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Chapter 4

Death. The aftermath of death, coffins holding cold, lifeless bodies, was in front of my eyes. I looked behind myself and to my side, and I saw sad, crying faces everywhere. If there ever was a sight that could show how emotional people can be, this was definitely it.

Two weeks had passed since New Island, but the memory of the disaster was still fresh in my mind, as if it had all happened seconds ago. I wished that it all were just a dream. That I would wake up in the speedboat with David, laughing at me for dozing off. That the big secret at the island was just some type of environmentally safe fuel. That we would leave the island, and have a burger while watching Ruben.

But as much as I wished it to be true, I knew that it wasn't. David was dead and there was a murderous pokemon out there right now, bringing suffering and pain to those who dare challenge him. I was now at David, along with the other scientists' funeral, dressed in an all black dress suit, with a white shirt and red tie.

I looked to my left, at Gerald, who was in the same clothes as I, but with a blue tie. He was looking at the wooden church floor, a blank expression on his face. It was as if the shock of the situation had killed his soul. I rubbed his back, trying to comfort him. He looked at me with those blank eyes and asked, "Why?" Then, he continued to stare at the floor.

My gaze went to Mom and Dad, who were to my right. Mom, who was in a black coat, a black shirt and a black skirt that went to her heels, was a complete sobbing mess. Dad held her in his arms, while her tears landed on the black tie of his black dress suit. He fought back tears while quietly saying things in Mom's ear. Things like, "It's ok . . . It's all right." I could tell that Dad wanted to cry, but he couldn't. He was the father, he had to be tough. To not show tears, even while at your own son's funeral.

It was weird. My family seemed happy when they saw me at the hospital. They were nowhere near as emotionally wrecked as this. I guess that now that we were sitting here, listening to the priest at the altar finish his speech on how David and the other scientists, "have gone on to a better life," that the happiness that I was still alive had faded, and the reality that David, the oldest brother, was now dead, had set in.

The priest motioned for the families to see the bodies of the deceased. From the crowd of mourners, groups of people, including my family and I, rose from their seats, and walked up the red carpet walkway in the middle of the main hall to the coffins. The people who stayed in their seats either wanted to not see the bodies or have the corpses cremated. Had the bodies not been burned enough by the blast that decimated the lab?

The main hall was beautiful. Gigantic statues of angels stood next to the white walls as sunlight came in from the large, stained windows. Chandeliers hung from the roof and there were beautiful designs on the doors. Various flowers were hanging from the ceiling in pots and sitting in front of the podium, which had two candles on it. It was indeed a great looking church, but my attention wasn't on all of this now, it was on the coffins.

I walked past the podium, following my family into the rows of coffins. My gaze set upon a woman and a girl, who seemed no older than 8. They were looking into an open coffin. The girl placed her head on the body inside, and began to cry. The woman kneeled down and said something to the girl. Within seconds, the girl turned around and hugged the woman. Another parent left single. Another child left without a father.

"Here it is," Dad calmly said. My family stopped as I set my view on the coffin. It was completely black in color, except for the golden handles and the name "Thomas" written out on its front, which was gold in color. Dad placed a hand on the lid of the coffin and looked at the 3 of us. "Listen. What you are about to see won't be pretty in anyway. If you don't want to see this, turn around now. Do you hear me?" We merely nodded. "Last chance. Matt?" I kept my gaze on the coffin. "Gerald?" Gerald continued to stare at the coffin, his eyes showing life again. "Amanda?" Mom nodded and said to Dad, collecting herself as much as she could, "Go ahead, honey. Let me see my son." Dad looked at us all in the eyes. Afterwards, he opened the coffin.

A whole new flood of tears came from Mom's eyes as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Dad quickly went to her side and held her in his arms, running his hand through her hair. She buried her head in Dad's chest, sobbing for her lost son. Gerald's eyes quickly regained the blank look that they had lost seconds ago. My eyes widened as I looked at the thing in the coffin. It had to be a thing. It couldn't be human. Looking at it made me feel sick to my stomach.

The thing was wearing a black dress suit with a white shirt and black tie. Its left arm and right leg were missing, probably torn from the body by the explosion. The arm and leg that remained were dislocated. I could see severe burn marks on the body's hand. Burned to the point where the bones were showing. The thing's face was a mess. Severe burns disfigured half of it. On the half that was burned, the ear was missing, and all of the hair was burned off. Only the other half of that face reminded me of David. So this is it? This is the price that you pay for playing God?

I looked up from the coffin to see Gerald staring at me with his lifeless eyes. "Why?" was all that he said to me.


I found myself, standing with my family in the crowd of people, watching 20 coffins lower into the ground. The graves were in a circular formation around a fountain. Mom looked on with dried up tears on her face. She had finally cried all of her pain out. All the pain of witnessing her first son's funeral. It tore my heart apart to see her like this. I didn't want my Mom to suffer like this. I wanted her to be happy. I wondered if she would ever be happy again.

I read the words that were etched on the fountain. "Heroes of Science Memorial." My brother, along with the rest of the scientists had the opportunity to be buried here, in Lavender Town Cemetery, at this memorial. There were families that decided to not bury their loved ones here. They would be buried at places closer to their family. My family had debated on burying David in Cerulean or Lavender. We chose Lavender, since Mom and Dad wanted David to get the recognition they thought he deserved.

Workers moved in, removed the lowering machines from the coffins and started piling dirt on them. The fountain came to life, water shooting from it. Dad had told me that at night, a blue light would light the fountain. How ironic. Die by the blue light, rest in peace by the blue light.

