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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: Symbiosis, Part 2

The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: Symbiosis, Part 2


Last time, John discovered the inherent "Ditto Properties" in the Pokémon

that Professor Oak gave them. With this discovery, John realized he could

have Destiny, his Spearow, transform into a Fearow, and take them to Cinnabar

Island to have their fossils examined. But when they arrived, Dr. Harold

revived their fossils and the Pokémon they became immediately attacked our



It's so cold. I feel completely frozen. I can't move. Why is it cold? It

wasn't cold before, so why is it now? Where am I now? Where was I before? I

know it's different.  Who's that? That guy is carrying something. He's carrying

me. Why? Why can't I walk? Who's that? He's carrying someone else. A boy. And

there's one more guy. He's carrying someone else, a girl, Lucy?


"Hey, he's coming to!"

"Smack 'em."



When I came to for real, I started to remember things. We were in the lab

on Cinnabar. Dr. Harold revived those fossils then I just couldn't remember

the rest. Oh, well, more important things to worry about now. Where am I?

It was a cave. The stone was a tan color, with flecks of mica. There must

have been a big light source at the beginning of the tunnel, because their

reflected light lit the entire place. It was big, huge really. Stalactites

hung overhead, no stalagmites, though. Odd. It was a dead end, and bars

blocked the entrance to the cavern. It was too elaborate for a mere prison

cell, but why the bars then? It was roughly rectangular, with an extremely

high ceiling. There was a balcony way up there, protected by glass. I was

sitting by the wall, alone. Tony and Lucy were somewhere else. I hoped they

weren't hurt, the thought that they could be dead never crossed my mind.

My bag and Pokéballs were still with me though. How odd. They want me

prisoner. They throw me in an incredibly huge cell. They separate me from my

friends, but they leave me everything else.

These people were someone’s. They weren't someone’s in the sense that I

knew them all personally, but I knew of them. Who? The Ancients. But who were

the Ancients? Pokémon trainers. That's why this place is so big. It's an

arena for Pokémon battles. They're going to make me battle alone. How will I

possibly win?

"Glad to see your up." The voice came from no where, but it sounded

close. I looked franticly, trying to find the source. "Over hear." I looked

to the other end of the arena. A man stood there, wrapped in the Ancient


"Who are you," I questioned him, startled by the volume of my own voice.

He removed his hood. It was Dr. Harold.

"Are you ready?"

"What are you talking about? Am I ready for what?" I was panicking, and I

knew that he would pick that up from my voice.

"You know d*mn well what I mean."

"A Pokémon battle," I choked out.

"Good. Now for my Pokémon, I'll choose Charizard." A Charizard came out

of a Pokéball at his belt.

"G-Go Destiny!" Harold stopped me with a glance.

"No Ditto Property Pokémon allowed." So they knew about Destiny. More

than that, the way he spoke about her led me to believe that they have encountered

Pokémon like her before. That means my only hope is Neptune.. But can he really

take a Charizard? One way to find out.

"Ok, then. Go, Neptune!" Neptune came out with his Squirtle battle cry.

"Heh heh. Flamethrower, Charizard." The fire dragon smiled before he

opened his mouth to shoot out a huge blast of flame.

"Neptune, Withdraw, NOW!" Neptune complied. His shell was toasted, but he

remained unburned. "Now, Watergun!"

Neptune opened his mouth to fire the blast of water, but when it hit, the

Charizard just shrugged it off. Neptune and I were both panicking. I had to

think fast. Then I remembered, in an Ancient match, anything goes.

"Neptune, uhh, Watergun Harold!" I hope this works.

Harold was blasted before he could say anything. Charizard quickly turned

to see if he could aid his master.

"Neptune, aim for the flame!" Neptune's blast didn't put out the huge

flame, I hadn't intended it to. But it did spook Charizard. He flew over to

the corner and cradled his tail gingerly.

Harold gave me a grimace. "Nice trick. But now I choose Arcanine!"

The Legendary Dog came out and roared a monstrous war cry. Neptune was

scared, but I knew I could win this one without cheating.

"Neptune, Skull Bash!" Harold gave a self-satisfied smirk. He knew it

would take a moment for Neptune to prepare the attack, and in that time he

would strike.

"Arcanine, Take Down, NOW!" The great beast bounded toward its hapless

target. As it rose in the air, preparing for its final movement, Neptune

struck.  Leaping into the air for a take down would expose the Arcanine's soft

underbelly. The skull bash wouldn't have done much damage had it struck

Arcanine anywhere else. But in this case the attack was positioned perfectly,

and Arcanine went down howling with pain.  Harold let out a growl. Through

clenched teeth he ordered Charizard, still wounded, back to the field while Arcanine

tenderly rose, testing its own legs. Would he try two on one?

"Ok, boys, Fuse attack, now!" Arcanine rose to its hind legs, Charizard

stood up straight. The pair glowed, then appeared to slide into one shape.

The shape enlarged, and the glowing died down.

Starring down at Neptune was the most fearsome, powerful and proud

Pokémon I had ever seen. For the most part, it looked like a Charizard. But

the face, that incredible face. It was so beautiful, and so fear inspiring at

the same time. It was the face of an Arcanine, but so much more. It had a

quality to it that I can't even begin to explain. The Charizard's powerful

claws had been replaced by that of an Arcanine, and the wings were now

feathered. The flame tail was like a bonfire. One swoosh of it would destroy

a man. Neptune didn't stand a chance.

"Meet Charcanine, boy."

Charcanine released a roar, and deep red flames came blasting out its

muzzle.  Neptune was beaten upon by Charcanine. It didn't even use a flame attack..

It flapped its huge wings and blew my poor little Squirtle against walls. Neptune

couldn't take it any longer. Then the good thing happened.


To be continued