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10 YEARS LATER...       


                          Chapter 1#               


In a dark ally in Celadon city, Ash and his Pikachu are waiting for night fall. They got a letter from a pokemon. The  was pokemon a Golduck. The letter was  from someone saying that  he/she wants to meet them at 12:00 A.M behind the Celadon city casino. "Where do you think the person

is, Pikachu?" said Ash. "pika pikachu pikaaaaaa". Then they heard foot steps. "Who's there!" yelled Ash. Then the person came out of the darkness. It was a girl.


She was wearing  a dark black cloak and overalls with a black T-shirt and black shoes. She pulled off her hood to revile herself. ‘huh! it, it can't be’ thought Ash. " You are Misty", he said. "Ash , said Misty, I thought I had lost you". "Don't worry, said Ash, Team Rocket didn't kill me in the explosion 5 years ago at their last H.Q. "Brock" said Misty.


 "He didn't make it" said Ash. "My love we are now together" said Misty. "pika pikaachuchu" said Pikachu. " Now we can destroy Team Rocket’s other H.Q and get rid of all their evil Pokemon " said Ash. Then Misty kissed Ash and said " We will do it together ". They then rented a room in the casino for the night. That night Ash had a dream that Misty was captured by Team Rocket.



Ash was  trying  to run toward Misty but his legs were froze! Just then one of the Team Rocket members said" You will never get Misty!". Then he ran a sword through Misty's back. She gasped and fell to the ground All of her blood ran down near Ash's shoes. Ash felt like crying but no tears came out. His face pale, his throut was dry, his eyes felt like they were burning.



The Team Rocket freak just stood there laughing. "hhhuuu" Ash woke up in the middle of the night. Then quickly turned to Misty to see if she was all right. She lay there, snoring. Pikachu was sleeping at the end of  Ash's bed, also snoring away. At that very moment Ash made a promise to himself that he would not let anything or anybody(especially Team Rocket) hurt or even kill Misty. Ash tried to sleep but his brain and his inner self was saying" stay awake." Ash did care about Misty more then anything in the world, but he was so tired, he fell asleep. 

The next day they woke up. "OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW said Misty, I slept like a rock". They went down to the dining  room to have their breakfast.  "Pokemon come out" called Ash. Just then a Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Pidgeot, Arcanine, NidoKing, and a Venasaur came out of their pokeballs. "All of my other pokemon are all at the Celadon city Poke Center" said Ash.



 "I have a lot of pokemon too" said Misty, "Just like yours, mine are all at the Cerulean City Poke Center,

But I always have 4 pokemon with me. Come on out Staryu, Starmie, Golduck, and Seaking. Now all the pokemon are eating too. After breakfast Ash, Misty and all the pokemon where off to go settle Team Rockets evil plans for good. While Ash and Misty were walking on the path to Team Rocket H.Q, they saw a mew. It looked at them then sat right in the middle of the path and stared.



 "Ash said Misty, you should catch it. It could come in handy to beat Team Rocket".  "ok Ash said, Blastoise  go". Then Blastoise came out of his pokeball. Mew didn't look at the least bit scared. "Blastoise said Ash, use your Hydropump . Then a huge burst  of water came out of  water came out of Blasitoise's guns. His water hit Mew, but it failed to hurt him. "DAMMIT!" Ash said, Blastoise return, Arcanine gggooo!!!!!". Arcanine used his fire spin attack on Mew but it also failed. "DAMN, DAMN, DOUBLE DAMN!, screamed Ash miserable, Arcanine return, um, Pikachu gggooo!!".



 Then Ash had an idea."Arcanine, Blastiose, Charizard, Veanasaur, Pigeot and NidoKing come on out!" Ash said "Pokemon use all of your most powerful attacks .The attacks then formed into a big ball of energy hitting and knocking out Mew."Pokeball go," Ash said .The pokeball wiggled and twitched, then finally it stopped shaking around.Mew the rarest pokemon of all has been captured by Ash Ketchum of Pallet town!! "Can I get a hell yeah!" Ash screamed at Pikachu and Misty. Pikapikachuchupikachu!!!!!" Um, said Misty hell yeah!" " That's the spirit," said Ash.



