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Sorry about that last episode, folks. I checked, and it was 
almost as long as my first movie special! I hope I don't do that
again.... Well, anyways, thanx to the webmaster for sticking this
fic up for me. I hope someday I can make another pokemon site
for myself. Preferably fiction-based.

Episode 8- The Anti-Pokeball Society

Ash: Ahhhh.... Another beautiful day in Aopulco.....
Pikachu: Perfect for beach-time!
Vegeta: A great way to work up a tan.
Author's Note: Imagine Vegeta in swim trunks!! Aaaagh!!!
Misty: Maybe you should let your other pokemon get a shot at the rays, Ash!
James: Us too!
Ash: Go, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pidgeot, Lapras and Tauros!
Author's Note: This is a kinda parallel dimension from the anime as we know it, so Ash might be using different pokemon. He sent Charizard to a pshychiatry ward. 
James: Go Koff.... Oops.
Sora: Right.... You ate your pokemon starving in a closet... We know, we know.
Misty: There is such a thing as too much information, Sora!
Gary: Ooh! Sun-screen! Mmmm... Tastes like coconuts.
Sailor Moon: You imbecal!! You drank my coconut milk!
Meowth: I just figured out that if you take away the "r" in Gary's name, you get one of his prime characteristics! 
Agumon: That's funny.
Gary: "R"? Lemme see.... Uh, take away the "r", move the "G" to the decimal point and add the fraction of the sum, multiply that by the equation of 3 times 26....
Tai: Ri-i-i-i-ight....
Tauros: Got any threes?
Bulbasaur: Go Magikarp. How about a 10?
Lapras: Nice spike Pikachu!
Pidgeot: That was an out, Pee-ka-Poo!
Pikachu: It was in, pervert! Can't you see the line?!?
Meowth: I'M the referee and it was a touchdown!

*volleyball players bar meowth face-fault*

Lapras: It was in!
Pidgeot: Out!
Pikachu: In!
Squirtle: Out! Uh-oh.... Cold Pidgey craving....
Meowth: Fine, it was a strike!
Other Players: YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS!!
Tai: I wish they'd pipe down...
????: Oh, here's ANOTHER anti-pokeball fan!!! Hee hee!!
Jessie: What the....?! What an annoying laugh!!
Vegeta: Who're you?
????: I'm a member of the Humane Pokemon Rights Society, Anti-Pokeball Society for short!
Gary: I....

*gary's brain short-circuits*

Gary: *gasp* Overload!! Mayday, mayday!! Too many long words! I repeat, mayday!!
????: By the way, I'm Missy and these are my *tee-hee* friends, Garley and Fred!
Garley: BURP!!!
Misty: Ohhhh, that stinks!
Joe: Garley is short for Garlic-Breath, I suppose....
Mewtwo: I will take over the world after he takes over the world...
Ash: So (phewey!) what did you want us for?
Fred: Like, we like, saw that all your, like, pokemon were like, outta their pokeballs, like. And our goal is to, like, y'know, ban pokeballs forever, and like, let the poor little, like, pokemon run free and happy in, y'know, the wild!! Like, 'y'know?
Jessie: Y'know, you look pretty cute yourself, Freddy boy....
Sora: Yeah..... What a hunk...
Missy: *tee-hee hee!* Oh you must be kidding. Fred is short for Fredricka! Hee hee hee hee!
Vegeta: It's a GIRL?!?!?
Sora: Oh my....
Jessie: That means we almost....
Meowth: They're subtraction "r"!
Bulbasaur: Did I miss something?
Pidgeot: *choke* Do you think it's healthy for a pokemon of my evolutionary level to have swallowed about 8 tons of seawater in a discussion of whether the ball was in, out, or foul?
Pikachu: Hopefully not!
Pidgeot: Shut up runt. You aren't even at your first level yet!
Missy: Uh, anyway, do you want to join the Anti-Pokeball Society?
Garley: 'Cuz if not....

*missy, garley and fred pull out huge bazookas*

Fred: So, like, wanna sign up?
Garley: URP! We aren't going to force you to join or anything like that....
Vegeta: S-sure.....
Sailor Moon: P-peace, peop-ple....
Ash: You must be mistaken. Most of us here use pokeba-
Misty (covers his mouth): Do you have to be so dense, Ash?!? Look at the size of those guns!!
Gary: So?
James: Imagine what they would do to us if we refused to join!!
Ash + Gary: Ohhhh..... I get it!
Missy: Tee hee.... Hey, what are those on your belt?!??!
Garley: They're- hic - POKEBALLS!!!
Fred: And, like, you said you didn't use pokeballs!! Like, get them!
Joe: Huh? When did we say that?
Garley: BARP! They're EVIL people!
Missy: We must stamp out all evil! *hee tee hee!* The destruction of earth is nigh! The world will end as we know it!! And pokeballs are JUST the beginning!!
James: Hey, that's from that Old Elpasso commercial!
Garley: Like I always say, urp- "Speak softly and carry a big gun!"
Vegeta: I think it should be "Breath softly and carry a big bottle of mouthwash!!"
Ash: Everyone, back in their pokeballs!
Pikachu: Hm?
Ash: Except Pikachu...
Tai: Who me?
Sora: He was referring to....

