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Hello! I'm back!! If you liked my story, great, 'cuz I'll be typin' up a movie special soon! And it'll be lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng, baby!

Episode 4- Evil Clones meet the Indestructible.. Uh, I'll get 
back to you on that one...

Ash: Evil clones!
Misty: With axes!
Vegeta: Are gonna kill us!
Pikachu: Gee, I'd have thought you'd be happy about this, Misty.
Misty: Why?!
Pikachu: 'Cuz now you have 345 more Ashes to smooch up against!
Misty: You little rat!
Ash: Die!!
Vegeta: Forget what I said before about Pikachu being sane...
Vegeta98: Super Saiyan Slice!
Jessie: EEK!!!!
James: What is it, Jessie?
Vegeta: Evil clones, prepare to meet the indestructible Jessie!
Mewtwo45: We will take over the world!
Sailor Moon: We are here!
Ash: Unfortunatly, yes.
Mr Cracker: Move it, sis. We was here first!
Meowth: Er...
Jessie: TAKE THIS!!!

*jessie kills clones 1-677 by melting them with her hair spray*

Misty: Uh, what brand does she use?
Meowth: DX Volcanical Red.
Misty: Oh.
Vegeta: No wonder that ladies hair is so demented.
Sailor Moon: Look, Cracker-Head, if you don't move it and move it very soon, I will....
Mr Cracker: Nyah! Make me!
Koala Book: Howdy, folks!

*koala book kills clones 678-942 with it's terrible country music*

James: Eep!
Jessie: Nyah ha ha ha ha!! Die some more!!!
Ash: I never knew how brutal Jessie could be!
Pikachu: That's definitely a dark side we've never seen to her before.
Meowth: If you don't know that side, then you don't know Jessie.
Vegeta: Ugh... she just defeated 489 clones with her mallet...
Sailor Moon: And killed another 981 with her screech.
Mr Cracker: And 1004 more with her cooking!
Everyone Else: WHO ASKED YOU!?!?!??
Pikachu: I guess we'd better help...
Vegeta: Uh... Solar Flare...
Pikachu: Thunder!
Meowth: Fury Swipes!
Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Power!
Barney: Hee-huk!
Ash: Noooo....
James: Er, banana gun!

*soon all the clones are dead*

Jessie (breaking down comepletly): WAAAAAAAAH!!! THEY KILLED MY GORGEOUS HAIR!!!
Misty: Wah! Relax, Jess!!
James: Down girl!
Vegeta: Eh, how does one kill hair?
Sailor Moon: By cutting it off, stupid.
Meowth: Well, great fightin' anyways!
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Ash: I'll give the world to you if you restore Jessie's hair!

*mewtwo blinks and jessie's hair is back to normal*

Jessie: Hmph. It took you long enough!
Ash: Geesh! That's gratitude!
Pikachu: Now what?
Vegeta: I guess that's the end of the episode!
Sailor Moon: Too short. I don't think I get a big enough part in this!
Maul: Ugh... The author cut me out comepletly!
Misty: I wonder why.
Chicken Little: The sky is falling!!!!!
James: Really??!? We must tell the king!
Pikachu: We don't have a king.

*too late; james runs off with the chicken while jessie and 
meowth follow*

Ash: Poor, pathetic fools...
Vegeta: Hmmm. Humans are weird.
Pikachu: Team Rocket isn't human. They're humanoid.
Vegeta: Ahhhh....
Sailor Moon: Where's my Emmy?!?

To Be Continued......

Maul: I don't know. Where is your Emmy?
Misty: Stupids....
Sailor Moon: Aah! It's the freaky cracker again!
Mr Cracker: Who me?
Barney: Hee-hoo-huk. More cheerios!