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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: Symbiosis


    Last time John encountered two Ancient Trainers bent on killing him. Thanks

to Destiny, though, their plans were spoiled. Her incredible "mirror move" is

more powerful than it should be and has everyone quite perplexed. Now our

hero is waking up after a good night's sleep and is left to wonder about

Destiny and the fossils that the ancients left behind.


    You are ready? That's what he said as he left us those weird fossils.

Ready for what? To collect the emblems, obviously. But I cheated like hell

How could that make me ready? I can't expect that that strategy will ever

work again. Not that I would use it again. It was in self-defense, in defense

of my friends. If they were just regular trainers, how will I be able to

fight a gym leader like them?

    I should train Destiny. She possesses incredible power. She could tear

apart any Pokémon, properly trained. But how could that be mirror move?

Mirror move is simply a copy of the move the opponent just used. But she

could pick and use any move her opponent is capable of. This is a reject?

Does Oak know anything about this? If he doesn't, should I tell him? If he

does, why did he give it to me? I sure hope Cinnabar is helpful.

    I went over these things in my mind countless times as I pretended to

sleep. Amazingly, when the sun came up, I didn't feel the least bit tired.

The day was beautiful. Blue sky, bright sun, birds chirping all that crap.

Apparently it would be a good day for training.

    "So how much longer do you think it'll be till Destiny evolves," Lucy

questioned, braking me out of my reverie.

    "I was just wondering if that's the smartest thing to do," I told her, as I 

unzipped my sleeping back and slowly stood up.

    "Whadya mean?"

    "Well, suppose she looses this power when she evolves. It could be like a

defect that will be fixed when she evolves." It took her a minute to realize

what I was referring to as her power was what she considered a normal mirror


    "I'm telling you. That's normal. It could only get stronger if she


    "Yah, but she doesn't think its mirror move, herself. I ordered her to do

it, but she just starred at me."

    "That might be because she was abandoned. She might not consider you her

trainer yet." It was logical, and my thoughts weren't. But there was a way to

test my theory.

    "I've got a plan-," I started, but was interrupted.

    "I sure hope it involves a long period of silence," Tony moaned as he

turned over in his sleeping bag.

    "Tony, lemme borrow your Fearrow for a sec."

Tony groggily handed me a Pokéball saying, "Just don't fry him."

    "Try not," I told him.


    "Alright, Mach, Fly Attack, now!" Tony's Fearow spread its wings and flew

way up high.

    "Now, Destiny, Mirror Move Mach," and again I got a look from her. She

didn't know mirror move. That much was certain, now.

    "Told ya," I said to Lucy as I smiled and winked at her. She returned my

wink by sticking her tongue out at me.

    "Okay, Destiny," I said as I took a deep breath, "Transform!" Now we

would see if my theory was correct or not.

    Destiny looked up at Mach, flying very high up, glancing at me every so

often, waiting for the command to dive. She gave a quick battle cry as her

wings began to glow. In a moment she had the body of a Spearow and the wings

of a Fearow.

    "H-h-how did she?" Lucy was speechless. When I had called for Destiny to

transform she was about to tell me I was nuts, but this was incredible.

    "I realized that this couldn't be mirror move, since, as Tony said, it is

accompanied by a bright flash. And I knew it couldn't be mimic, because that

takes time to choose and copy the right move, plus it can only be taught by a

TM, and why would Destiny's former trainer waste a valuable TM on what she

considered a reject? When I narrowed it down to Transform, I quickly

dismissed it and tried to put it aside in my thoughts. But when it really

started getting to me, I checked my Pokedex on Destiny. She had Ditto DNA!"

    "How could that be" Lucy just trailed off, so I took the opportunity to

add more.

    "That's not all, all of the Pokémon Oak gave us have Ditto DNA. Including

your Hitmon Pokémon." At this she became really excited. She called out

Dancer and her Hitmonchan, Rocky.

    "Okay guys, transform into each other."

They looked at each other and shrugged. Lucy was disappointed, but I

wasn't surprised. "They have to learn transform, just like any other move.

    "Oh." She still wasn't satisfied.

    "Hey, cheer up. Now we can go to Cinnabar. While we're there, I'll take

you to that great fish place I told you about." This seemed to cheer her up.

    "Your treat?"

    "No," I said, trying to get a reaction. I opened my coat. "Pokémon

League's treat," I said, pointing to my badge. It was hard not to love that



    After packing and cleaning up, we set off. Destiny, with her huge Fearow

wings and small, streamlined Spearow body had no problem keeping up with and

even out-flying Mach. It was tricky, but I managed to hold on. Mach was big

for a Fearow, so Tony and Lucy could both ride on it.

    The ocean was beautiful from above. We saw a lot of Pokémon, even a very

strange looking Blastoise. It was missing the water cannons and had more of a

streamlined body, built for swimming. It was even complete with fins instead

of claws. It sure wasn't a normal sea turtle, though. It still had the same

blue color of a Blastoise. I took a picture with my Pokedex, the Cinnabar Lab

might be interested.

    When we arrived, the town looked very peaceful. It was fall, tourist

season was over, but we weren't tourists. After asking a strange old bald man

where the lab was, he asked if I was interested in Pokémon. I rolled my eyes.

Why would I want the lab if I weren't interested? I politely said yes, sir.

I'm a trainer. He told me there was a great gym nearby, but I quickly told

him I have more important things to do. I think he was a little angered by

that remark as he stomped off, mumbling to himself.

    We made it to the lab quickly after that. It wasn't much to behold, just

an ordinary brick building, but behind it was a huge old abandoned mansion.

Explore later, I told myself. Many things to do, and little time to do it in

The receptionist told us that Dr. Harold was the best person to see if we

wanted fossils examined, but he was very busy. I flashed my badge and said,

"Tell him the Pokémon League is here." She quickly called Dr. Harold and

pointed to his door. I thanked her and we started walking.

    Dr. Harold was a short, balding, middle aged man. He quickly greeted us

and asked politely to explain what we want and get out, he was a busy man.

    "Yes, well, I'm afraid that we'll probably be taking up a large period of

your time today."

    He seemed quite annoyed, now. "May I see this badge of yours?"

    "You certainly may." I unpinned the badge and handed it to him. He took

it to a scanner on his desk. He read the description on his monitor, and then

he turned quite pale.

    "So, uhh, what does the Great Ash Ketchum require," he said, sounding

meek and apologetic.

    "The Great Ash Ketchum's good friends require a fossil analysis, and a

bit of information." He seemed relieved, but he was also careful. He knew

that that badge was for more than just getting him to help.

    "A fossil analysis? That's all? Oh, of course!" He motioned for us to

join him in a back room. The room turned out to be the kind of thing you

expect to see in a sci-fi movie or something. Tesla coils, beds with straps,

huge computers, all it needs is Frankenstein. "Would you be kind enough to

produce your fossils?"

    "Yes, of course." As I pulled out the three spike fossils, Harold's eyes


    "Oh, you are lucky indeed! These are the fossils of a powerful

pre-historic Pokémon!"

    "Can you re-animate them for us," Tony asked him.

    "Indeed, come see." He seemed strangely gleeful. He set them down on a

small pillar. He told us to watch carefully. After pressing a few controls,

the pillar began to hum, then whine as it shut down. The fossils were still

just that.

    "I believe your machine requires maintenance," Tony said. Just then, the

fossils came alive. They looked at their respective owners. Harold giggled as

they sprang forth and hit each of our heads. The last thing I heard was

Harold, laughing hysterically.


To be continued