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Okay, I currently have four fics going at the same time, so
please bear with me if I don't get these up fast enough. Oh,
the other three fan-fics have not been on the Internet yet.

Episode 9- Carrotoids and the Airplane 

Narrorator: In case you don't know how to read fan-fics properly, in chronological order, last time on "Pokemon: Weirdos Inc" our.... Characters were in a weird land and Missy of the Anti-Pokeball Society yelled-
Missy: GO POKEBALL!!!!
Narrorator: ....... What she said.
Vegeta: That was not a good sign.

*before anyone can figure out what missy said-*

Sailor Moon: That was an even worser sign.
Meowth: ............. Worser?
???: Ve vill suck your blood.....
Garley: Urp... Who?
???: ARGH!! Zee garleec-breathed humanoid ees too powerful!! His breath vill be zee end of us, Captain!
Sora: Well, now it's pretty obvious who these guys are.
James: ....... Eh?
Sora: Well if you READ the TITLE, you would KNOW!!
Carrotoid#1: Moo ha ha ha ha!! We are zee evuil carrotoids!! And vee are about to do something absouloutley- Evil!!!
Misty (very bored): What are you gonna do?
Sora (very bored): Enlighten us further...
Jessie (very bored): Whatever.
Gary (very stupid): Huh?
Carrotoid#2: Vell, first vee vill soak your planet in prune juice until it ees goopier than a Slopokes snot-
Sora: That's disgusting!
Carrotoid#2: -Zen vee vill dump it in a giant bowl and beat it with an eggbeater, zen vee....
Carrotoid#1: Shut up, you fooel!! Zee humanoids are not to know our plot to destroy zee universe!!
Ash: You guys must be pretty big. Except I wouldn't know 'cuz this is a story that dosen't have any graphics, so....
Jessie: Shut up, you fooel!! Zee carrotoids are not to know zat zey are een a fan-fic!! (realizes how she's been speaking) Er, I mean...
Pikachu: You know guys, it gets really hard to tell what your saying when you talk like Count Dracula...
Carrotoid#3: Vhat ees zis? A talking mouse?
Carrotoid#1: Spare eet. Eet might come een handy someday!
Pikachu: .............. Pika pika!!! (us? talk?)
Agumon: ............. Agu agu mon!!! (not me!)
James: James ja ja james- (or me neith...)
Jessie: Not you, you idiot!! Only the monsters play along!!
Vegeta: In that case, James better play along anyway.
Carrotoid#1: Enough talk! Prepare to die!!!
Gary: Let's not and say we did. 
Carrotoid#3: Zay... Vat ees zat tink?
Joe: It's a tidal wave made out of computer programming code.
Meowth: HE'D know.
Gary: So.... What's a tidal wave made outta computer programming code doing here?
Carrotoid#2: Captain! Ve must subdue them!!
Carrotoid#1: Eh?
Carrotoid#2: ......................................................

*tidal wave gets nearer......*

Misty: ........While meanwhile the very bored characters wait impatiently for the stupid author who we never really got rid of in the first place....
Sora: .........To hurry up and tell us what it really is.
Author: And then the author gives Tai mysterious knowledge as to what the tidal wave is because the author is not allowed to leak information to the characters according to the Obnoxious Author's Law Book section 45847, rule 5889, paragraph C.
Tai (suddenly): Hey, NOW I know what that thing is!!
Everyone Else: ...............
Bugs Bunny: Ehhhhh.... What's up doc?
Carrotoids: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sailor Moon: Well what is it?!
Tai: Well according to my calculations, it's a Multi-Dimensional Rapid Code ACC Plot Change.
Ash: Which is?
Misty: It rapidly changes the story line, stoopid!

*no one notices bugs bunny eating the carrotoids...*

Vegeta: Heeeeey.... Where's the Anti-Pokeball people?
Joe + James: Waaahh..... That thingy is coming closer!!!!

