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Chapter Two: A new friend

we were on our way to the Lab with every thing Ready
my dad was nice enough to get me 15 Mechaballs by the time of 6:20 my Mecha-gear
(given to me from my mom) as soon as we reached the lab Prof. Skye my pet
Pikachu kept playing with the doorbell which must have woken the Prof. up
After a "FRIENDLY" conversation...and a few hits in the head from Prof. Skye
we are up In the Main Mechamon Area (M.M.A.) given 10 choices of Mechamon to pick:

1: A Charmander
2: A Squritle
3: A Bulbasaur
4: An Abra
5: A Nidoran (m) (with mechanical horn and ears)
6: Nidoran (f)
7: Pidgey (mechanical beak)
8: Porygon (only survivable species from the virus)
9: Dratini (With a stainless tail)
10: Mankey (mechanical hands)

"can I have the Charmander?" I asked and was immediately given the Mechamon,
a Mechadex chip for my Gear, and 5 more Mechaballs
"Hiro? Don't wake me up so early next time you come here" said Prof. Sky with
a wink
"sure" I said as I headed towards my home

"Dad? I'm back for my Fishing Rod." I Shouted up the stairs
"Huh oh you're back? um...your Fishing Rod is hanged on the wall" said my dad while
fiddling with his old training equipment I headed to my
room and took my Fishing Rod
"Hiro? this Mechamon were givin to me by your cousin while a pokemon
I caught on my journey here, you take them" said my dad as he handed me
one Mechaball
"Cool!! what are they?" I asked he smiled and said
"It is a Meowth and don't worry, Cinnabar Labs were able to
help them"