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July 30, 2000
Because you shouldn't believe a word I say, I'm momentarely returning from my break from writing stories, to present you all to a new story! This is not a continuation of my other two, though some of you are probably waiting impatiently for me to finish them -_-;; Instead it's a brand new series, involving my third favorite pokemon, after Pidgeots and Farfetch'd of course, Charizards... The title is called Search for the albino Charizard and is located on the Charizard Valley section of the Chaos Board... Why post it on the Chaos Board you say, are you trying to shamelessly advertise your board again, you ask? -_-;; No, in some ways I plan for this to be an interactive fic... Though I never really participated in any myself ~_~ if you are a skilled writer (skilled I'm not even a skilled writer myself >_<) and want to express your interest in contributing to the story to make it a good one... Then sign up and throw in some ideas for the story...

Also Zach, the author of A Friend's Courage has been completed chapter 6 of his story, the story has been moved to the Mini-series section by the authors request.

July 29, 2000
*sigh* Since I probably won't be able to update 2 days from now... I'll prematurely celebrate the day that would bring me one year closer to death... August 1, is my Day of Birth, in which I'll turn 91 (by the way it's opposite day :P) Nothing to celebrate, 19 isn't a significant birthday anyways... Still two more years till I can buy alcohol... *Pijoto puts on a public service face* Not that I drink mind you, it cost money, something I don't have :P Though, in studies, it has been shown that drinking a glass of wine is, in fact beneficial towards one health... Nevermind about that ~_~ If you want to wish me a happy Birthday, you can either send me large amounts of cash, or take the time to sign the Guestbook or join the message board *sigh*

In other news: Dougbug322 has come up with three more chapters [10-12] of weirdness in his series PokeMadness. I have also created a new section, to archive all the Non-Pokemon stuff that I write in the, Miscellaneous Editorials section. Since I'm taking a break on writing stories, might as well write about something else...

July 28, 2000
Ha! If you're a regular vistor here, you may be aware that I tend to rant and BS alot! Being my website and all :P I'm going to barrage you, whenever I fill like it with rants and editorials about subjects that I tend to think about.... First rant is about War, War, what is it good for... and the second is You can only BS so much... a rant on um... BS :P And a third that I've just completed, it's a rant on the Pokewars, About the Pokewars...

July 24, 2000
There are many reasons to join a new message board or not... I've written a small editorial, Trepidations in joining a new message board... to analyze this question... If you want to share your opinion on this, then follow that link.

July 22, 2000
Nothing much to update today besides Dougbug322 finishing episodes 7-9 of his series PokeMadness. As for my status on writing my own stories... ehh I'm sort of taking a break, because of school, work, etc... So don't expect anything from me this month, maybe I'll get something completed by mid August... It's just that writer's block is a pain in the @$$ So I guess it's best for me to put my stories on hold for now...

July 16, 2000
Hey some more news on the The Chaos Board, it seems that the webmaster of ~*Little Havana*~, Chaka, aka Rumikachan, Reginarocket, little mihosi, *little washu*, eclectic madame, mixtresschaka, etc...  Has decided to hole up for awhile on her section for the board ^_^;;  Now The Chaos Board is backed by three small and obscure Pokemon websites :D  There may be some life left in it yet...


Here's something worth mentioning...  I've been added to the directory!  What makes this search engine unique is that all the sites are chosen by live human editors o_O  You also get to rank and write your own reviews my site ^_^  You can do that by following this link ->  Also notice on there, there's this charity thing that I've chosen to represent...  Called the Rain Forest Action Network, you know save the rain forest and all that ~_~  Well I've decided to put their banner up on my site, it's at the very bottom left.  If you sign up for by clicking that banner, they will donate $1 to the charity that I chose.  All for a good cause and won't even cost you a cent :P


In other news Dougbug322 has finished up part 6 and a big movie special of his story PokeMadness 

July 10, 2000
A New ongoing series, called Mew2B, started by author MDude has been uploaded, with Chapter 0.1 - 0.3, and 1-3 to start things off. Also Dougbug322 has submitted chapters 4 + 5 of his series PokeMadness, and Andrew Dice updated The Journey's of Lance Ketchum with Chapter 9.

July 7, 2000
The Chaos Board is now the board of charizard valley too ^_^;; Might as well share boards, you can say *lame joke ahead* we're board pooling :P By the way, is calling it, "The Chaos Board" a bit intimidating? From my experiences with other Message boards, there is nothing but Chaos going on, so might as well give it a "proper" title...  

So if you ever want to kill some time, be sure to sign up...

July 5, 2000
Bored are you? You must be bored out of your mind if you visit this site :D Anyways I've started an EZboard, it's the link "Chaos Board" on the top... "Gawd another Message board", you say to yourself, why bother joining? Well then I ask you this... why not? Message boards are something to past the time on the internet, and you can meet interesting people there... I myself belong to a couple of boards elsewhere, and it would be "nice" to have my own ._.

July 3, 2000
Three updates to other Authors works today. First one is a great new series by Andrew Dice called, The Journeys of Lance Ketchum, with chapters 1-8 archived. Second is Chapter Nine of Jesus Freak's Pokemon: Weirdos Inc. Third would be Chapter 2 and 3 for Dougbug322 series, PokeMadness.

Yay, tomorrow is July 4! So remember this fireworks and cats don't mix :D (sorry lame joke, it's probably for the best if you don't get it)