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       This will possibly be the weirdest episode, and maybe longer than

       a movie- NOT AGAIN!!!!!!




                Episode 10- Inside Gary's World



 Ash popped out of nowhere and landed on a doorknob. 

 "Owwwww!" he yelled, where upon his brain re-entered his head and said, "Wait a sec!  What happened to the layout?!"

 "The brain pulses in Gary's head are infecting the plot," said Dexter helpfully.  "This episode will be in paragraph mode now."

 "Except Gary dosen't actually have a brain!" corrected Sailor Moon whose head appeared from what seemed to be cherry flavoured jello.


 Soon all the other characters popped out of nowhere....


 Vegeta fell on top of Misty.  "Sshhh!" he whispered.  "Don't tell Ash-  You know how he'll feel if..."

 Misty looked at Sailor Moon.  "Hey!  What are you doing to my boyfriend!" Moon yelled, missing with her wand and hitting Joe as he popped out of nowhere. 

 Vegeta was confused.  "Boyfriend?"  Just then Ash saw Vegeta lying on top of Misty and started to freak out.  Sora looked around.


 "Ooh, look what I found!" she exclaimed picking up an *.  The author suddenly turned around.  "Hey!  Put that asterisk down!!"


 The author was mad.  "This is a paragraph story!  I don't USE asterisks in paragraph stories!!  I just forgot to clean up that one, now PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!"

 Sora put it on.  "I like it.  It makes my sentences look flashier! * "


 Pikachu noticed than Gary's brain looked a little weird.  Then she thought, no, this was perfectly normal.


 I can't explain what it looks like because it was always changing.  But it did have Gary and The Purple Dorks from the airplane's faces expanded to 100 times normal size and hung in the air.


 This didn't go over very well with the people below.....  Ah, I mean, people and UNpeople...  Or pokemon....  Or Digimon....  Or Saiyans.....  Or......



 "Knock it off, *" grumbled Sora who still had the overlooked asterisk pinned to the end of her sentences.


 Just then, for reasons that, if they had been known, would have made the Universe alot less confusing then it is today, James started to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider.


 ".......The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout.  Down came the rain, and washed the spider out!  Up came the sun and dryed up all the rain, in an ecological explanation which involves the heat of the sun which is a huge ball of carbon monoxide gas and radioactive ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin heating the water that then turns to steam.  Water has three stages, steam and liquid are two and can all be converged into eachother, so the water from ponds, lakes or some other volumest body of water is heated by the glowing ball of gas known as the sun which orbits around the planet known as earth at about a speed, also taking into consideration the high frequency shock waves and density of the........"


 "Somebody help!  James has gone crazy!!" Joe yelled stupidly, forgetting that there was no reason to deny the fact that James was already crazy.

 So there followed a struggle consisting of Jessie offering to use CPR, Tai thought they should do liposuction and got whacked in the head by Misty, Vegeta offered to punch him in the gut, and Ash suggested aspirin.  And all the while the huge head of Gary was laughing in the sky, causing Joe to have a nervous breakdown it was such a freaky sight.  Think about it.



 "Great," snorted Sailor Moon after Joe had been carted away by cows in purple tuxedos and snorkels.  "Now who'll replace Joe?!"



 Just then Matt and Patamon entered out of nowhere.



 "...........  Oh."







 Soon everyone was trudging over a large pink, wobbly cliff trying to get rid of the large, jeering revolting faces in the sky.  With no sucsess.



 They had tried, of course.


 "Okay.  After you take the youghurt...  Er, yoga position, you meditate and in your subconcious, if you and all the others are in harmony with each other and the earth, we'll telapathically will the faces to blow away. * "


 "You mean tele-pathetic-ally."


 "Shut up, Matt. * "


 "Where'd you learn to do this meditating stuff, anyway?"


 "I think she got it from one of Joe's magazines."




 "Now take a deep breath, close your eyes and....  Focus.....  Your inner thoughts....  Repeat after me.  Hooooouuuuuuum......  Hooooouuuuuuummm........ * "


 "Hoooooouuummmm...  Hey, this is pretty cool!"


 "You are unbelievable, Ash.


 "Hoouuu.....  This is so embarassing!!!  AAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!"



 So, after they got Agumon and Pikachu to calm down and stop trying to gangbeat Sora for public humiliation and had finally got the lawyer to go away, it was clear the whole thing had to eventually be scrapped.






 "Mochi!  Chi!!"


