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       It's me again!  After a few more episodes, there will occur

       Movie Special #2.  If you get tired of reading the same

       kind of stuff over and over, well nyah to you too!



               Episode 6- Yoshi Hits the Jackpot 


Ash: Bored bored bored....

Sailor Moon: This is almost as bad as in-between-the-scenes limbo!

Vegeta: It's true that money can't buy happiness....

Meowth: ......But it can buy some pretty good entertainment!

Mewtwo: I will take over the world!

James: But we don't have any money.

Jessie: Not a single cent....

Sora: Don't look at me!  I don't get my allowance till Tuesday!

Misty: I'm flat broke again.

Augumon: We're all broke.

Pikachu: Our only hope of getting money is work and effort or the lottery....


             *everyone else stares at her*


Gary: I ain't doin' no work!

Joe: Effort?  What's effort?

Vegeta: Ugh!  I'd take the lottery any day!

Sailor Moon: I know!  If we all buy a bunch of tickets, one of us has to have a chance of winning!

Jessie: Except us.

Meowth: To us, there is no such thing as luck.  Good luck, that is.

James: Good luck does not exist.  It is irrelevant.  Reality is a must.  Survival is nessacsary.  We must carry on.  We must not let....

Misty: WE GET THE POINT!!    

Vegeta: Okay James, THAT was scary.

Koala Book: Not as scary as me!

James: Huh?  Wah....?  ..........Must have been the ketchup....  Urp...

Sora: Ew.  Get away from me, creep!

Ash: Wait...  We can't get lottery tickets!

Gary: Why not, Loser?

Ash: Shut up, Gary.  How are we supposed to buy tickets when we don't have any money in the first place?!?

Everyone Else: ............

Misty: Darn it.

Vegeta: The only alternative besides....  Ugh-  Work- Is watching TV!


           *tai grabs remote and starts channel surfing*


Tai: Teletubbies....  News....  Sports....  Weather.....  Crazy Quilt....

Misty: Wait, turn back to channel 12...  Oh, nevermind.  It's just Barney.

Barney: Hee huk!  When you talk to someone, always be polite!  Huk hee huk!

Ash: I seriously think they should rate this pg13 for torture scenes and evil brainwashing characters.

Vegeta: Torture scenes....?

Tai: Oh, here's that weird Tot TV show....

Puppet #1: I like you!  Do you like me?

Puppet #2: I like you!  Wanna play house?

Puppet #3: I like you!  Let's build towers!

Puppet #2: I like you!  let's solve the problem together!

Puppets: Yay!  I like you!  Sing-along with the happy song!

Gary: Wait, I like this show!

Sailor Moon: Ugh....  I see what you mean about torture scenes...

Sora: Flip the channel before we all die of a cootie overdosage, Tai!!

Tai: Okay!  Okay!  Ooh, here's the lottery call...

TV Guy: And todays lucky winners are: 63819, 76, 3756, 2290.....

Everyone: .......  *sigh*


*vegeta spots yoshi out window with a lottery ticket in his hands*


Vegeta: Hey....

TV Guy: .......And 33331!  That's all for now, folks, and remember- You just might get lucky!

Meowth: Except us.


Everyone Else: Where?  Where?!

Gary: There's Everyone Else again....

Sailor Moon: We need money more than that Chameleon School reject!

Ash: Let's get 'im!!

Barney: Remember kids, it's not nice to steal!


     *everyone else tramples over him to get to the door*


Gary: Everyone Else seems to be a pretty popular character....

Yoshi: Dum dee dum...  I'm gonna be a millionaire!

Pikachu: Yaaaaaaah!!  Gimme the the ticket, ya Two-Faced T-Rex!!

Yoshi: Augh!  Were'd you come from?!?

Jessie: Where we come from isn't important!  Just give us the ticket!

Vegeta: Yeah!  Or we'll...  Er....  We'll.....  Do something really bad!

Misty: Nice threat, Veggie....

James: Hey....  Where'd it go?!?


                  *meanwhile yoshi has run off*


Sailor Moon: We need that ticket!!


            *they run off to get yoshi*


Vegeta: Uh-oh! 

Tai: There's a fork in the road!

Gary: A fork in the road?!?  Now we'll never find him!  We'll be lost forever!  We'll starve to death!  We'll stand here rotting until someone comes to get us, but that'll never happen 'cuz everyone stays away from the dreaded FORK IN THE ROAD!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!

Misty: Does this help?


                *smacks gary with her mallet*


Gary: Du-u-u-u-u-uuhhhhh........

Ash: A fork?  Great, I need one.  My mom forgot to pack it so right now all I have is a spoon and a knife.

Sora: Ehhhh.....  Idiot...

Sailor Moon: Look, kid, that's not what a fork in the road means.

Tai: Than what does it mean?  They shouldn't ought to call it a fork if that's not what it is.

Pikachu: Oh you males.....

Ash: Well I need it anyway or I can't eat properly.

Barney: Huh huyuk!  That's right kids, you should always have manners when eating a meal!  Huk huk hyuk!

Ash: Well....  Anyways...


  *ash takes the fork out of the road and puts it in his backpack*


Pikachu: ....  Great going, Ash!  Now we don't know which way Yoshi went!

Agumon: I just realized my name has been spelled wrong until now!!

Misty: Uh, guys?  Does this help?

Tai: Now we'll be really broke, thanks to you Ash!!

