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We-e-e-e-e-e-re back! Enjoy some more! Come on, eat! Eat! EAT!!!!

Episode 2- Star Chores

Maul: Grrrrr.....
Ash: No cable.
Misty: We need a theme song!
Barney: How about...
Ash: Noooooo!!!
Pikachu: Gleep!
Vegeta: "Gleep"?
Ash: Is that even in the human language?
Pikachu: I'M NOT A HUMAN!!!!!
Vegeta: Hey, neither am I!! Gleep, gleep, gleep, gleep....
Misty: That looks fun!
Pikachu: Grrr... JUST COVER YOUR EARS!!!!
Barney: I love you, you love me....
Ash: Murder!!!! This is murder!!!!
Misty: Ohhhhhh, I'm dy-y-y-y-y-ing....
Vegeta: Scouter....... Magnifies....... Sound waves........
Pikachu: Die, Barney must DIE!!!
Maul: I....

*maul falls down plot hole*

Maul: I didn't even finish my line!!!
Gary: Lo-o-o-o-o-o-s-e-e-e-e-e-rs!
Ash: Hey! No one disses the Maul!
Gary: Huh?
Barney: .....Won't you say you love me too!
Ash's Mom: Clean your room!
Ash: What!?!?
Mom: And since your friends are here too, they might as well help!

*maul climbs back out of hole as everyone glares at ash*

Maul: Clean his room?
Misty: How degrading!
Ash: Now now, people...
Pikachu: I'm NOT a person!!!
Vegeta: That's why she's allowed to say "gleep".
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Ash: Wait, I have an idea!

*everyone huddles while ash explains plan*

Ash: Mewtwo's the strongest phsycic in the world, right?
Misty: Yeah.....
Vegeta: So....
Ash: We can use Mewtwo's powers to clean up my room!
Pikachu: Brilliant!
Misty: How are we gonna do that?
Ash: Well, it has to be in a way it'll understand. Watch. Er, hello, Mewtwo!
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!
Ash: Yeah, yeah, sure. Uh, well, I was wondering. You can't take over the world yet, since I'm already the Supreme Ruler of the World....
Vegeta: What?!?!
Misty: Traitor!
Ash: ... And these are my followers.
Misty: I think he means us...

*everyone thinks about a demon Mrs Ketchum and play along*

Mewtwo (eyes glow): But I will take over the world!!!
Ash: I know! But just to make it easier, I'll make you a deal...
Mewtwo: I WILL take over the world?
Ash: You will, 'cuz I'll GIVE you the world if you clean up my room! Deal?
Misty: Wow!
Vegeta: Talk about hidden intelligence!
Maul: REALLY hidden...
Mewtwo: I will take over the world!!!
Ash: Remember, clean my room first. 

*mewtwo blinks and the room is spic and span*

Ash: Ye-e-e-e-e-sssss!!!
Mewtwo: Now I'll take over the world!
Ash: Yeah, yeah, you do whatever.
Misty: You did it!
Pikachu: Actually, most of the plan depended on Mewtwo's incredible stupidity.
Vegeta: I think it's forgotten already...
Mewtwo: I'll take over the world! Will I take over the world? But she can't take over the world! I will take over the world so she can't take over the world! Then I will take over the world!
Pikachu: Now THAT'S scary!
Barney: I love....
Misty: Shut UP!!!!!!!
Barney: .....
Maul: Ooooooooookay....
Ash: Gary, are your preliminary anti-social tendencies a product of your berserk pituitary gland?
Gary: Uh... Loser!
Misty: Great comeback, Gary. Move forward three spaces!!
Gary: Er, okay...
Ash: .....
Maul: I....

*maul falls down a plot hole*

Maul: YET AGAIN!?!?!?
Vegeta: At least now no one can say we don't have an unlimited supply of jerks....
Vegeta: Didn't say nuttin'.
Ash: Now what?
Misty: On to the next episode!!
Gary: Losers!

To Be Continued.....

Vegeta: Gleepers!
Pikachu: That's a new one...
Mewtwo: When I take over the world, he won't take over the world!!