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Chapter 3- Doduo's First Match

"Doduo! Use your Tackle attack!" Steve yelled at the top of his lungs. Doduo 
immediately reacted by launching itself at the Pidgey on the path ahead. He 
made contact, making the Pidgey stagger back into a tree on the grassy 
roadside. "I gottcha!" he barked in triumph and threw a pokéball at the bird. 
Instead of his expected easy victory, he was appalled to find that the Pidgey 
very easily flew away, leaving him in a cloud of dust.
"Oh, and it was 'so' close!" a large voice said from his back side, which was 
followed by cackling. 
"Come out and fight me!" said Steve, confident that he could take on anything 
that would be thrown at him.
"Fine kid, hope you ain't been eatin, cause I'm gonna take you to lunch!" 
Steve was hit in the back by a boot, sending him tumbling into the tree, 
causing his lip to bleed. He staggered up, wiped off his lip and gritted his 
teeth, "Don't you have pokémon?" his voie was scolding, but then started to 
tremble as his came abreast his challenger, a tall, lean, person with a jet 
black suit on.
"Hah! I should've known! Heh... go... Zambo!" out popped a small Voltorb.
"Uh-oh... electric type... >gulp< I better be cautious! Go... Doduo!!!" he 
heaved the pokéball, and the purple beam crossed the field to reveal Doduo..
"Voltorb... Tackle!" yelled the mysterious man.
"Errg... Use your Quick Attack... Doduo!" The Voltorb heaved its entire 
entire body at the bird, who jumped over him, and ricocheted into the 
sphere's back, rolling it into a small ditch.
"No! Blast it ... use Thundershock, Zambo!"
"Crap," muttered Steve "Um... Use Quick Attack!" the Voltorb made contact 
with the once again leaping Doduo, sending the voltage right into the bird, 
blasting it bak down to the dirt laden earth. It lay there, in a small crater 
created by the impact.
"Now Doduo, Tackle!" yelled Steve. Doduo struggled to get up, but managed to 
make contact with the ball, nearly knocking both out.
"Oh no.... Voltorb... SELF DESTRUCT...!!!" he fell to the ground, covering 
his head with his hands. Doduo looked at Voltorb, as it turned yellow then 
gold, until a bright glow surrounded the area in its brightness. Suddenly, 
the Voltorb let out a cry,
It turned black, then sparks shot out in every direction and Voltorb shot 
out a shock wave into everything, sending Doduo, Steve, and the other trainer 
"Huh? Did we win?" Steve stood up, rubbing bruises and cuts all over his arms 
and legs. The trainer and his Voltorb had disappeared, but not without 
leaving a mark. Doduo was badly hurt, laying spewed out on the ground. Steve 
gasped. He kicked at a rock and then picked up his pokéball, sucked up Doduo, 
and ran off towards the next city, and pokémon center.