"Mr. Thomas, Channel 25 news. May we have a word with you?" My father and I turned around to see a female reporter and a cameraman. Dad snapped, "Can't you see that he has suffered enough!?" "It's okay, Dad. Channel 25, follow me," I said, leading the reporter and cameraman away from the memorial.

As we walked away from the memorial, to a nearby bench, I said to the reporter, "I guess that I might as well tell you something. You people won't leave me alone until I do." The reporter responded, "You should only fear the camera if there are things that you don't want us to know. Are you hiding any secrets?" "Yes, I am. I'm still afraid of the dark," I sarcastically replied. The reporter laughed at the remark. "Not all reporters are bad, Mr. Thomas. You just have to know the right ones."

We sat on the bench as the cameraman focused his camera on the reporter. The reporter gave the signal, and began to speak. "This is Laura Ostrander of Channel 25 news. As you can see, we are in front of the new memorial for the victims of the New Island disaster. We also have Matthew Thomas, the, until now, silent hero of the incident."

The cameraman moved the camera to show the two of us. "Mr. Thomas, how does it feel to see so many people mourning like this?" Laura asked. I took a deep breath, and replied. "It's the kind of thing that gets to you. It taxes the heart to realize that you will never see a loved one again," I answered.

"A question that has been on everybody's mind is the identity of the killer on the island. Mary Angel, daughter of the leader of the S.C.O.R.S., Harold Angel, has said that the killer is in fact, a pokemon that was created on the island. Can you give any information on this?" Laura asked. I replied, "Mary isn't lying. The lab was destroyed by Mewtwo, a pokemon created in that lab."

"Would you have any idea where this Mewtwo is?" the reporter asked. "Ask Giovanni," I responded, slightly narrowing my eyes. "Are you saying that Giovanni's new pokemon, the one that is always in armor, is Mewtwo?" Laura asked. "Yes."

"Thank you for your time, Mr. Thomas. I'm sure that the world feels your pain," the reporter said. Unless the world has seen their brother die in front of them, then they can never feel my pain. "This is Laura Ostrander, signing off," she said, smiling at the camera. She held the smile until the cameraman gave a signal. She shook my hand, saying, "Thank you very much sir. Maybe you should get back to the funeral." "Yeah, I should," I said as I left the bench and walked back to the memorial.

When I returned to the memorial, the graves were fully filled with dirt and the mourners were gathered around the graves. I walked around the crowd of people, looking for my family. As I walked around, I heard young voices. They were saying things like, "Is Mommy is heaven now?" and, "Why wouldn't Daddy get up?" I wanted to go home now. I didn't want to see this sight anymore. I tucked my hands into my pockets as I continued looking for my family, trying to ignore the cries of the children.

I found my family, looking down on David's grave. Dad was holding a bouquet of black roses. It was broken in half and there was a black sun on it. The symbol of Dark Dawn. I kneeled down to look at the grave. It read, "The suffering is over, and eternal life is now gained." I looked down, with my eyes shut, as the first tears that I had shed that day streaked down my face. "Rest in peace," I whispered.


The funeral ended, and everybody was going to his or her homes. All was silent in dad's limo as it moved through the highway. My family was looking out the windows. None of us wanted to talk about the funeral. I looked at the buildings and cars going by. Is that how life is? A long road, with people and events going by until you get to the end?

I looked at Dad. Why did he have that bouquet in his hand? "Dad, what was the bouquet that you had earlier?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Nothing," Dad said flatly. "Well, it had to be something. It looked like it came from Dark Dawn," I said. "I don't want to talk about it, and that is final," Dad replied, bringing his gaze to me. "But-" "-Final!" Dad snapped. I gave up on my question and resumed to look out the window again. It meant something. Something that Dad apparently didn't like.


"Hello, Mr. Thomas. Your pidgeot is ready to go," a nurse said as I entered the front door of the Viridian City Pokemon Center, a fast-food bag in my hand. My parents and Gerald had gone back to their homes, and I had come to pick up my pidgeot. Thank God that none of my pokemon had died. Another death was the last thing that I wanted. I was now wearing black pants, black shoes, and a red shirt with white sleeves and a white collar.

I followed the nurse through the white halls of the pokemon center and quickly noticed that things weren't as hectic as they were when I first brought my pokemon here after being beaten at the Viridian City Gym. "What happened? Is the gym closed?" I asked. "It seems as if less and less people are trying to get the Earth Badge. That new pokemon must be real killer," the nurse said. "You don't know the half of it," I responded.

"Here we are," the nurse said while opening a door. Behind the door were Pidgeot and a doctor. The doctor was writing down Pidgeot's conditions while Pidgeot calmly stood with a sling on its right wing. When Pidgeot noticed me, it spread its left wing and said happily, "Pidgey! Pidgeot!" "I missed you too," I said as I walked to Pidgeot and hugged it with both arms. Pidgeot returned the embrace with its left wing. It always felt good to hug Pidgeot. Its body warmth together with its soft feathers always comforted me. "I'm glad that you're ok," I said. "Pidgey," it replied.

"It's sights like this that make me proud to be a pokemon doctor," I heard the doctor say. I pulled myself away from Pidgeot's hug to look at the doctor. "Is there anything else wrong with Pidgeot besides the wing?" I asked. The doctor replied, "No. After the wing heals in a few days, your pokemon will be fine. I recommend that you don't make Pidgeot battle for at least two weeks. Also, I want you to keep Pidgeot on a diet of poke pellets." I nodded as I received the container of poke pellets from the doctor. "Would you like to see your other pokemon?" the nurse asked. "Of course," I replied, pocketing the container.


