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It's so fun, writing this! If the webmaster tells me to, I'll whip up a few more episodes! And if she dosen't, well I'll whip some up more anyway!

Episode 3- The Great Automatic Chammo Traumatisizer

James: I have a plan!
Meowth: I was wonderin' when we was gonna come in.
Jessie: A plan to what?
James: A plan to capture Pikachu, of course!
Meowth: Wait a sec. I forgot why we even needed Pikachu!
Jessie: To get in the bosses good graces! Duh!
Meowth: So why do we wanna get in the bosses good graces? I can be top cat without him!

*jessie whacks meowth with fan*

Jessie: Stupid furball.
James: He has a good point, Jessie. Why DO we want to catch Pikachu?
Jessie: That much is ovious! It's cuz' we wanna... Er, because the boss.... Um...
Meowth: I rest my case.
Jessie Grrr.... Fine. Point taken. No need to rub it in.
James: Uh, well let's catch Pikachu anyway.
Meowth: Yeah. Force of habit, I guess.
Jessie: It would also be way out of character!
Meowth: So, what's your plan, Numbskull?
James: If you call me names I won't tell you my plan!
Meowth: Dimwit, Idiot, Braindead Snorlax....
Jessie: I guess you can't tell us now, James!
James: Grrrrr... Well, I'll tell you anyway!!
Meowth (smirks): Go ahead.
James: Actually, it's not a plan. It's my new invention.
Jessie: Is that the thing you've been working on in the bathroom for so long?
James: Uh, no. Weezing busted the plumbing in the toilet.
Meowth: That explains everything....
Jessie: So what does your invention do?
Jessie: Touchy.....
James: It's called, "The Great Automatic Chammo Traumatisizer".
Jessie: So what does it do?
James: I'M GETTING TO THAT!!!!!!!
Jessie: Touchy....
Meowth: Meeeow! I can't even spell that!
Jessie: What is a Chammo?
James: Er....
Jessie: Forget it.
Meowth: So what does it do?
Jessie: Touchy.....

*team rocket goes into garage and a machiny thing is in there*

Jessie: Woah!
Meowth: So what does it do?
Meowth: Don't say it, Jessie.
Jessie: Touchy!
James: This is the Great Automatic Chammo Traumatisizer!
Jessie: SO WHAT DOES IT DO?!?!?!??
James: I'm getting.... I mean, it works on a basis of relative particles reacting on the theory of......
Meowth: GET TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!
James: Er, what it does is it, uh, shoots bananas out of the hole on the top! See?
Jessie: THAT'S ALL?!?!?!?!?
Mr Cracker: Who me?
James: Not only that, it can also clone human and pokemon DNA! Pretty cool, huh? I just stuck that on there for fun, though. Not nearly as good as the banana gun, right?
Meowth: ........ yes .........
Jessie: Heheheh... I mean, we can REALLY have fun with this, James!
Meowth: Yeah! LOTS of fun!!
James: Really?
Jessie: Yes, really. Let's go test the clone thing on the twerps, shall we?
James: What about.....
Mr Cracker: Stuff the bananas!
Meowth: Crackers.... What will those stupid authors think of next?
Koala Book: Howdy folks!!
James: Scary.... Very scary.... 
Jessie: Let's get outta here!

