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Chapter Two

"Young Steve, Eh? Well,... Let me see what I have in store for you..." 
he walked into another room, dogged by Steve. Steve had sprinted the entire 
way to his PokéLab and had shown up huffing and puffing. He at first thought 
that he would get some lame old pokémon like Pidgey or Rattata, which every 
lad in the town had. Then he started to think that he might get a really cool 
pokémon like Dratini or even Rhyhorn.
"This is it, Steve. I have four pokéballs here. The one you choose shall 
determine your fate. Which fate shall you choose?" he sounded mystical. Steve 
went for the newest looking one. He chucked it at the table, revealing...
"Way cool!" exclaimed Steve. He had never even heard of whatever it was 
called. It was so neat, he knew he would be the talk of the town. "What's it 
called?" he asked Prof. Bearry.
"Oh, it's Doduo. Very fast and swift. Follow me this way, Steve. I will give 
you the necessary items to train and care for Doduo." he marched into the 
main office, followed closely by Steve. "Take these items: 6 pokéballs, a 
pokédex, and some pokéchow." he looked up, then his face went pale. "Oh my 
lord..." the glass window of his office shattered as a motercycle blasted 
through it and skidded down the carpet, where he stopped right in front of 
Steve and Prof. Bearry.
"Hullo. I am one of the "Cyclist Clan."
"What are Clans?" Steve wondered aloud. 
"Why, they are the divisions that feed into "The Tournament!" exclaimed the 
"Oh yeah!" realized Steve. He had collected cards that commemorated all the 
great "The Tournament" champions. They had the name, pokémon team, and 
something called Clan name.
"How many are there?" asked Steve.
"There used to be 10, but due to more types of people coming from other 
places, there are now 17 MCs, or Major Clans, and more than 500 MNCs, or 
MiNor Clans. I have come to take those pokémon, Bearry." he pointed to the 
three remaining pokéballs on Prof. Bearry's desk. 
"No!" yelled Prof. Bearry. "You can't have them!"
"Fine, geezer man."said the Biker. "Go....."
"A Bulbasaur!" yelled out Steve. He had seen all three of its evolutions on 
"The Tournament." 
"Steve... USE DODUO!"
"Ah-hah! Let's mae this a duel. Winner take all." He looked very perky. 
"Bulbasaur, use your..."
"Doduo, Quick Attack, quick!" 
"...Vine Whip!" finished the Biker. Doduo was faster, but only at level 1 , 
so the Vine Whip knocked it flat.
"Now, finish it off with your Leech Seed!" the Bulbasaur spitted seeds from 
his bulb. Doduo staggered.
"Uh... use Tackle, Doduo!" muttered Steve. Doduo tried, but wasn't fast 
enough and was side-stepped by Bulbasaur. Then the Leech Seed zapped a green 
glow around him, which went into Bulbasaur, Doduo fainted.
"Hahahahahah! I win! Time to take those pok... ugh!" he fell to the ground, 
revealing a Charizard behind him, smoke flowing from its mouth.
"It's one of the Police Charizards! We're saved!" joyfully yelped Prof. 
Bearry. Then he noticed Doduo on the floor. "We better rush him to a 
Pokécenter pronto!!!"