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                Episode 7- Pokemon Weirdos Go Gameshow!


Alex Trebek: And now, Sony Pictures presents  (did I get that right?) Jepordy!!!

Sailor Moon: That's definetly not it.


*very annoying "da-da-da-dada-da-da-daaah" music starts playing*


Jessie: No!  Argh!  Shut that thing up or I will kill the music director!!

Alex: Er, yes....  Well anyway, welcome to Jepordy! the blah blah blah....

Vegeta: How come Jepordy! always has an exclamation mark after it?

Yoshi: Oh, gleep.

Alex: ......And our first contestants are Ash Ketchum, all the way from the town of Pallet!

Misty: Yeah Ash!!


         *the only person applauding is misty; she blushes*


Alex: Our second contestant is....

Pikachu: Contestant!  I hate that word!!  Contestant contestant contestant, aaaaaaaaaargh!

Alex: Grrrr.....  Gary, also from the town of Pallet!

Gary: WOOO!


                     *no one applauds this time*


Gary: Thanks to my loving audience for admiring my lovely face...

Everyone Else (vomits): Urgle!!

Alex: Uhhh...  And our final...


Alex: ......Person, Sora- Er- What's-Her-Last-Name!!



        *the crowd begins applauding like crazy*


Alex: Today's a special edition of Jepordy! so we can fit one more contest- I mean, player into the game.  Who will take the challenge?

James: Edition of Jeprody!?  First edition or unlimited?

Meowth: James, you're not allowed to be a moron in public.


              *a broom falls on james's head*


Pikachu: I'll go!

Alex: And our very final con- player is Pikachu!!!

Pikachu: Yaaaaaaah!!!


               * crowd starts applauding crazily*


Alex: Alright, here are the categories: Poke-

Meowth: Catty gories?!?  I never knew how disgusting you were, Alex!

Alex: Hrph!  Pokemon Types, Starts With "P", Field Moving, Character Faces, Fire Blast, Romance and Rockets-

Jessie: Ew, romance!


               *james starts looking at jessie funny*


James: Ohhhh.....  Jessie...

Jessie: WHAT??!?  Get away from me, James!

James: Kissy smushy...

Joe: The categorie must have some sort of hypnotic effect on James!


Everyone Else: Gasp!

Vegeta: That's seriously violating the ethnic code of G-Rated cartoons!

Alex: ARGH!


           *plastic policemen drag alex away*


Tai: Great, now we don't have a host!

Misty: I'll host!

Ash: Yeah.....  Mmmmmm....

Sailor Moon: Ash, why are you looking at Misty like that?

Ash: Uh?  Nothing!  No reason!  I didn't do it!  I was framed! I missed the bus!  But HE didn't do it!  I....

Mewtwo: I didn't take over the world?

Misty: Ahem, okay.  The final two categories are SoundTrakx and Deckmaster.  Okay, Sora goes first.

Sora: Um, I choose Romance and Rockets for 100, please.

Jessie: She delibritley chose that one!  She's out to get me, I know it!!

James: I'm out to get you too, Jessie-Poo...  Ahhhh.....

Misty: Well, here's the answer: Jessie and James seemed to show their true feelings for each other in THIS episode.  Gary?

Gary: What is Pokemon: I Choose You!  It's gotta be that one, y'know, 'cuz Jessie and James didn't show up on that one because they were off somewhere smooching, and....

Vegeta: Brilliant theory.

Sailor Moon: Where's my mallet?

Misty: Ahhh, no sorry.  Sora?

Sora: What is Holy Matrinomy.

Gary: That was way too harrrrrd......

Ash: Pokemon: I Choose You...  Ha!  What a loser...

Misty: *sigh* Just choose a categorie, Ash.

Ash: Uh, how about Character Faces?

Misty: Okay....

Vegeta: Face?  Gary has a face?  Are you sure that thing is a face?


Vegeta: Of course.  I'm half bad-guy, you know?

James: Aw, now we've got competition.

Misty: The answer is: THIS character's got no real face....?!? 

Vegeta: Ha ha!

Agumon: Veggie, get down from the control panel!!


Jessie: I shoulda thought of that sooner....

Misty: What's the question quick, Pikachu?

Pikachu: What is Gary.

Vegeta: WHAT is Gary, that's a good one Pikachu...

Sailor Moon: Hee hee hee!

Misty: Ehhhh, next, Pikachu!

Pikachu: I choose Character Faces for 200.

Misty: THIS weirdo mysteriously seems to analyze objects by their shape and size not to mention distance and avoids them while seeming to always have his annals of sight shut.  Ash?

