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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: The Quest of the Sea God

    Last time, our heroes visited a reformed Gary Oak, now in charge of the Viridian City Gym. He has advised them to visit Orange Island’s Shock League as opposed to the Indigo League. After spending the night at the gym, John and his friends are ready to set off.


    I woke fairly early the next morning and surprisingly found Gary at his breakfast table.

    “Hi, John.”

    “Hi, Gar,” I said. “You always get up this early?”

    “Oh, yeah. My Pokémon always need to get out early for their exercises. Say, uh John, how come you don’t really take out your Pokémon too often?”

    “Whadya mean?”

    “Well, don’t you ever just let ’em out to walk with you or something?”

    “No, not really.”

    He sighed. “You’ve got potential. But don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t treat my Pokémon with the respect they deserved. That’s why I lost the Championship title.”

    “Huh,” I said, contemplating this.

    “Come on, bring ‘em out. They can have a world class meal before they’re off.”

    I called out all my Pokémon. But Doduo wouldn’t eat. I then remembered, baby birds need regurgitated food. I quickly mashed up some of Gary’s Pokémon food and slowly fed it to Doduo, followed by a bottle.

    “Hey, that Doduo of yours is just a baby. How do you plan to raise it?”

    I hadn’t really thought about Doduo’s age. He spoke again quickly.

    “Hang on, I got something for you.” He ran out of the room and came back with a Pokéball in his hands. Out came a Dodrio.

    Doduo cooed with delight as it ran towards the female Dodrio, nuzzling it gently.

    “This Dodrio is untrained. No attacks whatsoever, but she can help you raise and train your little one, and you can ride on it.” He tossed me the Pokéball. Thanks was all I could say.


    No matter how good Lucy looked in her Pokémon Tech uniform, she looked spectacular in her own clothes. She had picked them out at a store in the city, blue jeans, a brightly striped shirt and a vest, which seemed to be standard issue on most girls nowadays.

    Tony was wearing some second hand clothes Gary had given him, along with a hat that had the Viridian Gym symbol on it. He had two Pokéballs at his belt, Lucy had one for the Mankey that now walked by her side. It wore sunglasses, so no one would make true, thrash-causing eye contact. Squirtle, who I had nicknamed Neptune, rode on my back.

    “Hey, Tony, why don’t you call out your Pokémon and let them walk with us?”

    “Very well. Mach, go.” A runtish Fearow came flying out. It flew above us in circles. We had no fear of Pikachus since we were out of their area.

    “Look! There’s Diglet’s Tunnel!” Lucy called out. “I always wanted a Diglet!”

    “This’ll take us right to Vermilion City. Then we’ll catch a boat straight to Orange Island!” I said. Soon my quest for badges would begin!


    The trip was uneventful, for me anyway. Both Lucy and Tony caught Diglets. I failed in my attempt to capture a Dugtrio. It was 6:00 PM on the dot when we reached Vermilion. We spent the night at a Pokémon Center. The next morning we left for the docks.

    “Hey, this boat goes to Tanba Island. We could ride a smaller boat from there to Asagi City.”

    “But don’t most boats go directly to Asagi?”

    “It says here nothing’s going there for 2 weeks,” I answered Lucy.

    So we bought our tickets, pretty cheap, nice accommodations. We paid no attention to Tony’s imaginary seasickness as we discussed our plans for Orange Island. At 3 AM the thundering brought us topside…


    “What is that!” I said, more of a statement than a question, as I pointed toward the sky.

    “Looks like a Pokémon!” answered Tony.

    I pointed my Pokédex at it. My father’s voice told me it was Lugia, Legendary God Bird of the Sea. Very dangerous. Avoid at all costs.

    Now I was worried. The huge bird had attracted quite a number of water Pokémon to it. Presently, one of them swam over. It looked straight at me.

    The God of the Sea has chosen you to carry out this quest. Collect the 8 Emblems of the Ancients, and then you shall take his place as the Great Mediator.

    “What do you mean? Great Mediator? Emblems?”

    Until that day, The Isle of Orange shall be frozen in time, and the day that you succeed, it shall be freed.

    “What if I don’t succeed?”

    The Lapras hesitated. You must succeed. It said. It swam away.

    8 beams of light shot out from The God of the Sea. A haze was established around the island. “He wasn’t kidding.”

    “Perhaps you’d better come inside,” said a man next to me.

    I followed obediently. “It appears that you have been charged with collecting a few artifacts,” the man said. He wasn’t really a man, about 16, but he had a commanding power about him.

    “The 8 Emblems of the Ancients. Do you think he means badges?”

    He nodded. “I’m sure of it. But I don’t think he means Pokémon League Badges,” he said.

    “Ancient badges. How am I going to pull this off?”

    “This might help.” He handed me what looked like a badge. It was a blue circle with a gold P on it. “That’s a Pokémon League Special Commission Badge. Use it when you think it will help. I’d start by going to a man named Professor Oak in Pallet town.”

    He left then. “Who was that guy,” Lucy asked.

    “Ash Ketchum.”


To be continued…