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Chapter Five: Just an Experiment?

The group walked silently down the road overgrown with weeds and grass
Hiro was proud with his new catch a Nidoran Male with a horn that was
so silvery that it seemed to glow in a holy light.
A scream shattered the music of the forest immedeitly a
strange.....creature flew out of the bushes
and was heading towards Ember at an amazing speed
"Ember Watch out!" Cried Hiro but before the creature could hurt anyone
it stopped abruptly infront of the gang to reaveal that the creature resembled a
Dragonair with a pair of large feathered wings, but the skin was colored
teal and the Orbs were giving
a golden glow the horn on its head was pure silver in color.
And just below that was a mane that seemed to be forever flowing in a non-existant
breeze and near the tip of the tail was another group of hair flowing in the same
manner as its mane.
"Um.......hello......" it said in a voice that was soft and kind "this way!"
it whispered as it flew towards the setting sun, Hiro didn't know why they
followed sensing that the Creature would not hurt them
and the kind aura this..creature emmited
the ran with the creature in lead for a long time until they reached a cave
darkness was not a problem as the creatures body gave off an mysterious teal glow
and the golden orbs is shining with the gold that is brighter than even the
flame of a Charizard.
"My name is..Wyvrinn" Wyvrinn said " The cinnabar scientists the ones that failed.
created me" it continued with a look of sadness in its eyes that were filled with
memories of the past
"What? but...that means you are way over 50 years old!" Ember cried as she
carefully taped Wyvrinn, it looked at Ember and smiled
"Yes 78 to be exact I was the 'First Pokemon' I was a dratini born after thousands
of unsucsessful DNA splicing but one scientist made a grave mistake,
he had decided to create a new breed of
pokemon. a mix of Dratini and charmander the operation was sucsessful but none of
his work appeared, none before I evolved and the wings of a charizard grew onto me
they were rather surprised at first but proud and named me Wyvrinn.
but they all died in an unkown explosion but I surprisingly
survived and lived in these woods for decades but now I decided to see how the
has changed with you."