Ash: Who is huh!?!

Misty: Sorry, that's wrong.  Gary?

Gary: Who is.....  Jessie?

Jessie: Argh!!


         *throws a bomb at gary which blows up his podium*


Misty: Nope, sorry.  Sora?

Sora: Who is Brock\Darth Maul!

Misty: Correct!

Vegeta: The scores are Sora with 300, Pikachu with 100, and Ash and Gary with 0!

Gary: O?  But o isn't a number! 

Author's Note: He's talking about the letter o, dip-wads!

Misty: Next, Ash.

Ash: Pokemon Types for 100!

Sailor Moon: He's not very good at this.

Meowth: I think the only person who could do worse would be James.

Misty: Hinorashi, one of the Neo Series 7, is THIS type.  Gary?

Gary: I choose Hot Dogs for 1000!

Misty: Huh?!?

Pikachu: What is fire, Gary.

Vegeta: That's 100 points to Pikachu!

Tai: Mmmm.

Misty: That wasn't your turn, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Big whoop.  GIMME THE POINTS ALREADY!!!


            *vegeta starts pounding the control panel*


Misty: Choose a catagorie, Gary.

Gary: I choose "Don't Drink and Drive or you're a Bloody Idiot" for a gazillion points!!!!

Tai: He really dosen't know how to play this.

Gary: Of course I do!  James taught me!

Jessie: No wonder.

James: Gimme a smackaroonie!!!

Jessie: Okay!


            *jessie smacks james really hard*


Misty: That does not compat with the current situation, Gary.

Ash: Wha?  I'm suddenly very thirsty.


           *ash gets drunk on a glass of water*


Ash: Hic....  Cheerios....

Barney: Awwww......  Lookit the fan....

Joe: At least he's not driving!

Meowth: You shouldn't have said that.

Sailor Moon: Why not?


          *ash goes outside and steals alex trebek's car*


Ash: Vroom vroom!!  Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!  Guess what?

Pikachu: *sigh*  What, Ash?


Vegeta: Gleepers...


   *ash's laugh makes the control panel blow up in vegeta's face*


Vegeta: Why me.....

Sora: Can we please get on with it?

Misty: Huh?  Oh oh, right....  Ash forfits the game.

Ash: I'm a nutcase and proud of it!!

Agumon: That's the understatment of the year!

Misty: Pick, Pikachu.

Ash: That's why they call her "PICK-a-Chu"!!  Hee hee!  I kill me....

Meowth: Oh oh...  Bad grammers!

Jessie: Tai, watch out!


            *too late; ash runs over tai with the car*


Pikachu: I choose Pokemon Types for 200!

Misty: Okay...  THIS suicidal moron drives around in....  Stop that, Vegeta!!

Vegeta: At least the answer part of the machine is still here!

Sora: Darn it...  It's your turn, Gary.

Gary: Wow!  "Darn" is a really long word!!  I can't say that!  Oh, wait, I know a longer word....  Um....  "Cat"!!  "Cat" is a really really long word!  Ha ha ha....  Ooh, a glass of water...

Pikachu: I'll be a pest and butt in again.  Who is "Ash"?

Vegeta: That's 200 p for Pikachu!!

Gary: Hic....  "P" stands for...  Pikachu!!  I'm special!  Ahhh...  Pikachu for Pikachu!  Ooh, I made a joke!

Vegeta: Joke?  What joke?

Barney: That's right, Gary.  EVERYONE is special!!  Huk hee hee huk!


James: Jessie, watch out!


            *jessie almost gets run over by ash in alex's car*


Alex: That's my car!!  And that suicidal moron is driving it in the studio!!

Agumon: Hey, how'd YOU get back here?!?

Laywer: I bailed him out.

James: Ooh....  Water!!

Tai: Ugh...  That hurt...

Sailor Moon: Just what we need.  Another suicidal moron.

Author: Wait, I forgot something important!!!


               *brooms fall on ash, gary and james' heads*


Gary: Did you feel something?

James: Hic hiccup....  It's MY turn for the horsie!!

Mewtwo: They won't take over the world!

Misty: Too bad.  Their heads are so thick they couldn't feel anything if the Statue of Liberty was dropped on them!

James: Hukee do!

Vegeta: Hey, you're a human and humans aren't allowed to say that kind of stuff!

Sailor Moon: That's another violation of G-Rated cartoons!


                  *plastic policemen drag james away*


Jessie: James, get your big butt over here!

Meowth: Uh.  Whatever.


              *they chase after james who has fallen asleep*


James: Zzzzzzzz.....

