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Chapter One

"Go... Poliwhirl!"
"The spinning mouth Pokémon has a high level of about 50 and may have what 
it takes to defeat (and decrown) the champ, Lance!"said the announcer
Lane threw a blue-green pokéball and it landed, revealing...
"Holy cow! It's the king of the seas... Gyarados!!!"again said the announcer..
Lance smirked as the challenger gaped at the terrible figure before him.
"Tackle." was all Lance said. The dragon nodded, then flew in a fury at 
Poliwhirl, KO'ing it on the spot.
"Holy cow, a-a one h-hit w-wonder-r! W-what a h-hit!!!"
Bellowed their announcer.
"You punk!" yelled the hurt pokémon's trainer. "You are mean!"
"Oh no, I'm mean now." chuckled Lance, rolling his eyes.
"Well, that was only my second-strongest pokémon!" yelled the kid.
"What?! Boy, I tell you, nobody has stronger pokémon than that, except for 
the Elite Four!" yelled out Lance, "Stop talking jibberish!!!" 
"Suite yourself!" hollered the boy, "Go..."
The crowd gasped, Lance gaped, the announcer fainted.
"Charizard!!!" roared the creature.
"Aww... d*mn." muttered Lance, "eerrg! Gyarados, Dragon Rage!!!" the spined 
devil flew around in a whirlwind of grace, power, and rage. His eyes glowed 
red and his entire body suddenly stopped, absorbing the energy, which he spit 
back out as a streack of red energy.
"Charizard, counter it with a FIRE BLASSSST!!!!" the boy yelled and Charizard 
exerted a hail of fire into the Dragon Rage. The pair were equally matched, 
and both relentlessly kept pouring power into his own attack. 
Lance suddenly lept at Charizard and chucked a rock at him. The beast 
swayed just enough to be hit by the Dragon Rage.
"NOW! HYPER BEEEEAAAAMMMM!!!!" screamed Lance at the top of his lungs. The 
boy jumped to his feet, screeching about the cheap shot. Lance kneed him in 
the rib cage, where he lay, heavily damaged.
Charizard couldn't take the Dragon Rage and was slammed into the wall. 
Suddenly, a sliver as big as a bus and as bright as a star shot out of 
Gyarados' mouth. It had mini beams encircling it and continually changed 
colors. It made contact with Charizard.
First only the screech of the beam could be heard, then the loud thud as 
the beam made contact, finally, an ear piercing roar by Charizard which 
stopped suddenly as it had occurred. 
Then, a soft murmur of sobbing was heard, marking Charizard's defeat; also 
marking Lance as victorious.
An infamous laugh arose from the battle. Lance was supreme ruler of the 
Tournament. He was undefeated still, even after many hundreds of battles.
"Hey!" said Steve when his mom turned off his TV. "I was watching that...."
"You've had quite enough for today." his mother replied, shaking her head, 
"Kids these days..." her voice trailed as she left the room. Steve knelt onto 
the rug, and pulled his binder full of papers onto his bed. 
Since his childhood, he had collected pictures of all the pokémon that 
appeared on "The Tournament," an annual event in which there were 29 battles, 
which evolved lots of money and anti merchandise. Lance had won "The 
Tournament" for the last 10 years, but each year there were still a hopeful 
few that thought that maybe he would be conquered. As Steve browsed through 
his highly accumulated collection of pictures and factoids on various 
pokémon, he heard his mother answer the ringing phone. He was surprised, 
however, when she yelled, 
"Hey Steve! Phone!" he got up and picked up his phone.
"My name is Professor Bearry. Is this Steve Marron?" 
"Yes." Steve wasn't impressed.
"Well, please come to my PokéLab pronto. I need to give you a pokémon. You 
are 15 today, correct?"
Steve could hardly suppress his excitement. "T-that's corr-rrec-ct!!! I'll be 
right there!" he had forgotten, turn 15, receive a pokémon partner! He 
sprinted off, wondering what partner he would get, and if he would ever get 
to battle in "The Tournament."