*everyone gets hit by the plot change*

Everyone: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Gary: Everyone must be Everyone Else's little brother.
Meowth: Eeeeeyeah.
Vegeta: Okay, so the plot's been rapidly changed, where are we now?
Jessie: We're in a...... Um..... We're in an airplane.
Vegeta: Daaaaaah....... Airplane?
???: Please sit down, passengers! We will be taking off shortly! (tee hee!)
Ash: So that's where the Anti-Pokeball Society went....
Missy: Please sit down, we will soon be serving that unedible gunk that is regularly served on cheap airlines like this. Thank you! Hee hee tee hee!
Fred: Like, anybody want some peanuts?
Gary: That sure is one nasty looking cloud.
Sailor Moon: That's not a cloud, that's an oil spill. We haven't taken off yet.
Gary: Um. Okay.

*everyone sits down*

Ash (blushes): Uh, Misty..... Wanna sit by me?
Misty (blushes): ...........Okay Ash......
Vegeta: Ooh la la!
Sailor Moon (blushes): Er, hey Vegeta wanna sit by me?
Vegeta: Well I get the window seat then.
Sailor Moon: Men are dense and unromantic.
Garley: URP!! In about five minutes we'll be taking off so you- barp- have to have your seatbelt on or you might fall out.
Sora (blushes): Uh, Tai.....
Tai: I'm all yours!!

*they choose a seat in the back and start smooching*

James (blushes): Jessie..... I....... I......
Meowth (whispers): Go ahead and kiss her, Monkey Feathers!! 

*james immediantly passes out*

Jessie: What happened?
Agumon: Love-life induced asthma attack.
Jessie: Well....... He can sit with me I guess......
Pikachu (blushes): Meowth, I just wanted to ask you something....
Meowth (realization dawns): Wow I never knew what a cute shade of red your cheeks were!

*they go to the back and start smooching*

Gary (blushes): Hey Joe.......
Joe: No way, I know this routine!!

*shrieks in terror and runs to the back* 

Agumon: *sigh* Now what?
Joe: You'll have to sit by me I guess.
Agumon: The curse of no love life.
Gary: Darn..... (sees a sign above a triple seat saying "reserved for purple dummies with no love life) Hey!

*gary sits down on the triple seater*

Gary: Uh, hello?
Barney: Hee hoo, hee hoo huk! What a nice liddle boysey-woysey! Huk hee hoo huk!
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Gary: Finally, a group that can handle my mental capacity!
Fred: All right, this is, like, the pilot speaking, so like, the seatbelt sign has now lit up which means like, put your seatbelt on or else Garley will treat the passengers to the triple-barrel burp special. Like, thanks!

*everyone cept gary follows instructions*

Gary: Why do I need to put on a stupid seatbelt? The pilot can't see me, and I've got the window closed!
Barney: Safety safety, childrens!! Huk huk!
Ash (still blushing): Hey Misty... You know Sora and Tai?....
Misty: Don't worry Ash, I'm not as dense as you! I can take a hint!

*they start smooching*

Jessie: *sigh* I wish James would hurry up and reagain conciousness.....
James (wakes up a little too suddenly, sits up a little too fast and accidently finds his mouth stuck to jessie's) Mfmmmgrbriff?!?
Jessie: Jameffsherf?!?!

*long pause*

Jessie: Whatever.

*guess what- they start smooching as well*

Fred: Like, the plane is now taking off, like, so don't fall out or forget to use the bathroom or like, anything, bye!
Garley: BRRRAAAAACK!!!! This is the co-pilot speaking, the stewardess will be coming to serve that gross goop we at Anti-Pokeball Airlines call lunch. Barp!
Joe: Waaaagh...... Everyone but us are kissing!
Agumon: And Vegeta, Sailor Moon and the purple guys.
Joe: Welllll...... The purple guys don't count.
Agumon: Good point.

*the airplane takes off*

Ash: Gasp....... Gasp....... That was horrible and I can't believe I did that, omigosh I must have been drunk! Mom'll kill me!!
Misty: Forget it.
Ash: Forget it?!? I almost had to use the barf bag early!!
Misty: But you enjoyed it, didn't you?
Ash: It was horrible but yes, I enjoyed it immensly.

