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Chapter four: Nidoran, The Silver Horn

I decided to let my pokemon out as we walked towards Viridian Exit
And they created a racket that was most likely heard for a thousand miles
"OW! Watch my tail!" cried pikachu as Meowth pulled its tail but that was
Countered with a thunder shock that instantly made him Extra-Crispy
"Ok! I surrender!" cried Meowth as it struggled not to use fury swipes
On Pikachu
< Break it up you two > said Mew telepathically to both of them with such force
That they fell down Rattata walked calmly with out saying a word as millions of
People looked at it some who mistook it for a pokemon while all this
was happening Ember Was capturing my Mechamon on film, As soon as we reached
Viridian Exit we rested in the nearby Pokemon centers then as soon as we
were fresh with energy we entered the dark forest Wild life was every where
I gasped in amazement as we stopped looking at the environment
It was hard to believe that the original Viridian Forest was once wiped out
By the explosion of Viridian City they are trying to reconstruct
Viridian City but it would Take at least 2 years to complete Ember was
capturing the magic of nature into film
And was pointing out at every Mechamon she saw but they all escaped
before I could capture any we walked peaceful but the greenery around
us seemed to grow larger
With every passing step the path that once seemed so new was covered
By patches of grass and small clusters of weed and rocks littered the floor
I began wondering about my pokemon and how I would someday return home
With them by my side we stopped for a while for a quick rest as a
Conversation broke out
"I've been wondering...where is your hometown?" I asked Ember out of pure
Curiosity to which she smiled and replied while reading a book
"Viridian City"
I wasn't sure what the answer would be but this definitely surprised me
"Viridian City!" I exclaimed out of pure surprise "But I thought it was destroyed!"
She broke out into an uncontrollable fit of giggles that proved to be
Very infective after a few minutes we were rolling around the clearing laughing
When the laughter died out she explained to me that the housing of
Viridian City was completed and quite a few people were already moving
in it was only lacking A pokemart, a pokemon center and the last gym
that would be surely completed soon An unearthly silence fell upon our
group as we rested relaxed against the soft breeze
"Hiro? There is a Nidoran!" cried Ember surprising
Me as she pointed to one of the nearby towering flowers of viridian forest
Concealing a purple Mechamon with a large horn that was growling at us
"It's challenging us." I said feeling strangely calm as I sent out Rattata to fight
I commanded Rattata to Tackle it and pin it to the grass floor
As it charged toward the poison pin Mechamon tackling it then
leaped high into the air
And it held out its front paws and using the force of Gravity
it slammed into the Nidoran
"NIIIIIDOOOraaaaaaan!" The Nidoran screamed as it struggled out of Rattatas grasp
Suddenly with the speed of light it leaped up and rammed repeatedly into rattata
using its horn it injected the poison in the horn into Rattata.
Both Mechamon were weakening as My Mechamon and Ember watched in silence
"Rattata! Use Quick attack" I commanded once again as my purple
rat sped around the poison
Mechamon around till it was a blur then the circle
grew smaller and rattata repeatedly
Kicked Nidoran till it dropped from pure pain but it stood up neverless
Rattata was determined to defeat the poison pin Mechamon glowed
with a blue aura and the fur on
Its back bristled as it leapt at the Nidoran with its jaws wide open performing
Hyper Fang, that caused the poison Mechamon to fall in both pain and
immense exhaustion.
I quickly reacted and threw a
Mechaball the male Nidoran with the Silver Horn,
Was turned into pure energy as it was sucked into the ball with the Silver Horn.