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January 31, 2000
Part III of A Brock Prologue has been finished and this story is proving to be a difficult undertaking in the writing it. Since this is not the average slam fest poké fic, but is going to be somewhat of a sad story. It's safe to say that everyone that Brock interacts with in the story will eventually leave him, like Julie and his Caterpie and so forth, coupled with the fact that his father abandoned his own family and his mother dying and having such a heavy responsibility in taking care of his ten younger siblings. Is an enormous pressure on any teenager, anyways I'd like some feedback, do you think the story is good so far?

January 30, 2000
The thing that worries me most is the impression visitors get upon viewing my site for the first time, what I mean is that this site has some requirements to be viewed correctly. Like the font that I use for all the page titles, which is the Bradley Hand ITC, this font requires Windows 98 with an up to date browser to be able to see (at least that's what my computer is equipped with), and without it this site looks pretty shoddy and horrendous. I supposed I can make the title into a .jpg image, but then I would have to do that for every title and I just don't use that particular font for the titles only. Your probably thinking why is this guy rambling on about a font, but this is the topic for my new poll, Are you able to see the Bradley Hand ITC Font?. Please tell me yes or no so I can get some feedback on this problem, and if you cant please tell me what system you use on the comments section of the poll, thanks.

I also moved the old poll into it's own section, called Previous Pijoto's Polls.

January 29, 2000
Two chapters of Pokemon 2010, from SSweetiebabe has been added and chapter eight of The Adventures of a Pokémon Trainer, from LugiaMaster has been added too.

January 28, 2000
I fixed that little error in Netscape, where the two images from the bottom of the page, the UPN turnpike and the ink pen image, doesn't show up.

January 27, 2000
Well the two week period of the What's a good name for a Pikachu poll was over two days ago and I pretty disappointed with the results. Only two votes for Joule!!!(one of those were mine, so really only one person voted for Joule), you can tell me why you didn't vote for Joule on the comments section of the poll. Have any body read up to chap. 5 of Another Beginning that's the chapter in which Peter's Pikachu was named Joule. Just keep on repeating Joule (Pronounced Jool) over and over again and it'll catch on and you'll beat yourself over on not voting for it.

January 26, 2000
Part II of A Brock Prologue has been finished. I'll just keep on adding the parts to the story instead of creating an archive page for them, It's a rather short piece, but a good one. One of my few attempts at creative writing, hope you enjoy.

January 24, 2000
A new ongoing series, Fallen Friends, by Zach has been posted up, also chapters 6 and 7 of LugiaMaster's story has been updated as well. I should be finishing up on Part II of A Brock Prolouge in about 3-4 days or so, with school starting and all your lucky if I get a chapter a month done -_-;;

January 21, 2000
New stories from SSweetiebabe, Pokemon-2010, has been added.

January 20, 2000
This site finally went over the thousand mark in hits, of course I'm not so sure there is much a need for celebration, since probably 500 of those were mine, hehe... Anyways I posted Chp. 2-5 of The Adventures of a Pokemon Trainer, by LugiaMaster. Don't be fooled by the title it's actually a pretty good read, I'll be posting up chapter 6, tomorrow maybe.

January 19, 2000
The first part to A Brock Prologue has been finished and is under the Some one shots space. This, soon to be gigantic One-Shot, will explain a lot of things about Brocks past, like his father leaving, his first pokemon, and other mumbo jumbo before he met Ash. I've got the whole story laid out already so all I need to do is write it down, since this will be a very long story by the time I'll get through with it, I'll be posting up parts of the story as I write (I have to have something to update this site with). Since I'm writing a new story, Another Beginning will be put on hiatus until I finish with the Brock story

I got my first story, The Adventures of a Pokemon Trainer, it's written by Lugia Master, be sure to check it out.

January 17, 2000
When I opened this site to house all of my fanfics at, I also had the intention of becoming another fanfic repository site, but wasn't ready to deal with other peoples fanfics, since I was still building on this site. Now if you want to submit your own stories, I've created a link, Submit a fic on the left. Please read the page before sending any stories, thanks.

I altered the stories a little, in proofreading and stuff, I'm finished with all the stories and have also finished Chapter 11. The frontpage has been altered a little as well.

