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After this episode I'll be starting my movie special! I have no 
idea whatsoever about what's gonna happen in it, but, who

Episode 5- Finally, Ash Continues his Journey!

Ash: Yay! I finally get to go back on my trainer's leave!
Misty: Whatever, Ash.
Vegeta: Hey! Is that a huge golden Ekans I see??
Sailor Moon: No that's my hair, dummy.
Vegeta: Oh.
Maul: What are you guys talking about?
Ash: Catching pokemon.
Vegeta: Ohhhh.... What's a pokemon?
Pikachu: Really...
Maul: Uh, they are little weird things in a strange little realm who do absolutly nothing till they are caught inside little balls and used to maul (ah ha ha... I kill me) eachother, upon which...
Ash: I think that's enough explaining.
Vegeta: I still don't get it!
Sailor Moon: Neither do I.
Misty: Basically, they are a mysterious species not recorded in biological taxonomies. Subspecies include animal, grass, insects and a variety of other life forms, but due to simalarities in genetic and cellular structure, they must be considered a single species. It takes terrerestrial creatures millions of years to...
Sailor Moon: Ah, I get it now!
Vegeta: It's all so crystal clear!
Maul: Waaaaah!! How come SHE gets to be smarter than me?!?
Pikachu: Hmm... Interesting specimen of Totalisis Moronisis...
Mr Cracker: Who, me?
Ash: Er... Misty, I didn't get what you just said back there.
Sailor Moon: That's 'cuz she's talking about something that is oviously beyond your mental capacity.
Vegeta: Ahh... What she said!
Ash: Backstabbers, the lot of yah...
Vegeta: Ooh! Ooh! I see a pokemon!
Misty: It's just a Pidgey...
Vegeta: Oh! Can someone lend me a pokeball thingy? I wanna try and catch it!
Ash: Here..
Sailor Moon: I may not know much about pokemon, but I think that's a little too large, yellow and spiky for a Pigdey...
Ash: Whatever.

*vegeta throws it really far; it seems the pokemon is 
further away than they thought*

Sailor Moon: Wee! Look at it go!
Maul: I wanna try after.
Ash: I'm gonna run outta pokeballs!
Misty: Don't worry, Ash. You can founder, " The Donation of Pokeball Society".
Ash: Wise girl.

*they look a little closer... and discover the pidgey is really..*

Pikachu: That wasn't a Pidgey, Ash-Stupid.
Ash: Uh..
Sailor Moon: Ohhh, Vegeta caught a Zapdos! They must be really common for Ash to let him catch it!
Vegeta: Awww... I was hoping for a rare pokemon!
Misty: Heh! Tell them, Ash.
Maul: How ironic...
Ash (starts crying): YOU DON'T HAFTA RUB IT IN!!!
Sailor Moon: What's his problem?
Mewtwo: He won't take over the world!
Vegeta: I'll try out my Zapdos in a match with you, Ash!
Ash: ....... No thanks.....
Misty: You may have a chance to redeem yourself, Ash.
Ash: Huh?
Sailor Moon: Ooh.... That's a Suezo!
Maul: A Suezo is NOT a pokemon!
Suezo: Yah, Cow-Fain!
Misty: Er, okay...
Ash: I'm gonna catch it anyway! Pikachu, go!
Pikachu: Yah wanna fat-lip?
Maul: Why would he?
Pikachu: Nothing. I just wanted to say that.

*pikachu makes the suezo faint*

Pikachu: Oops.
Vegeta: How come it disappeared?
Sailor Moon: If a pokemon faints, it returns to the wild.
Misty: "The wild" meaning gameboy-cartridge limbo.
Ash: Ahhh... stupid game designers.
Misty: For the first time in this fan-fic, I'm hungry!
Barney: How about some nice, nourishing apples?
Sailor Moon: I never eat anything nourishing, even if it tastes good.
Pikachu: Why?
Sailor Moon: Out of character.
Maul: Makes sense... Kind of.
Ash: I need food!
Narrorator: Too bad, I'm going to end the story here and you'll all starve! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!
Vegeta: Evil laughs seem to be the "in-thing" now...

To Be Continued....

Misty: Nooooooooo!
Sailor Moon: We're gonna die!

*everyone vainly tries to push the "to be continued.." thing away*

Ash: Argh! Stupid narrorator!
Narrorator: Thank-you.
Ash: Double argh!
James: Did someone say double?
Jessie: As in, double trouble?
Misty: NO!
Jessie: Touchy....
Meowth: What are you dweebs trying to do?
Gary: Hey! Everyone forgot about me!
Pikachu: No wonder.
Sailor Moon: I see a rattata!
Sailor Moon: I'll catch it!
Misty: Uh, not again...
Vegeta: That's nice, Moon. You got a Moltres.
Sailor Moon: Darn!
Ash (starts crying again): It's not fair...
Maul: I...

*maul falls off the cliffhanger*

Maul: Aaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!!
Gary: I don't see what he's so mad about. At least he didn't fall down a plothole again!
Vegeta: Your so sorry, Oak.
Misty: I'll go with that!