A few minutes later, Pidgeot and I found ourselves in a patient's room with all of my other pokemon. Blastoise, Raichu, Primeape, and Flareon. Raichu had bandages wrapped around the top of its head, Flareon had a cast on each of its forearms and bandages wrapped around its chest, Primeape had a cast on each of its arms and legs, and Blastoise had a big bandage across the back of its shell.

The site made me feel pity for them, and disgust for myself. I had made them suffer, because of my lust for revenge. I saw what Mewtwo could do, I saw a trainer break into tears, but I still made them fight. I will get my revenge, but I won't risk the lives of others to get it. I'll join the S.C.O.R.S., and learn how to fight. One day, when the bastard isn't expecting it, I'll strike. His blood will stain my hands, and I won't give a damn.

Despite the thoughts that went through my mind, I managed to show a warm smile. I opened the bag that I held and showed hamburgers to my pokemon. A fed a hamburger to all 5 of my pokemon, patting them on the head while I did so, except for Raichu, who received a belly rub.

I watched as Pidgeot carried on a conversation with Raichu. "Pidgey...Pidgeot." "Raichu! Chu Chu." I had never understood what pokemon said to each other. Their language seemed so strange to me. Always calling out their name. I guess that human language must seem strange to pokemon too. I should employ a Joy, so she could translate what my pokemon say. It must take years to learn how to understand pokemon.

"Come on Pidgeot, it's time to go," I said as I placed a hand on the doorknob. Pidgeot stopped talking to Raichu and walked to me as I opened the door. "Don't worry guys, I'll come back for you when you're healed," I said.


Pidgeot and I left the room, waving as we exited. I walked down the halls towards the exit, stopping when I saw a familiar face. A woman with red hair that reached to her neck and green eyes exited a patient's room and closed the door behind her. I stared at her, trying to connect a memory to her face. Then, I found the memory. She was the woman who fought Mewtwo with a pikachu and raichu.

"Pidgeot, you know your way back to where my other pokemon are, right?" I asked. "Pidgeot," Pidgeot said with a nod. "Go there, I'll be back in a minute," I said, leaving Pidgeot to follow the woman. I peered into the window of the door that the woman walked out of. A pikachu was sleeping in a bed. I couldn't see the raichu. Maybe she had it with her somewhere. I left the door and casually walked behind the woman, slowly gaining ground on her. Soon, I would walk next to her, and say something like, "Oh, weird bumping into you, isn't it?"

It looked like she was heading for the main entrance. I decided to speed up my pace so I would be able to talk to her. Suddenly, she took a sharp turn into another hallway. So maybe she was heading somewhere else? I continued to follow her, turning into the next hall to find . . . nothing. The girl had somehow disappeared! She couldn't be that fast of a walker, or a runner!

I walked up the hall, looking for her. I looked into the rooms in the hall, wondering if she went into one of the rooms. I opened a door, checking to see if she was inside. Suddenly, a hand yanked my arm from the knob and pulled me into the room. My arm was quickly twisted behind my back as I felt the cold end of a gun press into the back of my head. "You know, there are laws against stalking," the woman said.

The woman pushed me away from her, slamming me into the door. I quickly turned around to find that she was holding the gun to my head. "What are you doing following me?" the woman asked in an authoritative tone. "Um, I wanted to say hi. Hi," I said, slowly turning the knob of the door. "Let go of the knob, now!" she demanded. I promptly gave up my grasp on the knob. "You know, that gun isn't silenced. If you kill me, you will surely be caught and charged for murder," I said, trying to save my life. The woman smiled and said, "The only person who could be charged here is you."

The woman took one hand off the gun and reached into her shorts' pocket. She pulled out a wallet and opened it. Inside the wallet, was a driver's license, which had the name Jessica Redwood on it, accompanied by the woman's picture. Next to the license was a completely golden badge. The top of the badge read, "S.C.O.R.S.", while the bottom of the badge had Jessica's name on it. In the middle, was a fearow.

"I suggest that you start talking," Jessica said, holding the gun steady. I quickly took the open window for an explanation. "I wanted to talk to you, because I saw you before. I was with Giovanni when you battled him for an earth badge." Jessica's grip on the gun tightened. "So you are working with Team Rocket now? They told you to follow me?" "No! I'm not working with them! Giovanni wanted to bribe me into not talking about-" "-New Island?" I sighed with relief when Jessica lowered the gun.

"You know, I could easily kill you without this gun," Jessica said, placing the gun back into the holster that was under her shirt. "Thanks for the thought. You know, that's an interesting place to keep a gun." "Yeah, well people never expect me to be carrying a gun there," Jessica responded. "Oh really? I know of a lot of people that would search that area," I said with a smile. "Funny," Jessica responded flatly. "Let's get out of this room before somebody finds us. They might get the wrong idea." "Agreed."

The both of us stepped out of the room, Jessica walking through the door while I held it for her. We began to walk down the hall, towards the main exit. "Are you sure that you didn't take Giovanni's bribe? I have never seen you on TV, telling what happened on New Island," Jessica asked. "Well, I'm not too fond of the media. They were bugging me allot a few days ago. Since I haven't given any interviews, they have been battling to be the first channel to get me to take an interview from them. They have slowed down since Mary gave her interview, but they are still after me. Maybe the interview that I have just given will shut them up."

"Don't worry about it. They are just looking for a story that they can stretch out for 6 months. Once the next big thing comes along, you'll have your privacy back," Jessica said. I responded, "Yeah, I just hope that it comes soon. So, how are your two pokemon doing? The pikachu and raichu?"