Alex: That purple-headed idiot is drooling on my horsie...  I mean car!!

Sailor Moon: I have an experiment.

Ash: What, Cuteums?


     *sailor moon drops statue of liberty on ash and gary's heads*


Gary: Did you feel something?

Sora: Wow, you were right Misty!

Misty: Aren't I always....

Pikachu (sparks fly out of her cheeks): Let's...  Get....  On with.... It....

Tai: Uh-oh.

Alex: I'm taking over now!  You people are so incompetent!!

Vegeta: Great, Alex!!

Pikachu: I AM NOT A HUMA-A-A-A-AN!!!!!!!!                       

Vegeta: Zortle!!


          *pikachu's thunder attack blows up the studio*


Alex: Nooooo....

Sailor Moon: Hoooeeee!!!!  Can't get thrills like that on the roller coaster in the Idaho Potato Fair!!!

Tai: Huh?!?

Pikachu: Whew.....  Ash, my batteries are low.

Ash: Hic....  I feel terrible....  Oh, not again, Pikachu.  Ugh, I think I'm gonna hurl.....

Misty: Severe withdrawl is bad for your health.

Ash: Really?  But Squirtle withdrawls all the time in battle!

Squirtle: Urp....  Must get nicotine....

Misty: Why do you always mess up my meanings?!?

Vegeta: Lesse....  It's as easy as falling off a log, Misty!


                        *vegeta falls off a log*


Sora: I see your point, Misty.

Alex: You crazy kids!!  I'll sue!!!  I'll sue for life!!!!

Gary: Ung.....  I....  Uhhhh....               


                 *gary pukes on alex's horsie....  I mean car*


Ponyta: He'd BETTER not mean horsie!

Laywer: Sue?  Sue who?

Tai: That ryhmes!

Laywer: Sorry, I already have a case about this purple-haired dude who violated G-Rated cartoon bylaw 82875993.  Good day.

Alex: Good day?!?  I'll good day you!!!

Joe:  All in all, it has been a very draining day.

Misty: Draining?

Sailor Moon: Nuh uh.  I refuse to believe any of this.

Ash: He was refering to....


                *too late; misty uses mega drain on joe*


Joe: Aaaaauuuuuugh......

Agumon: Someone call me?

Ash: Come'ere, Pikachu, and I'll change your batteries for you...

Pirahna: Lemonade....  Gasp.....  Battery acid....

Misty: Acid?

Barney: Oh oh, safety first children!  Let this poor fishy-wishy be a go-o-o-o-o-od example!


                 *misty uses acid on the pirahna*


Pirahna: Sssssssssssshhhh......  Sizzle....  Pop.....

Sora: THAT is disgusting!

Alex (meanwhile has gone into shock): Eeeeeeeeee........

James: We-e-e-e-re back!  Mmmmm.....  Do I smell FISH?!?!?  Yum!

Meowth: Psssst!  We missed our cue again!

Jessie: Get going James! 

James: Fish......

Ash: There you go, Pikachu!  New batteries!

Pikachu: Lemme try a little thundershock.


 *pikachu tries using it on gary, but coughs up a lot of blue smoke*


Pikachu: Gaaaaahhh....  Wrong batteries, Nitwit!

Vegeta: I didn't know you smoked, Pikachu! 

Barney: Huk huk.....  Smoking is baddy-bad for your health, children!

James (eats dead pirahna): Mmmmm...  Needs salt!

Meowth: Let's get outta here, Jess.

Jessie: C'mon James!!


                              *drags him off*


James: Tastes like chicken!

Gary: I like chicken!

Alex (coming out of shock): Uh.....  Oh no, it's the scary kids again!!!

Vegeta: Excuse me?  KID?!??!  I'm at least twenty years old!!

Sailor Moon: Darn.  He was so cute, too.

Gary: That game was fun!

Ash: Yeah, we might come back someday!

Alex: Wha...  Wha....  Pardon ME?!??


       *alex goes back into shock and probably a coma as well*


Agumon: He really shouldn't go into comas.  It can kill you.

Misty: Huh......

Ash: I think we should go to Wheel of Fortune!  Ha!

Tai: Well....  I kinda liked Tot TV....


                  To Be Continued......


Pikachu: *kaff kaff*  Get back here, Ash!

Sora: That pokemon thing looks like a Coffing now.

Mewtwo: I will take over the world!

Vegeta: That Alex guy was weird.  After we left he was talking about how he shoulda kept his job as a stunt man in Sesame Street....

Agumon: Whatever.

Author: Bye all!!