January 16, 2000
I'm just going to come out and say that I don't have much experience in writing stories, hell I have no experience, especially stories with heavy dialogue in them. You're looking at a guy that has written nothing but essays his whole life (I'm the best a BS'ing about any essay topics) and read nothing but textbooks, physics book (I love layman physics books), Newspapers, and Magazines. So I'm going back and proofreading my stories, mainly like the quotations and stuff, see ya.

January 14, 2000
Guess what, I've added a Guestbook, bah not another guestbook to sign, but please I'd like to know who actually visits this website. If you have any comments on any of my stories or just want to flame me then by all means sign it.

I'm sort of thinking about writing a new fic called, A Brock Prologue, I somewhat got the plot down in my head and it'll be cool if I ever start to write it. I'm thinking of writing it in another perspective, rather then writing it like Another Beginning, which is in the first person perspective. Anyway if I start to write it, I won't quite on Another Beginning, it'll just take a while longer to update the story. To tell you the truth I'm sort of running out of ideas, since I wrote the first 5 chapters in a span of 3-4 months, then when I opened this site I've written 5 more long chapters in less then a month! Jeez, I'm starting to get writers block from going to fast, I've already written chapter 11, I'm just on another computer right now, and will probably upload it tomorrow if I find the time. Also school is starting next week, don't be surprised to not see this site get updated for a long time^-^;;

January 11, 2000
I've added a Poll to bottom of the left, it's a poll on which names are good for a Pikachu. First one is Joule, which stands for the unit of energy, and is currently the name for Peter's Pikachu. Coulomb is the name I considered for Pikachu, since it stands for the unit of electrical charge, but Joule just sounds better. Leon and Sparky is the name for Hiroshi/Richie's Pikachu from the anime. Or vote for plain ol' Pikachu as the name, BTW you can only vote once every two weeks, so each poll will last for a month so you can vote at least twice then.

January 8, 2000
I have been getting alot of hits lately from the UPN turnpike, so I included the turnpike's picture at the bottom of the page. I've been meaning to do this when I first sign on the turnpike, but haven't gotten around in doing it.

January 7, 2000
Good news, we have pop ups again, boo hiss, from the crowd. Is it just me or my slow internet connection, the page seems to load slower with the ad embedded on the top and to me it really conflicts with how all the pages are supposed to look.

In other news: I've finished Chapter 10, now with that done, there'll probably won't be another story for like two weeks. Dude writes 10 chapters and already is facing a little writer's block -_-;

January 5, 2000
Good news No More Pop-ups, I like every other person on the net find pop-ups annoying, and have opted for Tripod to embed the ad at the top of the screen, rather then dealing with the pop-up all the time. Tell me what you think does it conflict with the pages to much?

In a link sharing agreement, I've added a new link to the Pijoto's Link section. It's the Pokemon Tower Library, if you want your link included to my page just email me. My email is located at the About Pijoto section. I'm mainly interested in linking to other fan-fiction websites but I'll gladly link to anyone's Pokemon website.

January 4, 2000
The front page was getting terribly long so I decided to archive all of the news in its own section.  I'll be doing this monthly so the page wont take so long to load.  I feel that it's important to archive the news, it'll be the only record I have of this sites history, and you'll be able to see this site develop over time into what I hope a bigger and better site.  Of course for the site to have any hope I'll have to put more effort into it, in the way of a better layout and easier navigation of the site.  Which won't be for awhile since I don't know much about HTML and I'm pretty much learning it as I go along. This site is small enough to navigate with ease so once it gets bigger and more difficult to navigate then that's when a new layout would be put into place.  

I am forgetting to mention the most important thing though, and that's fan-fics.  I will try to be more committed in writing and expanding the adventures of Peter in Another Beginning, but like everyone else that runs a website, I have things that I have to deal with first before taking the time to write stories and contribute to the site, I do put a lot of effort to create quality stories and if I rush myself I'm afraid it'll effect the story, so I'm taking it at my on lazy pace for awhile.

One more thing to point out, this site looks a whole lot better with an up to date Internet Explorer or Netscape browser.  I use several fonts such as on the heading, which is the Bradley Hand ITC font, that doesn't show up on older version.  So it wouldn't be much trouble to update your browsers if you have older versions, just about every other site recommend an upgrade anyways.

January 1, 2000
To celebrate the New Millennium, I've finished Chapter Nine, of  "Another Beginning".  This chapter, I caution deals with an emotional side of Pokemon that many people don't like to touch upon.  As always, happy reading, and a happy New Year.