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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: Symbiosis, Part 3

    The sinister Dr. Harold has captured John and is forcing him to do battle. 
Until now, john has succeeded in defeating each of Harold's fire type 
Pokémon, but the incredible Charcanine now bears down on Neptune, and Harold 
doesn't look like he's planning mercy.

    No Squirtle could face down that menace. I think that's why Neptune chose 
that time to evolve. The typical glowing, the typical changing, the typical 
trainer whooping with delight. And when it was over, Neptune was a Wartortle..
"Be that as it may, child, no Wartortle is going to defeat the ultimate 
fire Pokémon," Harold sneered. He had a point though. This battle was far 
from over.
    "Alright, Neptune, Harden." I had to make Neptune strong enough to 
survive one of the incredible fire attacks I was expecting. Then I'd worry 
about attacking.
    "You want to play the special game, do you? Charcanine, Haze." The fine 
mist covered the cabin. Supposedly, this attack worked to deter a Pokemon's 
concentration, making status changes impossible. It did have one good effect, 
though. I hadn't realized how much I had been sweating, but the mist cooled 
me and made me feel better. Even if it did stop status changes, it made me 
think straighter. The tail is still the weakness. I must somehow exploit it.
    "Neptune, climb on Charcanine."
    Neptune's sharp claws dug into the Charcanine's body as he climbed. It 
tried to shake him off, but it was more amused then frightened.
When Neptune was on the beast's head, I ordered him, "Fire your toughest 
water blast at that thing's tail!"
    Charcanine's eyes widened. Suddenly it saw the danger. Franticly, he 
clawed at Neptune, but his stubby arms hindered him.
Neptune's blast was mighty, indeed. Charcanine howled in pain as its very 
life source was being put out. Finally thinking enough is enough, it shook 
Neptune off and hovered into a corner, apparently deciding it was through for 
the day.
    Harold sighed. "Yes, well, that one is a bit young, can't even hold form 
yet. Oh, well. Here is your emblem, but you've not seen the last of 
Charcanine." A passage opened behind him as he threw a small object to me.
I caught the small stone out of the air, and I examined it. A small oval 
of stone with a fire carved to it. Great, I would have to collect eight of 
these? But as I prepared to place it in my bag, a thing reached out, like a 
small tentacle, and grabbed it.
    "Hey," I said as I reached for the would-be thief. It wasn't behind me, 
though, nor above me. I caught sight of the tentacle again, and grabbed it. 
As I followed the tentacle with my eyes, I was horrified to discover its 
origin. My forehead.
Too much and I passed out.

    As I awoke in the Pokémon center, I remembered everything at once, and 
after all the usual "what happened, where am I?" questions, I stood up to get 
dressed. They had found Lucy, Tony and I in the woods, unconscious. They took 
us here, and I was the first to wake up. No serious injuries, but something 
peculiar near my brain in the x-rays. Remembering the tentacle, I told her 
that it was a metal plate from an accident. I didn't want anyone to find out 
about it just yet. I had to find Dr. Harold. He was the only one who could 
tell me what was going on. Problem was, he was on Cinnabar, and the ancient's 
had deposited us at Celadon City.

Symbiosis will continue, but not until a few unrelated episodes have passed