Vegeta: This is all your fault!!

Ash: I...  Uh...

Misty: GUYS!!!!!

Everyone Else: Yes?

Gary: There's Everyone Else again....

Misty: Lo-o-o-o-o-o-oky....


         *points to footprints leading off into a forest*


Vegeta: Uhhhh...  I knew those were there all along!

Tai: Yeah!  You'd have to be a pretty brain-dead idiot to not notice them!

Jessie: That is so-o-o-o-o lame.  It's ruing my image to be hanging out with these dorkus moronic pea-brains!

Meowth: Let's stick to the plot, guys, or the author will...

Author: Do something really bad?

Sailor Moon: Let's get going...

Joe: Waaah!  It's dark and scary in this forest!

Gary: Hey, I'M the wuss in this fic!

Joe: No, I am!

Vegeta: New show, new roles.  I'm the wuss 'cuz Misty told me so in that movie back there!

James: But everyone bonds my image to wimpiness!

Jessie: Go figure.

Sora: Only boys would argue about being wusses.

Ash: I'm not a wuss and I'm not arguing!

Sailor Moon: That's because you're a girl.

Misty: No, that's insulting to our gender.  He's a...  Um...

Jessie: Humanoid!

Ash: We're plot-straying again, people...

Yoshi (steps on a twig): Whoops!!

Tai: There he is!

Vegeta (tackles yoshi): Ugh!  I got him-

Yoshi: Splort!


                 *yoshi shoots his tongue at vegeta*


Meowth: Omigosh!

Misty: He turned Vegeta into an egg!

James (eyes glaze over): Did you say egg?

Jessie: Uh-oh...

Misty: We forgot...

Ash: ....About James' obsession for eggs!

Yoshi: Can't get me!  (runs off)

Sora: Eggs?

Meowth: Yeah.  Once, I had a Togepi pokemon that was in an egg and James kept trying to eat it.

Misty: Huh!  YOU had a Togepi egg?!?

James: Must...  Resist....

Sailor Moon: Don't you dare!  Vegeta is in there, you know!

Ash: If I was James, I wouldn't eat him.  I mean, how fresh and clean could you stay if you had to fight long, sweaty battles all day long, and even DIED a couple of times?  Vegeta would'nt excactly be good for your health, James.

James: I never thought about it that way...

Jessie: You never think, James.

Barbie: Ewwww...  Sweat!  That's, like, life-threatning, like, ya know, like, uhhhh, like....

Agumon: Not excactly sane.

Ash: Yoshi is getting away, people!

Misty: Don't "people" me, Ash.

Pikachu: I'M NOT A PERSON!!


Barbie: Like, ugh, that yellow rat, like, is really, like, weird, ya know?  Like yeah?

Misty: She reminds me of my sisters.

Pikachu: There is got to be a better way to make money.  Besides working, that is.

Agumon: I don't mind work, really.

Pikachu: Come to think of it, neither do I!

Meowth: Me either.  What say we leave this two-horse group and get together for some REAL money making?

Pokemon + Digimon: Heh heh heh....

Joe: Hey, where'd Agumon go?

Ash: And Pikachu?

James: Scrambled....  Boiled...  I don't CARE how as long as I get my daily dosage of eggs!  Soaked in cholestral!  Smothered in fat!!



           *james's freaky laugh breaks the eggshell*


Vegeta: Uhhhhhh.....

Sora: Hello Vegeta!

Vegeta: I think I missed something here....

Gary: Besides ten minutes of the show?  Nah.

James: Nooooo....

Jessie: Shut up.

James: .........

Jessie: I can hear your thoughts.  Shut up!


Jessie: That's better.

Pikachu: Dum dee dum...

Ash: You're back!

Tai: Where were you?

Sailor Moon: Where'd you get the DOUGH!?!?!?

Meowth: Oh, raking leaves, bake sales, lemonade stands....  You know, WORK.

Joe: Work?  What's work?

Yoshi: I'm back, too!

Misty: It's amazing what cartoon characters can acomplish in 30 seconds.

Vegeta: You wouldn't mind, uh, sharing, would you?

Pikachu: Share?  What's share?

Agumon: We don't know the meaning of the word!

Pokemon + Digimon: AH HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAH!!!


           *all three walk off laughing to blow their fortune*


Jessie: I just hate it when people are more evil than me...

Pikachu: I'M NOT A HUMAN!!!!

Vegeta: Ohhhh.  Gleep rights.

Yoshi: Gleep!

Ash: This entire episode had practically nothing to do with the title.

Mewtwo: You won't take over the world!

Gary: Uh?

Joe: That thing definitly needs a brain transplant.

Sailor Moon: And if they used Gary's brain, it wouldn't make any difference at all!

Gary: Was that an insult?

Koala Book: Uh huh, uh huh, uh uh uh huh!

James: Ooh, that's so catchy!

Author: That's it.  I've wrote myself into a corner.

Vegeta: Why, were you being bad?



             To Be Continued........


Pikachu: Ahhhh...  The lap of luxury....

Meowth: The free limo, hotel room and banquet privleges aren't too bad either!

Agumon: Hmph.  No thanks to humankind!

Meowth: Yahhhhh!  Humans are jerks!

Pikachu: Ssssshhhhhh!!!!


       *too late; they are thrown out of the hotel*


Agumon: Good going, Fuzz-Brain.

Meowth: Uuuugh........