Jessica went into silence. "Raichu died, didn't it?" I asked. She nodded and said, "Its levels weren't high enough to take such an attack. Pikachu is being cared for here. The doctors say that it will pull through. I've never battled a pokemon that could damage a pokemon beyond a simple healing or . . . kill it." Silence fell over the both of us. All that could be heard was the sound of chanseys carrying medical equipment in boxes up the hallway.

"So, you're a part of the S.C.O.R.S.? I'm going to join too. I start tomorrow," I said, breaking the silence and trying to lighten the mood. Jessica responded, "Oh yeah. The S.C.O.R.S. is hard to train for. Are you sure that you can handle it?" I smiled and responded, "Hey you did it, didn't you?" She shook her head and said, "No, I'm still training. Badges with fearows are for trainees." "They give you a gun and badge while you're training? That sounds stupid to me. Giving out power like that," I said.

"Guns are for top class trainees. They don't just hand you a gun the minute you walk in the building," Jessica said. "Of course. If that were the case, Team Rocket and Dark Dawn would be there all the time," I said. By this time, we had reached the main entrance. "Well, it was nice talking to you Jessica. My name is.... do I really need to tell you?" I said. "It was nice talking to you too, Matt. Just don't expect the S.C.O.R.S. to be a picnic," Jessica said while exiting from the main door.


Moments later, Pidgeot and I were also exiting the center. Seconds after we stepped out of the center, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances sped by, sirens wailing, engines roaring, and tires screeching as they maneuvered through traffic. Right behind them were news vans. Something big was definitely happening.

I sighed with relief when none of the news vans stopped in front of me. Maybe Jessica was right. Maybe the next big thing was here and I was now a free man. I noticed a crowd of people gathering at the restaurant across the street. The restaurant where I was the day I battled Giovanni. The people were grouped around the TVs that sat in the outside area of the restaurant. The big story must be on right now. Pidgeot and I ran across the street just seconds before the walking sign switched to red. I pushed my way through the crowd of people, forcing my way to the TV. Finally, I was able to see what was on the screen. My mouth instantly dropped open.

What I beheld was the Viridian City Gym. What was left of it. The place was in ruins. What was once a majestic palace was now nothing more than twisted wreckage. Policemen were sealing off the area, keeping onlookers from getting any closer. Medical teams were carrying out Team Rocket members on stretchers into Ambulances. Fire trucks were leaving the area, since there was no fire. As the fire trucks left, more ambulances came.

The anchorwoman started to say something, but I didn't care. My mind was split into two. One part was happy that this had happened. That Giovanni had lost his gym. It even wished that Giovanni died in the incident. The other half felt sorry for the people who were in the building when it was destroyed. Rocket or not. There was no pity for Giovanni, though. If he burns in hell, I would feel nothing but happiness, although I would never admit it.

I walked away from the group of people and toward my car, which was parked on the side of the road. Pidgeot followed close behind. My mind drifted back to the reporters. I came to a realization. What just happened wasn't the next best thing. My pace started to become faster. It was more of a new twist! I opened the car door and Pidgeot went into its pokeball. That means that I'm not free of the media yet! My car screeched as it launched down the street, leaving the reporters and cameramen who were coming back from the gym to talk to me in the dust.


Soft rock music played as I drove through the highway. Only a few more miles until I would be back home. I had to call Gerald and talk to him about keeping my furniture at his house while I was in S.C.O.R.S. training. He definitely had the room in his big mansion that Dad gave him. Gerald's life would definitely be harder if Dad wasn't there to give him everything that he wanted. A ringing sound suddenly grabbed my attention. I looked around the front seats of the car, trying to find the source of the noise. I found the object under my seat. Of course! My cell phone! Gerald had given it to me for my twentieth birthday. I didn't use it much, since nobody called most of the time. Only Clark and my family had the number. I activated the phone and asked, "Hello?" "Matt?" came a voice from the other end. "Mary? How did you get the number to my cell phone?" "Clark gave it to me." Of course. Ever since I had told Clark about Mary, he has been trying to convince me to try and become a couple with her.

"Well, what is it?" I asked. "Well, Dad is talking to a government official, and he wanted to talk to you," Mary responded. "About what?" I asked. "Guess," Mary said. I responded, "Of course. I need directions. First of all, tell me where you live."


I drove through the suburbs of Pewter City, looking for Mary's house. "It should be around here somewhere," I mumbled to myself. 12405…. 12406…. 12407 …… There it was. 12408, Stone Avenue. I parked my car on the driveway and walked to the front door. Funny, I expected the leader of the S.C.O.R.S. to live in a mansion instead of a normal, two-story home. Ten seconds after I rang the doorbell, Mary opened the door for me. She was now in a wheelchair. The cast was still one her left leg. "Come with me," she said, turning around and wheeling herself down the hallway. "Let me do that," I said, taking the handles on the back of the chair. "I'm fine," Mary responded. "Just let me do it," I said as I started pushing the chair. "I guess that I'm not in a position to make you let go, right?" "Nope," I said as I gently pushed her down the hall.

"Turn left here, " Mary said as we went down the hallway. I did as she said and turned left. We found ourselves in a room with two other people. Both were sitting on a couch, talking to each other. Cups of coffee sat on the table in front of them. I made out one of them to be Mary's dad, but couldn't recognize the other. While Mr. Angel wore a military outfit, the other was in business attire. The other person seemed no younger than forty. "Mr. Thomas, please sit down," Mr. Angel said, gesturing to a chair that was on the other side of the room. I took my seat, waiting for the first question to be thrown at me. Would they ask me first? What did I think Mewtwo looked like? Did David have any information on him?

