes! " 
This is what happens to all the in intruders,"said one of the security 
guards. Ash was tied up and couldn't move. He then was being lowerd. Pikachu 
couldn't use any electric power because Pikachu was hooked up to a buch of 
wires so if he used any electric powers it would just be drained to the 
lambs and light bulbs in the building. Pikachu sighed and started to punch 
his way out of the glass case, but it didn't work. " OOOOOHHHHH 
*********IIIITTTTT!!!!!!"screamed Ash!

Is this the end of the road for Ash?
Will Pikachu save Ash from the spikes and knifes below?
Will our hero's ever find the way to Giovanni's office?
find out in the next chapter: Chapter 4#