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June 24, 2000
*sigh* Looks like there's going to be rain today... well at least for Peter anyways.  Another Beginning, Chapter 13, has been completed, yay,  and it takes place inside a Pokemon Daycare center in the middle of a Rain storm...

Also four updates on other Author's works.  First is a new series called Matt's Pokémon Journey, started by Matt Hone, with the first 5 episodes archived.  Second, in the tradition of Jesus Freak, hey how come I don't get a tradition :\  Dougbug322 has started a new series called PokéMadness, with Episode 1.  Third, Pikachu Chick has finished her Mini-series 10 Years later... ending the tale with Chapter 7.  Fourth would be Chapter 5 of A Friends Courage, by Zach.

June 18, 2000
Ack! Almost two weeks without an update -_-;; Summer school has been bogging me down BIG time : (  So expect this site not to be updated for long periods (two weeks at most, I hope) of time... *sigh* 

Now for the updates, Pikachu Chick has completed chapters 5 & 6 of her story, and has informed me that chapter 7 would be the last installment of the 10 years later... miniseries.  So to whomever that have been following along on her series, be sure to give the good, the bad, and the ugly on commenting her story :D  Also Chapter 4 on A Friends Courage, by Zach has been completed...

Probably one of the major reasons, why I haven't updated this site in so long, is that I've been spending most of my free time downloading and viewing Anime!  Please, go to the Links section, I've added 7 new links to Anime (non-Pokemon) sites that I visit to download and get info on my favorite anime series!  I admit dammit! I'm an Anime Otaku wannabe >_<

Pijoto's Stories celebrated it's 6 months of existence on July 14, yay I guess...  I dunno, I wanted to get more things done with this site by now, like a new layout perhaps, but alas I'm to lazy to learn any knew HTML techniques to improve my site with *sigh*  Also I at least envisioned myself, being further into my stories by now, but the creative juices hasn't been flowing like it used too...  For instances on Another Beginning, I'm having Peter wonder about aimlessly in his adventures...  One thing that I'm having the most difficult time in completing is A Brock Prologue, the story is reaching the more difficult stages, such as Brock's mother dying, and eventually coming to a close.  

As I've said before, I'm not a writer, I have never attempted to write stories before, I'm a guy that has written nothing but essays, school reports, and editorials, and I'm using Pokemon fanfiction as a way to get my feet wet in Narrating stories.  Thus I have little experience in writing and depicting serious scenes, such as the upcoming death of Brock's mom, and others...  So I can't tell when A Brock Prologue will be completed, I really don't want to rush it, and turn it into a "Hack" job or anything, but I do want to complete it, I just have to find the time...  Maybe I just need a long break from writing...

Now for some blatant BS and complaining:  You know how long and frustrating it is to update this site with a free internet service, that normally kicks me off every 20 minutes, and the longest I've spent online without it kicking me off is less then an hour >_<  Bah just had to get that off my chest...  Sometimes I feel like punching a wall in order to make my site compatible with Netscape, I swear it's just one problem after another that pops up whenever I try to do anything new with my site.   It looks all fine and dandy with IE, but with Netscape... Ack!  Besides, most of my visitors use IE anyways... One last rant, 6 fraggin months and only 9 people have signed my fraggin guestbook Double Ack................. maybe I shouldn't complain though, I get a fairly good amount of hits, so I know people are out there, they just don't sign the GB, maybe I should get a Pic at the top for it.... but I just haven't found the "right" one yet... So whether you want to flame me to hell and back again, or compliment my stories or site, then please sign.

June 5, 2000
Click here to read the intro to the new poll I'm running, "farfetched vs. Pijoto"  The first alias that I went by was farfetched, but later on, I started to use the sn Pijoto.  Lately though farfetched has been haunting me, and aims to overthrow Pijoto, if farfetched was to engage Pijoto in another battle...  Who will become victorious?  BTW, on the last "Rank my site Poll" someone spammed the the five star votes -_-;; and I'm not happy about that at all!

Ho-hum it looks like Chaka from ~*Little Havana*~ has decided to stay after all, and may just redo her websites layout ^_^

Also Chapter 4 of 10 Years Later... by Pikachu Chick, and Part 3 of A Friends courage, by Zach has been completed.