*ho-hum, they start smooching again*

Sailor Moon: This so stinks. I'm already deep into adolescense and I don't even have a boyfriend!
Tuxedo Mask: Huh?!
Sailor Moon: Darrien, anyone who throws roses to defeat bad guys, calls me meatball head and wears Whatsisname Houdidni's outfits has got to be a dork.
Mask: Darn.
Vegeta: Um, Moon, you know those other couples behind us.....
Sailor Moon: (thinking: finally!) Yes, Vegeta?
Vegeta: What are they doing?
Sailor Moon: AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! (face faults)
James: Ugh..... I don't think I have any appetite for lunch anymore, which is very odd considering my metabolism clearly depicted in those other TV shows.... Agh....
Missy: Hee hee! Lunchtime coming through! 
James (sees the trays): ........And I sincerly think that one would have to have a rather strong stomach to- ugh- stomach that what they call "lunch".....

*everyone stops and stares at their plates*

Sora: Tai what is this stuff?
Tai: Well it's greenish-grayish-orange, had little red chunks in them and looks vaugly familier.....
Agumon: Um, you know.... What happened to the carrotoids.... Uh....
Bugs Bunny: Regurgitation is rather helpful when you're the plane's cook!
Missy: Why, of course! This is Crushed Carrotoid Suprise!
Pikachu: AAAAAAAAH!!! 
Misty: Ewgrossewgrossewgross!
Vegeta: Uh, I don't think even Goku could eat this....
Gary: Hmmmmm......

*eats it all*

Gary: It's good!
Everyone Else: ....................yuk..........
Gary: What?
Vegeta: He must be an awfully great warrior...
Jessie: Oh don't make me laugh.
Mewtwo: It will....... Take over....... The world......
Fred (over the intercom): Garley...... Uh, Garley please stop pressing those buttons. Like, let go of that lever! Like will you please- Oh great, like, you just ejected both engines.....
Everyone Else: ........................ AAAAAAAAAH!!!!

*the plane does a power dive*

Sora: Hey, what's that thing below us?
Tai: Hey, it's a..... A......

*suddenly everyone notices the purple dummies glowing*

Agumon: That's not good.
Jessie: Hey kid, why don't you use your pokedex?
Meowth: We're gonna DIE!!
Garley: Burp- Please stay calm, I repeat, please stay calm.... Urp.
Fred: We are like, experiencing minor technical difficulties at the moment, so like, could you all just stay in your seats and remain calm....
James: I....... (he passes out again)
Ash: Dexter tell us what that purple thing below us is and why are Gary Mewtwo and Barney glowing?
Pokedex: Gary, Mewtwo and Barney have held up their amazing stupidity for too long. They are now unleashing all that excess energy from their minds (however small they might be) and forming a Stupidity Shield below us.
Joe: Woah.
Pikachu: That's why they're glowing?
Missy: Tee hee! In case the passengers would like to be informed, we have 2 minutes till touch down. Please remain in your seats until the seatbelt light ceases to flash. Thank you!
Misty: Uh....
Sailor Moon: So what happens when we hit it?
Pokedex: When we come in contact with the barrier, we will pass right through it into a virtual world. The aspects of this world depend on the characteristics of the creator. Which means Gary, Mewtwo and Barney are able to control that world from the outside.
Missy: Thirty seconds! Tee ha hee!
Vegeta: Soooooo...... The Shield won't stop us from crashing?
Missy: Twenty-five!
Pokedex: No, but it is a virtual world after all, so....
Missy: Fifteen!
Pikachu: Gary's brain? Scary!!
Missy: Twelve!
Ash: Do you know what this world is called?
Missy: Seven!
Agumon: Something along the lines of "The Astral Plane", I think.
Missy: Two!
Mewth: Help....
Missy: One, zero! We have impact. 
Fred: You may remove your seatbelts!
Gary: Welcome to MY world..... Moo ha ha ha ha.....

To Be Continued........

Vegeta: There's that scary laugh again.
Sora: Well the plot is currently in suspended animation, so we can lounge around till the author gets round to writing the next episode!
Ash: Hey Misty....
Misty: You got it, lover boy!

*hmmmm....... you know what happens.....*