The first question came. "Coffee?" Mr. Angel asked. "Um, I'm fine," I responded. "I'd like you to meet George Yoko, the leader of the new W.O.R.L.D. government division, and the leader of the search teams on New Island." "W.O.R.L.D.?" I asked. "World Organization of Researching Life Development," George responded. I gestured to Mary while saying, "Mr. Yoko, I'm sure that Mary here can answer your questions." "Not this one, Mr. Thomas," Mr. Yoko replied. "Which is?" I asked. Mr. Yoko responded, "About your brother David. Did he mention any other projects or experiments to you?" "No. I thought that Mewtwo was the only project being done on New Island." "Trust me, so do we." Mr. Yoko drank some of the coffee, and continued speaking. "It's just that at this point, we don't have a lot of information on what happened there. No camera footage, no records, nothing. What we would want are the DNA codes of Mewtwo."

Mary quickly asked, "Why would you want the DNA codes?" Mr. Yoko drank more of the coffee, and responded. "Those codes could mean a lot to our new division. That pokemon's DNA could hold the cure for diseases, raise life expectancy, and other things to aid humanity. That DNA could be what we have been waiting for! But it looks like we won't find it." I noticed Mary look away from everybody else in the room for a while, as if she was thinking about something. She looked at Mr. Yoko, and asked, "But it could also be used for biological weaponry, am I correct?" The room fell silent for five seconds. Mr. Yoko finally answered, "Yes, it possibly could. But W.O.R.L.D. isn't planning on using it like that." "But the military is, right?" Mary responded flatly.

Tension started to form in the room. Mary was questioning her own government. The government that her father serves everyday. "Well, why didn't you just go to Viridian City Gym and take Mewtwo?" I asked. Although he didn't show it on his face, I knew that Mr. Yoko was glad that I had changed the direction of the subject. "We were today, but Viridian City Gym collapsed, as you should know. We can't search any of Giovanni's places without risking bloodshed. If we try it peacefully, we'll end up in a legal battle. You should know how cases go when Giovanni is involved," Mr. Yoko said. Yes, Giovanni always wins. Nobody has ever been able to get the solid evidence to prove Giovanni's connection to Team Rocket. He is truly an escape artist. Mr. Yoko continued in saying, "There are still uncertainties about Mewtwo existing in the first place, since we are basically going on your word and the recent happenings at the gym."

"Well, if that's all that you wanted to ask me, I'll be going now. Goodbye, Mr. Yoko," I said as I rose from my seat. "Matt, will you help me upstairs?" Mary asked. I began to stare at Mary. "Me?" I asked. "Dad and Mr. Yoko probably want to talk a little more, I don't want to interrupt them," Mary explained. "Well, Ok," I said as I took the handles of the wheelchair and pushed Mary out of the room and into the hallway. "I look forward to speaking with you again," I heard Mr. Yoko say as Mary and I went down the hallway.

"Did Mr. Yoko seem weird to you?" Mary asked. I responded, "No. What was so weird?" "You would think that the government would be more aggressive in getting that DNA. It seems as if they don't want to really try," Mary replied. "Nonsense. Of course they would try to get that DNA as much as possible," I said. "Then why was Mr. Yoko making excuses like legal battles and bloodshed? They could just send the S.C.O.R.S. on a mission to bust into Team Rocket HQ and take the thing now," Mary asked. "When you say it like that, it does seem strange. Well, at least nobody has those DNA codes now," I replied. "Yeah. Nobody," Mary replied.

We stopped at a stairway. A pair of crutches sat next to it. "Can you hand me those crutches?" Mary asked. "Sure," I said as I brought the crutches to Mary. She slowly rose from her chair on the crutches and started going up the stairs. "Don't worry, I'm behind you," I said as I followed her up the stairs. "Thanks for the help, Matt," Mary said as she ascended another step. "Mary, what were you thinking about when Yoko started talking about the DNA?" I asked. Mary fell silent for a few moments, and then responded. "Oh. I was thinking of what that DNA could do if it fell into the wrong hands. I just don't-" Mary was cut off by her own screams when she slipped on her crutches and fell back. She fell into my arms, causing me to grab the stair rail to avoid falling with her.

Something happened inside of me. Comforting warmth started to fill me. I suddenly didn't want to let go of Mary. I wanted to stay close to her. I wanted to sniff her hair and rest my head on her shoulder. I wanted to be with her. Did Mary feel the same way? "Matt?" Mary asked. "What?" I replied. "Thanks for catching me." "Anytime." I let go of Mary and continued following her up the stairs. I didn't believe the thoughts that went through my head as I held Mary. It must be because of the funeral. It must have messed with my emotions or something. That had to be it.

"Here we are," Mary said as we reached the top of the stairs. "Are you fine now?" I asked as Mary opened a door. "Yeah, my room is in here. Thanks for the help, Matt," She said as she walked into the room. "I have to go now. I have to meet with Clark," I said. "Bye Matt," Mary said. "Bye," I replied as I walked down the stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned around and looked up to see that Mary was still looking at me from her room. I waved and walked towards the front door. I had plenty of time before I had to meet Clark. I knew why I really didn't follow Mary into her room. I was scared of what might happen in there if I did.


