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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: The Ancients

    Last time, Our heroes visited Professor Oak, and wound up visiting with 
John's father. After a heated argument, John threatened to use his newfound 
sway to revoke his father's license. Professor Oak denied knowing anything 
about The Ancients, but he did give them what he told the group were 
abandoned Pokémon, but were really special Pokémon that had "Ditto 
Properties". But as our heroes left, Oak and John's father concocted sinister 
plans to do away with our hero.

    "So now what?"
    Lucy sighed. "Tony, don't sound so hopeless. We'll find some clue, 
    He looked at her like she was crazy. "We have no leads, no way to find a 
lead and no way to follow up a lead if we found one! Our fearless leader is 
too busy worrying about food to even consider this!"
    If Tony meant me by "fearless leader", then it was true. They had gotten 
some food at Oak's, but I was running on empty. "What did you guys have at 
Oak's again?"
    "Fish," Lucy said, mockingly.
    "Ooh. I remember when I went on vacation to Cinnabar Island they had the 
most amazing fish and-," Of course!
    "What is it, John?"
    "On Cinnabar Island they have a Pokémon research facility where they 
study ancient Pokémon!"
    Tony slapped himself. "Why didn't I think of that?"
    "But how will we get there," Lucy said, matter-of-factly.
    "We could take a boat."
    Tony scowled at me. "Yeah, then Mew will make us collect the seven 
Deodorants of the Armpits. We'll just take our Pokémon."
    "Yeah, you and Lucy can take your Fearow, why I fly merely through my own 
    "Calm down. You have that Spearow don't you?"
    "Spearows have trouble flying on their own, Tony. How is it supposed to 
carry me?"
    "Just make it evolve, Smarty!"
    I repeated what he said in a mocking way, sort of "Us mak ii evol smary!" 
but he had a good idea. I set to work training Spearow, who I named Destiny, 
because Spearow is sorta like Spear, and that reminds me of the Wolfenstein 
spin off, Spear of Destiny.

    "Okay, Destiny, this should be easy, Peck Attack!"
    "C'mon Caterpie, String shot now!"
The tough silk wrapped around Destiny's small body. "Oh, no!" 
Destiny managed to get her head out of the silk. The Caterpie seemed 
pretty pleased with itself as it shook its butt around, arrogantly. Destiny's 
eyes shown of fire. For a minute, I thought it would use rage, but instead 
she opened her mouth and out came the most amazing thing. Silk. I couldn't 
believe it. I was stunned. Did Destiny just use String shot?
After the battle, Destiny's seventh victory, Lucy said I shouldn't be 
    "Spearow and other flying types often use Mirror Move. Right, Tony?"
    "Right," he said, hesitating. 
    "What's wrong?" 
    "Well, usually Mirror Move is accompanied by a bright flash, but I guess 
that's the only explanation." 

    "The kid has a Spearow with Ditto Properties."
    "Y'think his father gave it to him?"
    "Nah, he's to strict to the rules. This thing reeks of Oak."
    "Well, either way, we've still got a job t'do. Get that rifle."
    "I was just think'n, maybe we should give him a chance?"
    "No way. He tested negative, remember?"
    "Yeah, but sometimes the test is wrong."
    "The father said no."
    "It ain't up to the father anymore, let's do it."
    "Fine, I could use a little fun."

    They were on us fast. Two guys in dark robes, masks and hoods. They 
called out their Pokémon.
    "Kabutops, Go!"
    "Omastar, Go!"
    I called Destiny, of course, Lucy called Hitmonlee, and Tony called 
    "Dancer, Rolling kick at the Omastar!"
    "Smokey, Flamethrower the Kabutops!"
    "Destiny, Mirror move Smokey!"
    Dancer missed, as do most rolling kicks, but Smokey hit right on. 
However, The combination of rock and water made the fire useless. Destiny 
looked at me like I was crazy.
    "Okay, Destiny. Uhh, Drill Peck!"
    The rock half of the Kabutops protected it long enough for a slash 
attack. Similar effects followed the attacks of all our Pokémon. The ancient 
Pokémon, which belonged to who I was sure were Ancient trainers, were too 
tough. Eventually, only Destiny was left, fighting at half capacity. 
The Kabutops raised its sickle in what was sure to be the final blow, but 
I stopped them. 
    "We surrender!"
    "Alright then. Any last words," questioned the trainer as he raised his 
    A spike flew, coming out of nowhere, hitting the pistol and shattering it.
    "What the-?"
    Destiny stood, perched on a rock with its wings held forward. Only they 
weren't wings, they were a group of spikes.
    "Oh CRAP!" One of the Ancients yelled as a spike hit him in the head. 
In a second, spikes were flying faster and harder than even the Omastar had 
made them. It was incredible. I couldn't believe that a mirror move could be 
this powerful. No time to think about it now, they could regroup at any 
minute. Gotta think of something.
    "Destiny, Aim for their Pokéballs!" It was the most illegal thing a Pokémon 
trainer could do. Unless the Pokémon had been raised from birth by the 
trainer, they would be free without their Pokéballs. And since these things 
are ancient.
    It worked perfectly. The Pokémon were free to do anything they wanted. Of 
course they still attacked Destiny, but without their trainers, they would 
use their own judgment. And even if they are powerful, they aren't too 
smart. Destiny used her own judgment, copying her opponents' most powerful 
    The Ancient trainers said nothing about cheating. They simply used Destiny as 
a way to recapture their Pokémon. However, so injured, they couldn't fight 
and the Ancients were forced to retreat. Not before doing something very 
strange, though.
    "You are ready, all of you," the lead one said. He left three things on the 
ground and disappeared.
    The things were spikes. They were organic looking, kind of like a worm. One 
end was a point, the other a mouth with sharp teeth, wide open. My Pokedex 
identified them as fossils, but of what, it didn't know. 
    "Well, we should continue to Cinnabar and see if these things really are 
Pokémon," Tony said.
    "Agreed," I said. Had I only knew the significance of the fossils in our 
possession, and how they would impact the rest of my life, I might have just 
said 'Screw Orange Island, I'm goin' home!' If only I knew.

To be continued...