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Chapter One: A New Era

I logged into the Internet trying to find how Pokemon were wiped out
and came across the the M.H.A. Homepage and found what I was looking for...

60 years ago the world was filled with creatures called pokemon,
there was an Organization called Team Rocket whose leader demanded
That a Virus was to be made, The Virus would have Paralyzed all pokemon
it was during this time that the Rockets would
Strike and steal all pokemon. The Rockets plan would have been a sucsess
But the virus backfired, it had killed all Pokemon The Team Rocket Headquarters
was destroyed by an explosion with an unknown cause,
Team Rocket was destroyed but no
Bodies were found so the disappearance of the Rockets is a mystery that baffles
Scientists up till today.
30 years later a group of Scientists had tried to resurrect the Pokemon but failed
Thomas Lunars strangely succeeded in this project that many Scientists failed,
Unfortunately this new breed were too weak and had to be altered in different ways.
body parts which were too weak had to be replaced by mechanical compoments in order for the 'pokemon' to survive....

"Hiroshi! If you want you're first Mechamon you better go now," Said my dad
calmly down the stairs