"Clark, are you sure that we're better off taking the subway instead of driving?" I asked. Clark patted me on the back as we entered the train. Night had fallen, and I was in Hop Hop Hop Town with Clark. He was taking me from his apartment to a bar. "Sure, Matt! The bar is next to a subway station and so is my apartment! We don't need to waste the fuel for nothing." The door slid shut behind us as we sat down, Clark sitting to my right side.

I rested my head on the window just above the seat as the speaker buzzed to life. A kind woman's voice announced, "Welcome to the Hop Hop Hop Town Subway System. You are now leaving the Pikachu Avenue Station and riding to the Indigo Street Station. Have a nice ride and thank you for choosing us for your transportation." With that, the speaker buzzed off.

I looked around the train car, noticing the people around me. One man was reading a newspaper while holding onto one of the handles that hung from the roof. A woman was sitting calmly, watching a boy, probably her grandson, as he ran around the car, laughing innocently. Another man, who looked like he was in his late teens, sat with his legs on the seat. He snapped his fingers to the music that he was listening to on his headphones. Finally, there was Clark, who was looking around the train car like me.

With a loud screech, the subway train started moving. The view of the subway station was soon replaced by a view of the dim tunnel, which would be perfectly black if not for the dull lights that were attached to the walls. "We should be at the next station in about ten minutes," Clark said, while he relaxed with his hands behind his head. I decided to do the same. I closed my eyes, listening to the low clapping sounds of the train moving.


Suddenly, all became silent. I opened my eyes, quickly realizing that the subway car's lights were out. I looked around in the black darkness, trying to find some source of light. All the other cars and the tunnel also were without lights, robbing me of the ability to see anything. "Clark?" I asked, touching Clark on the shoulder. There was no answer. I started rubbing Clark's shoulder, trying to wake him up. My attempts were stopped when I began to feel something warm.

I lifted my hand to my face, trying to recognize what the warmness came from. "Clark, wake up!" I yelled. I swung my hand at him in an attempt to smack him in the face. I held in a small groan when my hand slammed into the window of the train, which had more of the warm liquid on it. "Hello? Anybody!?" I screamed as fear started to settle in. Nobody answered. "What in the hell is going on!?" I asked, hoping that somebody would answer.

*Pathetic humans.* I immediately stood up and quickly darted my vision around me. I raised my clenched fists, ready to attack whoever revealed themselves to me. *I'm scared. Really,* the echoing voice continued sarcastically, going into an inner laugh. "Coward! Show yourself!" I yelled. Immediately, I saw the blue glow of two eyes at the other end of the subway car. The whole car was illuminated with blue light, making everything visible.

Fear gripped my heart when my eyes rested on Mewtwo. I slowly backed away, toward the door at the end of the car. If I could just get out the door. Mewtwo raised his arm towards me, surrounding me with the blue aura. I struggled to break free from Mewtwo's hold, but Mewtwo's powers were too strong. He threw me into the door, causing me to scream in pain.

*Humans are so easy to scare. They also make nasty stains, don't you think so?* Mewtwo pointed at the corpses around the room. The man who was reading the newspaper was lying on the floor, the newspaper stuffed down this throat. The woman was also on the floor, her intestines and other organs showing through the huge, bloody hole in her stomach. The little boy was hanging outside the broken window of the subway car by his neck, which was impaled by glass. The man who was listening to music was on his knees, his head to the wall of the car. Blood was dripping from his forehead and was making a puddle on the floor.

Finally, my gaze went to Clark, who was sitting exactly where he was, except without a head. A huge amount of blood was splattered on the walls and windows around his body. "I took pleasure in blowing his head into pieces," Mewtwo said while a sadistic smile appeared on his face. I looked at one of the bloodstains on the window where Clark's head would have been resting. It had finger markings. I looked at my hand to see blood covering it. That was what the warm fluid was! Clark's blood! I started to feel sick to my stomach. The same feeling I felt when I looked at David's body.

*Do you miss Clark? Do you miss David? Don't worry. I'll take you to see them!* Mewtwo said as his body started to glow blue. I knew what was coming. I rushed to the door on the end of the car and opened it, running through to the other subway car. I immediately noticed more corpses, lying lifeless on the floor and on the seats of the subway car. I pushed them out of my mind and started running.

My fear of running in the dark, not knowing where I was going, ended when the blue light grew brighter. I knew what was happening. I ran from car to car, pushing my exhaustion away from my thoughts as best as possible. A low whistling sound came to my ears, followed by the sound of glass shattering. Sweat poured down my face, from exhaustion and from knowing that death itself was behind me, and it was catching up.

The temperature became incredibly hot as the blast became 15 feet away from me and was still closing in. I covered my face as windows exploded into pieces in front of me. A flaming corpse launched out of the flames and flew by me, missing the back of my head by inches. I leapt over it as it fell to the floor. Upon landing, I immediately tripped over the severed leg of another body, causing me to hit the floor with a thud.

I rolled onto my back, and felt my heart skip a beat as I stared at the flames. I screamed at the top of my lungs as they mercilessly swallowed me.


"Matt! Wake up!" Clark said, shaking my shoulders. My eyes shot open, to be greeted by everybody in the subway car including Clark, looking at me like I had gone insane.


The humming sounds of the bar rotating were dulled out by talking people, arcade machines, and the TVs. Clark and I sat at a table next to the bar window, silently looking out the window at the rotating Hop Hop Hop Town skyline. "You had a nightmare about him again, didn't you?" Clark asked. I nodded. "Yes. This time, it was in the subway. Everybody was dead. Your head was splattered all over the walls. Everybody was slaughtered."

