MewSeven Rockets

(Working title)


Plot – This story begins when Mewtwo escapes enslavement at the hands of Giovanni.  In the Movie, Mewtwo ends up blowing up the Team Rocket Head Quarters in revenge.  Giovanni did survive the attack, but countless TR members were killed as a result.  Only Seven Rocket members survived the blast.  As the group pulls themselves out of the wreckage, they watch as their Boss fly away in his helicopter, without as much looking back to see any of his members surviving the blast.  They realize how selfish, cruel, evil, and uncaring their beloved Boss was.  So they head out to seek revenge on Giovanni, as well as the Creature known as Mewtwo, for slaughtering all of their comrades.


Characters – so far, this is very unstructured, need to develop more on this!

Mike – main character, an all around normal member with really no special qualities, or disadvantages, I’ll probably give him a poison pokemon

Cinders – Red hair with a Goatee, so far has a Growlithe. Planning on making him the fire pokemon expert of the group…

Roger – TR fledgling, the weakest of the group, with a Pidgeotto

Ian – TR computer hacker, has a Porygon

Bruce – An Elite Rocket member, a huge man, has a Scyther so far.

Cavey – One of the most powerful Psychics, also one of the TR Elite, she has a team of some of the most powerful Psychic pokemon ever.

Christina – Just like Mike, she is a normal Rocket member. Probably will be given different variety of pokemon.


Notes - I am very fuzzy in all the detail of this story, so far I have a beginning and that’s pretty much it… All the other parts of the story are very, very vague in detail.  So if I ever get real serious and finally launch this project, it would take more then a year to complete.  Considering all the other stories I’m trying to write, and my damn laziness, lack of commitment, and frequent attacks from the evilness of the entity known as Writer’s Block!