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May 29, 2000
*sigh**sniffle**sigh* Some sad news in the Pokemon online world, well just four whole days into affiliation with my friend Chaka, of ~*Little Havana*~ and she decides to give it up :( I agree with most of the stuff she said on her goodbye message (Please at least take the time to read it), about the harshness of the internet. Especially the coldness of the "Pokemon Community" some damn community the Pokemon online world is. For instance all the "popular" Pokemon sites, are the crapass Networky sites, that bring you the same stolen News they have cut & pasted from some other site that just did the same thing. Yes the circle of thieves run rampant on the internet and it's pathetic on how it is so true on something like Pokemon...

Another thing I hate about the webmasters of such Pokemon sites, is that the majority of them are money grubbing bastards, such as the Pojo and if you are fans of that gawd awful corporate run site, then I got two words for you, Suck it. There are plenty of other sites I could name, but I don't want to make to much enemies... The majority of most Pokemon sites have lucrative money making offers at their site, the Pojo and other top Networky sites are littered with them. Hey I can slap on ads or some referral program, but I don't care for the money. I run my site because I want to, and have some kind of joy in doing it. I don't need that 10 cent per click to keep me motivated in running my site... And I understand if a site needs ads to pay for Domain, server cost, and everything... I sure wouldn't spend one penny on my site, but I do spend hours of my own time working on my site and that shows something!

To Chaka: I remembered when you pissed the hell out of me on the UPNetwork forums -_-;; Those flame wars were interesting... Anyways you turned out to be pretty cool and are one of the few people I respect, and I hope you don't entirely decide to leave the static universe of the internet. Just take some advice that I'm sure someone else has already said to you, leave for a couple weeks, months maybe... Everyone needs a break sometime, just don't leave forever...

To everyone that I may have offended, sorry... just venting out a little steam here...*sigh*

May 27, 2000
Three quick updates today. Jesus Freak has submitted Episode 8 of Pokemon: Weirdos Inc., Pikachu Chick finished up with Chapter Three of her story, 10 Years Later..., and Zach has continued with A Friends Courage with Part 2 done.

May 25, 2000
What is this a New affiliate? Yup, ~*Little Havana*~ from the mistress Neo-Rocket herself, Chaka, has affiliated with my site.  Us unknown and obscure Pokemon fan sites must stick together...  The site has a great layout, filled with Chaka's own artwork.  When you visit be sure to check out her art gallery, editorials, and the umm potty mouth fanfics :\ 

May 24, 2000
e gads the editorials section hasn't been updated in over five months O_O Anyhoo head over there now for a stupid joke involving Charizards :D

On another note, I've updated my Profile on the About Pijoto section, with my ICQ and AIM info so to all the ladies out there (or just anybody in general ^_^;;) want to contact me, you can either email me, which I check about every three days or so. Or you could use ICQ/AIM which I hardly ever turn on since I'm to lazy too. Then how the heck are you supposed to contact me then??? Bah, I'm rather the silent type anyways...

May 23, 2000
Yes I know it's been a while, actually a long while, but I've finally finished Part VIII to A Brock Prologue, hope you enjoy this one because who knows how long until Part IX comes around ^_^ 

Also a new mini-series by Pikachu Chick has been started, called 10 years Later... the story chronicles Ash and Co. adventures 10 yrs. later :D And Zeth Raltier, the webmaster of Zeth's Pokémon Fanfiction Page, has submitted chapter 9 of his story.

May 17, 2000
A New series called Pokemon: BigRai's by BigRai has been started with chapter one, and chapter 6 & 7 of Jesus Freak's story has been added.

I'm sorry to all who has had the patience in waiting for me to continue on with my stories.  It's just that last month I had to concentrate on school, so I didn't attempt to write anything... For this month I've been sorta side-tracked.  It's because I've been reading wild charizard's, story Me & My Flame, from c h a r i z a r d   v a l l e y, almost non-stop.  In fact I just finished it yesterday, in less then two weeks O_o  That's how incredible the story was!  I strongly recommend to anyone to head over to charizard valley and read wild charizard' fic, she has a lot of talent that shouldn't be ignored!  I can honestly say that Me & My Flame is the best Pokemon story that I have ever read, and I might just write a review for it ^_^;;

May 9, 2000
Click here, for a preview to a Project that I might consider starting sometime in the near future...

I also added a disclaimer page, to be safe...

May 7, 2000
A lot of little updates this time... First an Update to Jesus Freak's story Pokemon Weirdos Inc. with a long Movie special!  Second Zeth Raltier is back with chapters 3 - 8 of A Master in the Making, might want to check those out.

I have also gotten a new affiliate, my sworn immortal enemy The Pokemon Friend has now become my second affiliate! Even though the site hasn't been updated in over a month.  The webmaster, Erik Masters, has informed me that he is working on version 5 of the site, as well as writing new stories.  So check back there once in awhile for the updates.  Also look at the cool new button for c h a r i z a r d   v a l l e y ^_^

Speaking of charizard valley, notice the No-Pokeball image at the bottom of the site, it leads to a website that is known as the Pokemon Underground Railroad.  Basically the site believes that pokemon should be left alone in the wild and not to be caught and caged inside pokeballs.  I became aware of this site while visiting charizard valley, and have always sympathized with that idea myself... Take my stories for example, Peter in Another Beginning always keeps his pokemon outside of their pokeballs to travel with him.  Also one of the reason why I haven't had Peter catch a gazillion pokemon in the first place, is because I don't like the idea of catching a lot of pokemon that you'll probably never end up using.  So they are doomed to their pokeballs, to stay in some lonely pokemon research lab, for an unspecified period of time...  So call me a PURR sympathizer, but just not a full member though...

Guess what? Summer for me has finally arrived, yay!  Since there's no more school for me.  I finally have the time, to expand on my stories, and devote more time to this site!