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The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer: New Friends

Previously, John Grain, a soon-to-be student at Pokémon Tech ran away from home with his Squirtle, and caught a Doduo.


    It was getting bright now, the sun was rising, and soon my parents would wake to find their son gone. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, I thought to myself. But it has to.

    Well, the map said a Pokémon Center was about 5 miles ahead and Viridian City 7 miles after that. It would be too risky to go to the Center. That’s the first place they would look. I would try to make Viridian by nightfall, as I didn’t take a sleeping bag from home. On the way I can try and capture some new Pokémon.


    3 hours later and I had no new Pokémon. Twice I saw Rattatas but failed to capture them.

    “Ow!” I tripped over something.

    ‘Meta’ said the injured Pokémon.

    I whipped out my Pokédex, already fairly certain of what it was.

    ‘Metapod: a cocoon Pokémon. No offensive techniques. Its only weapon is its ability to harden its own shell.’ Replied my father’s voice. He really had programmed this Pokédex.

    ‘Injured specimen, Advice: catch and heal.’

    “My father has spoken. In you go!” With a whoosh it was sucked into the Pokéball.

    “Hey! Howabout a battle!” cried a kid from across the forest.

    Still shooken up from earlier, I said, “Gee, I don’t know…”

    “Pidgey go!” Out came the fat little bird.

    “Uh, Squirtle, Go!” My little turtle seemed up to the task.

    “Pidgey, Gust Attack!”

    “Squirtle, Withdraw!” Retracted into its shell, the wind did nothing to him.

    “Now Squirtle, Water Gun!” He popped his head out and shot the rat out of the sky.

    “Ugh! Pidgeoto, Go!” The sleek and powerful bird simply dive-bombed poor little Squirtle.

    “Go, Doduo…” I said, not quiet sure…

    “Doduo, uhh… run around!” And did he ever. He kicked up so much dust that the Pidgeoto was blinded.

    “Now, Peck!” Doduo jumped into the dust cloud, but was thrown right back out again, fainted.

    “So you loose?” Said the child.

    “Uhhh… No! Go Metapod!”

    “OOOOHHH! SOOO SCARED! What are ya gonna do, harden it ta death?”

    “Metapod! Harden like you never have before!”

    And so he did. And the bird dove. And the bird broke its beak.

    “YAHA!” I shouted as the cocoon split open and out came a HUGE Butterfree.

    “Go Farfetch’d!” The kid wasn’t through.

    “Butterfree, Confusion!” So then Farfetch’d hit itself, and then fainted.


    The kid stomped away, defeated. Three more victories followed. Even Doduo won a few!

    I had noticed some time ago the kids, not too far behind me, watching my battles. After the fourth victory, the older boy approached me.

    “Salutations. I am Anthony K. Bo, and this is my sister Luci-“

    “What my brother means is hi. I’m Lucy, and this is Tony.”

    “Hi,” I said. The boy was about 2 years older, he spoke in kind of a British, highborn accent. The sister was normal. No, the sister spoke normally, but she was spectacular.

    “Ah, yes, uh you see, your style reminds me of a friend, Cecilia Grain. Do you know her by any chance?”

    “Why, yes she’s my sister-“

    “Ah! You must be little John whom she spoke of so often. You must be on your way to Pokémon Technical School for you first year! Ah, so is my sister here. You know you got quite a standard set for you what with your sister and all and- what is it?”

    “I’m not going to Pokémon Tech.” I said. He was dumbstruck, but it passed quickly.

    “What do you mean? You sister told me it was a family tradition and-“

    “Oh stop talking like you were best friends, Tony. You just hung around with her.”

    I didn’t mean to, but I liked the girl. She was my age, a bit shorter, with short blond hair.

    “Yes, well, how is it that you do not go to Pokémon Tech?”

    “Ah, well, I kinda ran away…”

    “Now that is a good idea,” said Lucy. “Mind if I come with?”

    “You’ll do nothing of the sort! Matter and Patter would be appalled!”

    Not paying any attention to her brother, she asked where I would be going.

    “Uhh, Viridian City I guess. They re-did the gym and put Gary Oak in charge. I probably won’t beat him, but maybe I can get some pointers.”

    “Cool. I’m there!” She said smiling. So we started walking.

    “No! Lucy! Be reasonable! LUCY!”


To be continued…