*grabs james and meowth to go look for ash's group*


Ash: Hm... I'll trade you my Pikachu for your Blastoise!
Pikachu: Okay!
Vegeta: What!?
Ash: Heh heh heh...
Misty: That's not nice, Ash. You totally ripped poor Pikachu off!
Ash: Well it's not like she dosen't have a brain and can't think for herself....
Vegeta: Hey, Gary! Trade your Charizard and Team Rocket for a Diglett!
Gary: I'll give someone my Charizard and my Team Rocket cards for a Diglett!
Ash: ....Unlike some other people we know....
Pikachu: Hey! I just have a soft spot for Pikachus, that's all!
Everyone Else: .......
George Washington: Heeber jeebers! What on earth are you people doing out on a night like this?!?! (runs off)
Vegeta: Er, I think it's "gleepers", sir.
Pikachu: What, "gleeper jeebers"?!?
Vegeta: Or jeeber gleepers, or gleeper heepers, or-
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Maul: Am I the only one here that collects Star Wars cards??!
Misty: That's besides the point.
Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
James: And make it.. Jessie, what comes after double?
Jessie: No need to change the motto, James!!!
James: And make it double!
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
James: I can't find the abbreviation...
Jessie: That rhymes!
James: Er...
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
James: To extend our reach to the cars above...
Maul: Cars??!
James: Hey, I love Ferrarais!
Misty: Is that how you spell it?
Jessie: Grr.... Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Ash: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Vegeta: What?
Ash: How can you blast off at the speed of light??! The G-Forces wouls crash your brain!
Pikachu: Yeah! And how come you say, "Protect the world from devastation"?? Team Rocket dosen't do that either!! 
Jessie: Argh! James, stop them! They're ruining our motto and our reputation!!
James: Uh, stop it, people....
Meowth: Wait! Wait! I missed my cue!
Misty: *sigh* Just say your line, Meowth.
Meowth: Meowth, that's right!
Maul: I....

* maul falls down a plot hole*

Maul: Again!!!!!!
Ash: So, what kinda-evil-but-not-really scheme do you have planned for us next?
James: "The Great Automatic Chammo Traumatisizer"!
Jessie: So what does it... Oops, sorry. Reflex action.
Mr Cracker: Excuses, excuses....
Vegeta: Ew, he's scary. Get it away from me!
Mr Cracker: What's so scary about a cracker?
Pikachu: Whatever, guys....
James: Prepare for lots of trouble!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
Ash: That's the freakiest laugh I've ever heard...
Jessie: We'll show the brats!! Flip the switch!
Meowth: I'll do it!
James: AUGH!! Wrong switch, Frizz-Guts!!
Meowth: Frizz-what?!?!?

*bananas start flying everywhere*

Ash: This is probably the only time in my life I will ever see a flying banana... *sniff* I will cherish this moment in my heart forever.... 
Misty: That's so sweet, Ash!
Mr Cracker: Awwwww....
Vegeta: Pikachu, I think we're the only sane people here...
Pikachu: For the last time, I AM NOT A PERSON!!!!

* pikachu thundershocks vegeta*

Vegeta: Gaaaah....
Pikachu: Hm, bananas! (eats one) Needs ketchup!
Misty: What does the other flippy switch thing do?
Jessie: I'll show you!

*aims it at ash and flips switch; theres a huge flash of light*

Ash: Jessie, didn't your mother ever tell you not to point things at other people?
Pikachu: You'd better not be refering to me!
Vegeta: She ain't lyin'....
Ash 2: You idiots think your all so smart, don't you??
Misty: TWO Ashes?!?
Ash2: Better believe it, baby!
James: It worked! I'm a genius!
Jessie: Are you sure thats Ash's clone? He's acting kinda weird...
Ash2: Yah? You wanna make somethin' of it, punk??
Meowth: Must have malfunctioned, James.
Vegeta: Ash's clone acts nothing like the real thing!!
Misty: Must be kinda like the Mew an' Mewtwo incident.
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Ash: My clone is creepy and a freak.
Misty: In that case, he must be nearer to the real thing than we thought!
Vegeta: AAH!! Very scary!!
Pikachu: He's got an axe.
Meowth: Run!

*james slides on banana peel and trips on cloning machine, 
activating "multi-clone feature"*

Misty88: Hee hee hee hee!!
James34: Huk-hyuk!
Vegeta14: Die!
Misty: Augh! The machiny thing made thousands of clones!!!
Jessie: Great going, Einstein!!!
James478: Someone call me, sweetums??
Pikachu: Gross!!!!
Pikachu96: Pika pi!
Mewtwos 46-89: We will take over the world!
Misty: Unfortunatly, they all seem to be axe-murderers and phsychopaths.
Meowth: Whadda we do in a situation like this?
Ash: RUN!!!

*everyone runs off with clones on their tail*

To Be Continued.....

Vegeta: You mean we have to keep running like this until the author starts writing again??!!
Narrorator: Nerr!
Pikachu: Kill the author!!
Author: Aah!