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Hi! This is your weird and wonderful webmaster! This is a fic I wrote 'cuz I was bored and needed to let off some weirdness. Which would also explain why this fic is so strange. Well, anyways enjoy!
Disclaimer: Piranhas in the typewriter?!? What have YOU been drinking??!

Episode 1: Ash Gets Hit in the Head with a Broom

Ash: Today I start my trainers journey!
Misty: Moron!

*ash gets hit in the head with a broom*

Ash: Where did that come from?
Brock: It happens when people are being morons.
Misty: That explains everything...
Gary: When do I come in??
Ash: What are you doing here?!?
Gary: Distracting the audience from your ugly face!
Ash: AUGH! Pikachu I choose you!
Pikachu: Did you mention this was a script crossover thing?
Ash: Crossover?
Barney: Hee-huk! Cheerios!
Brock: I love Barney!
Misty: Don't we all.....
Pikachu: Well, now that Ash has been hit with a broom, I guess you'll hafta wait 'till tomorrow for the next episode!
Vegeta: Anyone home???
Pikachu: .........
Ash: This fic sucks. I'm outta here!
Brock: Tell us a joke, Barney!
Ash: No Brock!! Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Pigeot, Pikachu, and, uh, any other pokemon that I have, ATTACK!!
Brock: You cannot defeat me!!!
Misty: Huh?

*brock rips off outer clothing and takes off mask*

Brock: I am..
Ash: Cool! It's Darth Maul!
Maul: You brat! You ruined my dramatic entrance! You will pay!
Ash: Ohhhh...... Okay.

*maul charges*

Maul: Eeeeeyagh!!!!
Ash: Whoopsydoo.

*a broom falls on maul's head*

Maul: Ooooh....
Ash: Why didn't you tell us before who you were, Brock?
Maul: Grrr... Eat light-saber, brats!!!
Misty: Sure!
Ash: Love to!
Maul: Eh?

*ash and misty pull out life savers and start pigging out*

Pikachu: He said "light-saber", not "life-saver".
Ash: Ohhhh... Is his light-saber cherry flavored or butterscotch?
Misty: Only one way to find out!

*they split mauls light-saber in half and start munching on it*

Ash: Definitly cherry.
Vegeta: Er... Whatever guys....
Mewtwo: I will rule the world!
Pikachu: Wanna play pokemon gameboy with me Vegeta?
Vegeta: Sure!

*start playing pokemon with game-link*

Maul: AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Misty: What's his problem?
Ash: Uh... South-of-the-Border Mexican Nachotitis. Very contagious.
Maul: That light-saber cost me 32, 000 bucks, you brats!!!
Ash: No wonder it tasted so good!
Pikachu: Use.... Hyper beam!!!!
Misty: Me???
Ash: She was referring to...

*too late; misty uses hyper beam on darth maul*

Misty: NOW what?!?
Ash: Taxes.
Vegeta: I've had enough of this.
Pikachu: Hmmmm... I know! I'll change all the exclamation marks into little japanese funny faces!!
Vegeta: Brilliant plan!
Pikachu: Boo-yah!
Ash: Huh?
Misty: Aaaaah^_^ ^_^ ^_^ That little rat of yours turned our exclamation marks into faces^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Ash: Pikachu^_^^_^
Vegeta: Uh, we'll just move on to the next episode, shall we?
Pikachu: I couldn't agree more...
Mewtwo: I will control the world^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Barney: Awwww... Aren't the little faces cyuuuuuute......

To Be Continued........

Pikachu: I sincerly hope not.
Maul: Hey^_^_^_^_^
Gary: I haven't even gotten to the good part yet^_^_^
Vegeta: Pizza, anyone??