I placed my head on the table, closing my eyes. I heard Clark ask, "You want him dead, don't you?" "Nothing would make me happier, Clark. I just don't know about how I feel around him. I want him dead, but I'm scared of him at the same time. Just seeing him makes me want to curl up on the floor and shiver. I guess that's why I'm joining the S.C.O.R.S. Maybe, just maybe, I can become strong and skilled enough-" "-To kill Mewtwo?" Clark interrupted. I nodded, reopening my eyes.

Clark gave a smile, and stood up from the table. "Hey, we can think about things like this tomorrow. Let's go to the bar and drink a little. That'll make you forget about your problems. At least for a little while." "Clark, you know how I feel about drinking," I said, looking up at him. Clark took one of my arms and pulled me to my feet. "Come on, Matt! You're always trying to be the good guy! You won't take any money from your rich parents for Christ’s sake! At least drink one brewsky in your life!"

Clark and I walked past the tables, full of other people talking and enjoying themselves, to the bar table. Clark gave me a stool and snapped his fingers to get the bartender's attention. "Bartender, get me two muks," Clark said. "Coming right up!" the bartender responded, walking towards the drinking glasses. "They call beers muks?" I asked. "Well, it's a brand of beer."

I nodded at Clark and turned towards the window. I watched the buildings come in and out of my view, until one building caught my attention. The building looked normal, except for a mansion on top of it. "Clark, look at that building," I said, nudging Clark in his side with my elbow. He turned to look at me, then at what I was looking at. "Oh yeah, that's the mansion of a pokemon watching group." "I heard about them. They had some type of sleeping incident a while ago. So that's what the mansion looks like."

"I'm telling you, Matthew Thomas could very well be the killer!" A voice said from the TV hanging over the bar table, causing me to look at it immediately. The channel 25 anchorwoman sat on a couch with another man. They both wore business attire. She asked, "But Mr. Blond, what motives would he have?" Mr. Blond, who actually had black hair, responded, "Katherine, I can't tell you what his motives would be. Maybe he wanted to kill his brother." "WHAT!?" I yelled as I immediately rose from my stool. Mr. Blond continued in saying, "We have to consider all possibilities here. The man could have set the whole disaster up with Ms. Angel. For all we know, this Mew2 business could very well be a story that was made up just to bring suspicion."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could I be accused of killing so many people? How could they blame me for doing such an inhuman act? I slammed my fist into the table and shouted, "The bastards!" Clark patted me on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it, Matt. They are just trying to look at all of the possibilities. You can't be mad at them for that." "I'd never do a thing so horrible! I know that I wouldn't!" "They're not you, so they don't know. Calm down. You can start worrying if the police throw you in jail. Just don't think about it now. We start training in the S.C.O.R.S. tomorrow. Worry about that," Clark replied.

I returned my attention to the TV, to see that Mr. Blond had left the screen. The Channel 25 anchorwoman, Katherine Cheshire, looked into the camera and said, "We thank Mr. Blond, Channel 25's news examiner, for having the time to speak with us on this ordeal. We now take you to the launch of W.O.R.L.D., the World Organization of Researching Life Development. Laura?" The camera switched to a reporter, the same reporter that interviewed me earlier. She was standing in a hallway that was full of people in business suits walking around. "This is Laura Ostrander of Channel 25 news, reporting from Lavender Town City Hall. The conference has just ended, and here is the basic information that I have gotten. W.O.R.L.D. is basically a specialized scientific group. Their job is to make the job of the government's biological research teams easier. They will be doing things like researching viruses, and developing new types of medicine. They will also be researching on pokemon and human DNA codes. I am trying to find George Yoko, the president of this organization, but I . . . . .Wait, I think I see him now!"

Laura walked off camera, and walked back while holding a man in a business suit by the arm. "Mr. Yoko, this is Channel 25 News. Do you have anything to say about the start of W.O.R.L.D.?" Yoko looked at the camera, and immediately checked his hair and straightened his tie. He cleared his throat, and said, "I am proud to be the leader of this new organization. Advancing our technologies, whether it is technological or biological, can be hard. W.O.R.L.D. will help make this task easier. The S.C.O.R.S. fights to save lives. We fight to improve them." "Thank you for your comments, Mr. Yoko. This is Laura Ostrander of Channel 25 news, signing off."

"Unless they can instantly make me rich, I don't see them improving my life," Clark said. "Your muks are ready," the bartender said, placing them on the bar table. Clark and I turned around, and picked up the glasses. "A toast to life in the S.C.O.R.S. May we not be shot into pieces on the first mission!" Clark said, gently touching my cup with his.


"I should have parked closer!" I muttered to myself as I walked down the street. Clark had gone home, and I was now walking in the streets of Hop Hop Hop Town to my car. The only sounds that could be heard were of my footsteps, and distant sounds of cars. I tucked my hands into my pockets, trying to shake off the cold feeling that was creeping all over me. "Just a few more blocks and I'll be in my car," I said to myself. The city definitely had a dark feeling to it when it was late at night.

I started to hear footsteps behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, to see a person in a gray trench coat walking behind me. It's just another person walking. There was no need to be worried. I continued walking, trying to pay no attention to the other footsteps. I heard them slowly getting closer, forcing my heart to speed up. I sped up my pace and took a left at the next intersection. The footsteps still followed. I took another left, thinking that a U-turn would get rid of him if he weren't following me. I looked over my shoulder again, to see the same person, still walking behind me. I had all the evidence that I needed now. I started dashing down the street at my full speed. My heart was pounding inside of my chest now, as if it wanted to break out. The man gave chase to me. "Get away from me!" I yelled. The man still chased me, gaining on me as the seconds went by. Suddenly, a hand from behind me grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me to a halt. I turned around, only to see a fist rush towards my face.


