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Chapter Three : A companion and Teal City

"Hiro?" Asked Pikachu who was standing next to me
"Hmm?" I replied I was sitting along a long stretch of grass
"Who is that person following us?"
"Meeooowth! What person?" asked the feline who was busy playing
with his ball of yarn
"Of course you can't see and hear her, thats because you're too busy
playing..." sighed pikachu
And in a flash he was growling at the nearby bushes
"What's wrong? A Mechamon?" I jumped up
Aware that there was a Mechamon in the nearby bushes
"Raaatata!" Cried the purple rat as it leaped over the growling Pikachu and
Landed infront of meowth
"Huh? You want a fight with me rat?!" said Meowth who suddenly
jumped over Hino and pikachu
"Rat Rae tata!" Replied the small pokemon with a smirk on its tiny face
Meowth Growled at the Rattatas last comment
"Meowth use Fury swipes!" Shouted Hino in excitement
Meowth extended his claws and leaped at the rattata with his paws failing madly
Fire could almost be seen in his eyes
But before meowth could do any harm rattata ran behind meowth and kicked
Causing meowth to hit the ground hard.
Meowth took the damage and kicked and swiped at the rattata till it was weak
"Good job meowth! Oh yeah Mechaball go!" Hino shouted as he threw the ball
Surprisingly the rattata was instantly captured
"That's weird I thought it was a pokemon."
"BEEP! Some Mechamon have internal mechanical components" replied his poke

"Hey nice catch was it a pokemon?" Said a new soft voice nearby
Hino whipped around and saw a girl about 12 years old with shoulder length
Silvery black hair and dark brown eyes that are so dark that at
a glance you would think Its color was black
"Who are you?" Asked Pikachu
The girl kneeled down and scratched behind pikachu's ear and said simply one word
With a smile

"Strange name" I said then asked, "do you want to battle?"
She laughed and said softly with her voice that was so soft that it was barely
Above a whisper but it was so clear that there was no struggle to hear her
"No, I'm a Mechamon Filmer; a person who films wild Mechamon but most
people call me A photographer"

"So what do you want?" snapped Meowth angered by the fact that her arrival
had destroyed His idea of yarn = heaven
"May I join you on your journey?" She asked
I considered this ever since I started out my journey I had been alone sure
The Mechamon were great company but I needed to talk to a person I
thought this over then Accepted her into our group
"Your names kinda long do you have a nickname?" I asked
happy to start a conversation To break the silence
"Sure my friends call me Ember" she replied
"So Ember we're now heading to Teal City then we head through Viridian Forest
And then go to Pewter City to battle for a Badge and then we can check out
the Museum"
I said then laughed as I realized that what I just said was probably the longest
Sentence I ever said for a few hours we said nothing as we set out for Teal City
After a long hike across rivers and long valleys of grass we finally arrived at
Teal City a city shaped into a circle ominious Pokemon supplies lurked in
almost ever corner
Of this fortress. As soon as we entered the city Ember decided to check out
the latest
Videograpghy equipment while I stocked ups on supplies and healed my pokemon
I stepped into a Fishing Specialist Store and began looking for the
right type of hooks
That lures some pokemon better then others but I stayed away from the Gyrados Lure
Even if I manage to catch one I would surely need a Machamp and a
Primeape to help me
Catch it, I ended up buying a few different hooks.
I left and met up with Ember who was just walking out of the Videography Shop
with a box full of
Lenses, film, and a stand
She smiled and asked if I liked to fish I laughed and told her it was one
of my favorite Hobbies.
We cruised the town and them rented 2 rooms in a hotel for a
surprisingly cheap price, Tomorrow morning we would head east into Viridian forest.