 As Ash , Misty and Pikachu travel on to Team Rocket H.Q , some fellow Team Rocket members are planing an evil plan to stop Ash and co. " How about we dig a giant whole in the middle of the ground , and put some leaves over it , Then when they are walking along all the sudden...BAM!! there trapped in the whole and we can steal their pokemon." the man said. " All I wanted to do this past 10 years is to snatch that PIKACHU!!!!!". said the girl. " Meowth.



 can we please just go get some sushi with some wasabi" said the Meowth. !!!!The three of the members of Team Rocket are Ash,Mistys,Brocks and Pikachus old theifs Jessie, James and of course their talking pokemon, Mewoth. " Goddammit Mewoth shut the hell up, said James, your always talking about @#$* food! "Will you both shut the hell up before I back hand you!" said Jessie. While Team Rocket was fighting, Ash and Misty took a rest on a near by tree. " Ash said Misty, have you ever thought of marridge?" Ash then blushed at the thought. Pikachu. "Ash I think that Pikacu is hungry," said Misty. Ash then reached into his back pack and pulled out a cupcake. Ash handed it to Pikachu. Pikachu sniffed it and looked at it. Then Pikachu took a big bite. Munchmunchmunch. Pikachu smiled and ate the cupcake in joy. After Pikachu was done eating the cupcake they then sat up and began walking on the trail again. " Hey Ash " asked Misty. "What" Ash answered.



 "Well what are going to do about shelter?" said Misty "Don't worry Ash said, I have a tent in my back pack." It started to get dark and the stars are coming out, said Ash, how about we settle in for the rest of the evening?" " I'm fine with that idea" said Misty. As Misty started to make dinner over a portable stove, Ash looked up at the stars. He thought of his butterfree and his Primape he lost when he was 10. He thought of poor brock...dead. Then Ash had a flash back to before brock died. Everyone was there. The team rocket boss said I will destroy you. Then he hit the self destruct button on the left wall. As team rocket H.Q was falling down, a chunk of celling fell down toward Misty and Ash, Brock ran toward them and pushed them out of the way.



 Just then the chunk of celling fell on top of Brock killing him. Brock last words were to get revenge on Team Rocket. He then said good bye to Misty, Ash and Pikachu. Then he died. Ash was crying at the time saying why, why, why? Misty rubbed Ash's back. She was also crying. Even Pikachu was crying. Then the boss set off a big bomb. The explosion sent Ash and Misty apart for 5 years. " Ash your foods ready", said Misty. Ash woke up from the flash back. Ash looked up at Misty and said " Were lucky that we found each other, Ash said, I don't know what I would have done with out you, my angel. As they ate they watched Pikachu and Pigeot play together. When night came out, pikachu, Ash and Misty sipped up there sleeping bags and lay down . Pikachu was already to sleep. Misty snuggled near Ash. They both fell asleep in each others arms.* * * * * *


The next day Ash co. woke up. They packed up the tent and all the gear. They then walked off toward the Celadon city limit. They crossed over the line and now have entered Saffron City. They walk over to the Pokecenter to heal Ash's pokemon. As they were waiting they saw some girl who looked like they have seen before .She has black hair and a Gengar. Misty said " That's Sabrina!!!!!!!" As Misty yelled that out Sabrina turned to them. She ran over to Ash and Misty." I haven't seen you guys for 10 years she says. Well your haunter, Ash, has evolved !" Ash looked at the Gengar and smiled." How's it going Gengar?" Ash asked Gengar did a happy dance for Ash. " So, said Sabrina, have you become a pokemon master yet." Yep  Ash said. Ash showed Sabrina all of his badges. Sabrina said " It was nice running into you two, see ya later". When Pikachu and Ash's pokemon were done, they walked around Saffron city looking at everything. All the stuff in the city is new. Ash and co. ran out of the town. They were on the right track until, " OH NO said Ash, there's a fork in the road!!". " How about that one way, the left way" said Misty. " Well what do you think pikachu?" said Ash. Pikapikachupikachu!! Then the pikachu pointed to the left. "Ok then, were taking the left road!" said Misty. As they walked along they saw a deep, dark forest. " Well said Ash, we need to go in to get on with are journey." So they ran into the forest as fast as they could but then Ash fell on his face. " Oooowwww said Ash ,that hurt". Then he noticed he tripped over a mean looking Dotrio!!! "RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN" said Misty. But then pikachu tripped and fell in the mud!! Pikachu was stuck!!! The dotrio was coming at him at a frightening passe!!!! Pikachu was to tired out to use any attack!! "PPPPIIIKKKAAACCCHHHUUU" shouted Misty and Ash!!



What will happen to pikachu!! Will he be squashed by the ticked off dotrio!!

Find out in the next chapter.