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Chapter Six: Glory of Nature

we followed the road that was overgrown with weeds and grass
until they reached a beautiful clearing filled with many flowers shining in the
reflected off the clear blue water of the nearby river that glowed in its
clear waters this was the perfect place for Ember to
capture on film, and feeling lonely and i
believe that this was the best place was to relax with my Mechamon in the nearby
stream while Wyvrinn slept lazily on an branch of a giant maple tree Ember
hiding in the
bushes carefully taped my Mechamon for a while we rested and slept with a guard
then we followed the path once again with nothing much to say.
Wyvrinn must have felt uncomfortable with the silence because he asked us if we
were always this quiet
to which we both answered in unison
"geeeee.......I wonder why I came with you and I haven't felt boredom since
I was stuck in a tree with a Caterpie that kept asking me question..." Wyvrin never
got to finish his tale because at that moment a small Caterpie with a metallic
antenna fell from a tree...right on his face
"There you are!!" The green bug said " why did you run off? Now i have to start
asking you this question again~" It said in a singsong voice
Wyvrinn moaned and begged the bug to leave him alone
but the bug simply ignored his comment and continued asking if he was a Lizard
I looked over to see Ember trying not to laugh at the small Caterpie talking so
much that a huge Dragon was at its mercy Embers laughter finally broke the
barricade and she was laughing uncontrollably upon seeing her trying to
control her fit of giggles I too failed to contain my laughter
"Why are you two laughing?" Asked the talkative Caterpie "Oh right! My names
Lianthas!!" It smiled then continued to question Wyvrinn
I'm beginning to like group combination....