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Chapter 2#

"Pikachu!!!!!" Ash and Misty screamed. Pikachu struggled and pulled on his 
leg, but it wouldn't buge. Right before Pikachu was crushed by Dotrio, 
Pikachu quickly dived under the mud. Dotrio lost sight of Pikachu. Dotrio 
looked around then ran off. As soon as he was out of sight, Ash and Misty 
came out of the bushes and picked Pikachu up and cleaned up all the mud on 
his body. " Are you ok Pikachu?" Ash asked. Pikachupika!!! While Misty was 
still cleaning off Pikachu, Ash saw a pokemon trainer up ahead. When Misty 
was finally finished with Pikachu, Ash hurryed over to the girl trainer. " 
Hey, Ash said, do you want to have a pokemon battle?". " Sure, I was looking 
for an expert pokemon trainer to battle with, lets go", she said. " 
Blastoise ggggoooo!" said Ash. " Scyther ggggoooo!" said the girl. 
Blastoise, Skull bash now! Scyther agility now! Blastiose ran at Scyther 
quickly. Blastiose was to fast so Scythers agility didn't work! Sycther flew 
across the forest and into a near by tree. Scyther was defeated. Scyther, 
return. Electabuzz gggooo.Um, Blastiose use your tackle attack. Hah. That's 
no match for Electabuzz's Thunder Punch!! Electabuzz punched Blastiose right 
in the face! Blastiose is defeated." Oh No, Ash moaned. Pikachu go and use 
everything you got!". Pikachu charged at Eletabuzz. Pikachu did a flip over 
Eletabuzz's head and bit his tail! Electabuzz screamed in pain. While 
Electabuzz was recovering, Pikachu did an attack called "Shock Wave".

It paralyzed Electabuzz. "Pikachu, use your Agility to finish Electabuzz 
off", said Ash. Pikachu ran 200 miles at Electabuzz. The next thing that 
Pikachu knew was that Electabuzz was high up in the air and then came 
crashing down."Electabuzz return, Mewtwo go!" said the girl trainer. " OH 
NO!!!!!" Misty and Ash said. They then remembered the other Mewtwo they ran 
into when they were 10 on that strange island. Ash got out his Pokedex. It 
read: Mewtwo a psychic pokemon.Mewtwo is one of the rarest pokemon in the 
world. The only pokemon that stands a chance against Mewtwo is the other 
very rare pokemon, Mew. " Alright, Ash said. I just caught a mew on my way 
here. Pikachu return and Mew go!". The 2 pokemon glared at eachother. The 
pokedex said: Mewtwo and Mew are very big enemys. They get jelous of 
eachother and try to destroy the eachother.

They have been fighting since they were created. Mewtwo and Mew fought over 
who had the strongest power. The pokedex stop talking. Mewtwo and Mew 
ignored Ash and the girls orders. Mewtwo flew at Mew and tried to punch Mew, 
but Mew was to quick and he dodged the Mega punch. Mew then used metronome 
on Mewtwo and Mewtwo was down. Before mew realized it, Mewtwo was up on his 
feet and kicking the **** out of Mew. Mewtwo stopped to take a breath. Mew 
got up off the ground and kicked as hard as he could at Mewtwo's back. The 
next thing Ash knew was that Mew's foot was through Mewtwo's back. Mewtwo 
fell to ground as his back and front bled like crazy. Mew had blood all over 
his foot and his face. The girl was holding Mewtwo for his comfort. Mewtwo 
looked up at Mew and said in a faint foce"…w…o..n" then Mewtwo 
died. Ash saw tears come down from the girls face. She got Mewtwo back in 
the Pokeball and said" well, you won". She said " Mewtwo was not always like 
that. Team Rocket owned him before. They wanted Mewtwo to be a savage 
killer. But Mewtwo didn't want to fight. So Team Rocket took Mewtwo and 
brain washed him to think that everyone was his enemy but Team Rocket. But 
all Mewtwo saw in the tape was just Mew. After the tape Mewtwo hated Mew so 
much, he wanted to find a Mew and kill it. So Mewtwo flew out of the Team 
Rocket H.Q to find and kill a Mew. I found Mewtwo hurt and sick so I caught 
him and brought him to the pokemon center and healed him. From that day on 
Mewtwo came to trust me and like me. He never saw a Mew in real life before, 
until you people came along and brought out Mew". " I'm very sorry" said 
Ash. " It's ok, said the girl, I'll just go and find some more rare pokemon 
to capture and train".