"He's waking up," a male voice said. I slowly opened my eyes, to be greeted by blurry visions. I noticed that I was sitting in a chair, and tried to get up to no avail. My wrists, waist, and legs were tied to the chair, rendering me immobile. I looked around as my vision became clear. The room was dim, being lit by a single, flickering light that was above me. Everybody around me was wearing black. Black boots, pants, shirt, and gloves. There was a black bulletproof vest on each shirt. A black belt, complete with buttoned pockets and a gun holster was around each waist. I didn't see a single person without a gun. Everybody in the room wore a black mask. "Welcome, Mr. Thomas," another voice said, younger than the first one that I had heard, and also male. I looked in front of myself, to find two people standing out from the circle of onlookers. They wore the same thing as everybody else, except they wore trench coats. One was solid black, while the other was dark gray.

"Where-" I started to ask. "-Dark Dawn," the person in the black trench coat responded. "I am Dark," the person in the gray trench coat with the younger voice said. "I am Night, the leader of Dark Dawn," the person in the black trench coat said while placing a hand on his chest. "Why am I here?" I asked, struggling to loosen the ropes on my wrists. "To stop you from making a huge mistake, Mr. Thomas," Night responded. "What mistake is that?" I asked. "Why, joining the S.C.O.R.S. of course. You want revenge for what happened to your brother, right? If you join the S.C.O.R.S., you will be too caught up doing all of those missions to pursue your true intentions," Dark said. "Come with us. Join our family. We'll train you, and give you the freedom to find your target," Night said. I responded, "That is, when I'm not doing your missions." By now, I had given up on loosening the ropes. "You have to give a little to get a little," Night said while folding his arms. "What's the point then? It doesn't matter whom I work for! The S.C.O.R.S. will make me do missions, and so will you! I'd rather fight for them than you!" I spat. Night and Dark looked at each other for a few seconds, then back at me. "Don't you want to be part of a new world order?" Dark asked. Night immediately followed Dark's statement with, "Soon, we will have the perfect weapons, and nobody will be able to stop us. Not even the murderer of your brother."

My eyes widened. Weapons that could beat Mewtwo? "You heard me correctly. These weapons will be able to beat, or even kill Mewtwo. Don't you want them?" Weapons that could kill Mewtwo. They were just what I wanted. But was it worth it? To join Dark Dawn to satisfy my need for revenge? To join one evil to destroy another? "No," I said calmly. "What!?" Dark asked with surprise in his voice. "That's right, you won't bribe me into your gang," I replied. Dark's eyes lit up with anger. He immediately pulled a knife from his belt and pressed the dull end against my neck. "You dare refuse our offer!? What kind of a fool are you!? I could easily kill you right now! Nobody would find your corpse for days! What do you think of that!?" I remained perfectly silent, not showing fear. "If I die. I won't die begging for my life," I calmly said. I had already begged for my life enough times in my dreams. I'll be damned if I do the same when I really die.

Dark turned around the knife so the sharp end was facing my neck. He kneeled down so he could look at me directly in the eyes. I stared into his cold, blue eyes. They were watching my face, trying to find fear and weakness. I returned the gaze with an emotionless stare. He pulled the knife away from my neck and let out a small laugh. "You may be brave, but you still don't realize what you are dealing with," Dark said.

Night pointed a finger at me, saying, "Yes, the line of business you are going into can be very hazardous to your health." Dark punched my stomach, causing stifled screams to emerge from my mouth. "Did I hurt you? Good," Dark said as he punched me in the face, causing my vision to go blurry for a few seconds. Dark immediately followed the punch with a kick to my chest, causing me to fall back in the chair to the floor with a thud. I heard Dark say, "We send you a bouquet for your brother's funeral and this is your thanks!? You should be more appreciative!" I looked up to see him standing over me. I heard him laugh as he slammed his foot into my side. I gritted my teeth, trying to hold in my screams. "Come on! Scream!" Dark yelled, nailing me in the side again. "No!" I yelled back. Dark stepped back, and kicked me in the stomach with all of his might. The wails of pain finally escaped my lips, echoing through the room. I felt tears forming in my eyes.

"It's not over yet, Thomas!" Dark said with sadism in his voice. "Enough!" Night demanded. "But-", Dark began to say. "-What I say here is final! Do you understand me!?" Night yelled. Dark grumbled as he picked up the chair that I was in off its back and onto its legs. Night walked closer to me, saying, "You are a fool for not taking our generous offer." Night took my chin in his hand and forced me to look him in the eyes. They were blue, just like Dark's. "Trust me, Dark could have done worse. Consider yourself lucky that we didn't shoot you in the head while you were unconscious. Don't join the S.C.O.R.S. if you value your life," Night said as he raised his other hand into the air and chopped at the side of my neck. The room moved in circles before everything faded into black.


"Throw him off here!" was the first thing that I heard when I woke up. I heard tires screech to a halt, a car door opening and felt hands grabbing my legs and shoulders. I was thrown out of the car, into a group of garbage cans, causing me to moan in pain. I barely heard the car screech off into the night. As my vision started coming back to me, I heard a feminine voice scream, "Oh my god! Get me some medics, quick! This man looks hurt!" As I felt hands pick me up and place me on a stretcher, I weakly asked, "Where am I?" "You're at a hospital. You're safe now," The voice responded. I let out a weak smile, and let myself fall into unconsciousness.

End Chapter 4