 Meowth muttered.  "Look if you guys won't stop making those stupid baby-face noises, I am very capable of resorting to mindless violence."


 Tai glared.  "It's not us.  If you're refering to my girlfriend, I'm also very capable of resorting to mindless violence!!"

 "Hey we're lookin' for originality here." said Pikachu absently.


 Just then, they crossed the bridge they were on and saw a boy, a girl, a rabbit thingy, a wolf thingy, a rock thingy and a giant eyeball thingy.


 Oh yes.  A duck-pillow-armadillo thingy.  Which was the one making the noises.



Mochi: Mochi!  Intruderschi chi!


 "Hey that's not fair!!" yelled Vegeta.  "How come they get script mode?!"

 "Yeah, and I really hate Monster Ranchers too." complained Sailor Moon.


Genki: What are you doing here?  Are you Baddies?!


 Ash ignored the babbling cliche-obsessed cretin and consulted Dexter. 


 "They are in script (standard) mode because this is their natural habitat.  Which explains alot, in fact."  "Uh.  Yeah." said James to nobody.


Holly: Suezo, Tiger, Mochi, Golem, Hare!  Get ready to fight!  They may be Baddies!

Genki: Yeah!

Mochi: Mochi ready!

Tiger: I'm on it!

Hare: You bet!


 Matt grinned.  "Wow what a bunch of fruitcakes!"



              Everyone had to agree.



 "Also," continued the pokedex helpfully, "to escape Gary's brain you must find what makes it work and destroy it."


 "Ah.  And now we pulverize you for not telling us that sooner," said Misty and Sailor Moon in usion.


 So the girls pulled out their mallets and them and the boys started to beat up Ash's pokedex.  Dexter started to yell which wasn't very helpful at all.


 This only made things worse as Dexter's screams somehow triggered Vegeta's asthma and he started to have a fit.  Ash tried to give him an aspirin but ended up shoving it up someone's nose, and the Monster Rancher dorks thought the screams and shouts were their battle cry and started to beat up on Patomon.  Then Agumon warp digivolved to Wargreymon and tried to use Terraforce but his nasal passage was blocked on account of someone shoving an aspirin up there and he couldn't breathe. 

 Meowth was scratching up Suezo's eye pretty bad, and Genki who was in tears was trying to revive Holly who was lying peacefully on the ground with her eyes closed.  Actually, she was only pretending to be dead because she couldn't stand Genki and his moronic friends especcially Mochi, and could not look at him for more than three seconds without cracking up.



 The "battle" ended when Wargreymon almost fainted of axphyxiation and fell on top of everyone.






 "I hurt.  Alot. * "


 "All I can say is......  OW OW OW AGUMON I'M GONNA KILL YOU OW OW OW!!!"


 "We still hafta find whatever it is that makes this outfit tick."


 This last comment was from Matt, who was trying to fix Patomon's wing back on with Scotch tape and bubblegum.  Everyone seemed to be rather annoyed at Agumon for suddenly gaining about 460 pounds and then falling on them, but who wouldn't?



 Just then Pikachu stopped.  "The asterisk!" she exclaimed.  "The asterisk is the source of Gary's brain!!"


 The author wasn't impressed.  "Took you long enough."


 Pikachu would have shocked the author if it wasn't for the fact that she had almost unlimited power over the characters in her story, and could bury them under three miles of soft peat for ten years and recycled as firelighters.


 "How did you know?" asked Jessie. 

 "Well I think it was because the author thought this episode was getting too long, so she just gave me the answer." mused Pikachu, quite correctly in fact.


 "I see," said Ash, who really didn't but couldn't stand the thought of Misty thinking he was stupid and running off with Matt.  He was already getting dreamy looks from the girls.


 Vegeta, who was getting more trigger-happy by the second, stated "So that must mean we gotta bust the thing, right?"

 Sora lookes sulky.  "But I want to keep it.... * " 


 Just then the author lost her temper and promptly ended the whole dang thing.




           To Be Continued........



Vegeta: Yes!  We're back!!

Gary: I'm glad it ended there or my brain would have gotten annihilated and I would've died, and so would this series if I wasn't here!!


             *everyone looks at each other*


Sailor Moon: Darn darn darn darn......


Useless Fact from the Smoking Remains of Ash's Pokedex: Sora's asterisk is now a major tourist attraction in the Gary's Brain Museum.  It's actually the only thing there, and has been discovered to contain that weird force that makes the waitresses at The Great Buffet of China to refill your glass of water even if it's already full.