*too late; tai jumps into ash's spare pokeball*

Squirtle (in pokeball): Finally, that guest room came in handy for once!
Tai: Wow, it's cramped in here.... Hey, these pokeballs don't even have cable TV!!!

*the anti-pokeball society is chasing after our "heroes..."*

Misty: You idiot! Did you HAVE to recall your pokemon while those creepy characters can see us?!? Do you have to be so STUPID!!??!?!
Ash: Huh?
Misty: Nevermind....
Fred: Like, come back evil people! 
Sailor Moon: As if!
Jessie: Uh-oh....

*garley's terrible breath is starting to make her hair droop*

Jessie: Yuk! When we get out of this fan-fic, I am really going to have to rinse out my hair!!
Pikachu: I dunno... I kinda liked the idea of a no-pokeball lifestyle...
Misty: You're never in your pokeball anyway.
Missy: *tee-hee-hee!* Wha...!? Whoopsy!

*everyone falls on their faces*

Vegeta: Wha... Wha... Hey, this is ICE!!! AND IT'S SNOWING!!
Ash: Veggie, please stop talking in capital letters. It gets really hard to read.
Garley: Whoah, dude. Look at the size of those dandelions!
Gary: Where are we?
Misty: Stop that!
James: You've never done it before, Vegeta.
Vegeta: OH.... Oh yeah.
Fred: Like, get a load of those freaky flowers!
Joe: Er... Yeah! And look at that huge bug thingamajigger!!
Sora: B-bug?
Jessie: B-Bug?
Misty: ....... BU-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-UG!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
Pikachu: Actually, she took it better than I excpected.
Agumon: It IS a big bug! Looks like.... A spider, of the Arcanius Voracious species.
Misty: I don't care what species it isbutIhate allbugsandthat'sabugsojustkeepitawayfromme!!!
Ash: You know she's panicking when her sentences start to run together.
Sora: Well, it's gonna be our DEATH sentence if we don't hightail it now!!
Missy: Just *hee-tee-hee!* leave it to us, people!
Pikachu: I'M NOT A HUMAN!!
Barney: Yup, each of you is special an' no one is alike, huk hee hee huk!
Missy: Ooh.... You're a man after my own heart, ya big purple lover you.... 
Barney: ..................... Huk!
Sailor Moon: Lemme get this straight. We're stuck in a world with three anti-pokeball homicidal maniacs, a girl who's mortally afraid of bugs, an overly large Arcanius Voracious and giant dandelions growing out of a potential tundra in the middle of nowhere. That right?
Vegeta: Unfourtunatly, yes.
Bug: Seiohdkhksgblarge!!!

*misty instantly passes out*

Ash: Aaah!! Misty, are you okay? Speak to me! Say something! Omigosh, what if she's DEAD?!?? Someone do something!! She'll suffocate! Hyperventilate!! Hit the panic button!!! I know! I'll perform RSP!!! Now how did that go again? Clear the airway.... Bla bla bla...... Here we go!!
Agumon: ....... What are they DOING!?!?
Pikachu: Must be a human thing.
Barney: Huk hee hee..... Gimme a bi-i-i-ig hu-u-u-ug....
Missy: You betcha you're little booties, big guy!
Garley: BRAP!! I'll try that RSP thing!
Sailor Moon: That wouldn't be such a hot idea....

*garley shoves ash aside and does rsp to misty*

Misty: Mfff- Wha.... Wha....

*garley's mouth is still stuck to hers*

Misty: AAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!!!!!!
Joe: She shattered my glasses.
Fred: Like, you guys can't use pokeballs, like like...
Missy: Yeah! *titter!* So here's what it's like to be in a pokeball!

*meanwhile misty has passed out again*

Ash: Mmmm.... That RSP stuff was actually pretty fun...
Sora: Wanna do it to me?
Sora: Why do they always resist.... 
Vegeta: That was not a good sign....

To Be Continued........ (vegeta's right!)

Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Tai: Make up your own ending line. I'm tired.
Gary: How come the author always forgets about the magnificent GARY!?!? How could she?!?
Author: Huh? Who're you?
Gary: ........Nevermind......
Pikachu: Anyone for coffee in the staff room?

*james dumps all the sugar in his cup*

Meowth: James, you forgot to put the coffee in.
James: Oh.....