" See ya" said the girl. " Bye" said Ash and Misty. Misty bent sown and 
cleaned Mew's face and foot off. Ash said to Misty " I can't belive that I 
killed a rare and strong pokemon". "Oh Ash you didn't mean to", said Misty 
.Up ahead they saw a Marril (a.k.a. Pikablu). Ash put Mew back in his 
pokeball and Misty, Ash and pikachu all ran over to catch the pokemon but 
when they stepped on an "X" marked on the ground they fell through an 
underground tunnel! " That was a fake pokemon," said Misty. As they fell 
down the long twisted tunnel, they all screamed and asked each other " Are 
we at the end of the tunnel yet?". After 20 minutes of falling, Pikachu saw 
a little light at the end of the tunnel. The light got bigger and bigger. 
They then found themselves in a dark room on a tiled hard floor. Just then 
they saw a huge thing run across the room. " What the hell was that??" asked 
Misty. Then a dim light came down on the room. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu 
looked around for the creature. Then they saw it. It was a huge ball of gas. 
" It looks like a virus", said Ash. It was a giant virus pokemon. Just then 
the pokemon was gone! A Team Rocket member said " Hey! What the **** are you 
kids doing here? I'm going to teach you a lesson!". Then the virus pokemon 
re-appeared and was standing right behind the Team Rocket Member! " Hey 
Mister. I..I..I think you should look behind you!" said Ash and Misty. " 
Hah. I'm not going to fall for a trick like that!" said the Team Rocket 
member. Then a slimy stinger came and touched the man on the head. He turned 
around and saw they pokemon. He couldn't move. The pokemon touched him then 
as soon as the pokemon touched the guy, his skin started to melt and peel 
off. He started to bleed all over. He screamed cause of the pain. Then his 
Liver and veins popped.

His lungs were crushed. Then his brain blew up! " EEEEEEEWWWWWW" said Ash 
and Misty. Ash took out his pokedex and it searched for the pokemon. The 
pokedex said: This pokemon's name is Missingno. It stands for missing number 
since it's #000. Do not catch this pokemon! It will not obey you and it will 
kill all your other pokemon. This pokemon lives in dark places. This pokemon 
has the power to kill anything. It special attack melting things off with 
its powers. If you ever see this pokemon….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!. The 
pokedex closed. Then Missingno looked at MistyAsh and pikachu and glared. " 
Well you heard the pokedex….RUN!!" said Misty. The place that they were in 
was huge! Missingno was on there tail! Ash and co. came to a dead end! They 
were trapped like rats! Missingno was getting closer and closer every 
second! " We have to make a plan and quick!" said Ash. But it was too late! 
Missingno was right infront of them! Missingno came up to came up to Ash, 
Misty and Pikachu. Missingno took out itsstingers and took Ash and Misty 
plus Pikachu by the neck and held them up in the air. It began to choke them 
and twist theirecks the wrong way. " I..I can't breathe!" choked Misty. Then 
all the sudden, Pikachu's tail started to burn off! The fire on Pikachu was 
getting closer to his head. Then the fire stopped. Pikachu lay there. Not 
moving or breathing. " Pikachu" screamed Ash and Misty!

The End of Chapter 2#.

Will Pikachu live? Will Missingno kill Ash and Misty!?
Find out in the next chapter: Chapter3#