farfetched vs. Pijoto

In a territorial battle between farfetched and Pijoto, farfetched was driven a way, and Pijoto now stays!

One is armed with a wicked fencing sword, he is known as the fencer of farfetched's, the fencer farfetched. The best at what he does, and what he does is slice and dice his opponents to shreds. Only to shed a tear over his slain fallen enemy, violence to him is the last resort, but when push comes to shove... farfetched will yield his mighty sword in battle till the end...

The other is thought to be farfetched's superior. Strong, fast, agile, graceful, and magnificent in every detail. Pijoto, twice the size of the small weary farfetched, towers over his seemingly weaker opponent. He has climbed his way to the top, crushing everyone (including farfetched in that legendary battle to end all battles) that dares oppose him in his quest to be the Top Gun! 

farfetched has had enough of the tyranny under Pijoto's rule, and aims to challenge Pijoto one last time. Will farfetched's bravery, courage, determination, and not to mention armed with his legendary sword, be able to take down his greatest rival? Perhaps this is the time, Pijoto has been in rule to long. Never has a warrior in such a long time, have dared engage Pijoto in a game of dominance, leaving him unconditioned in his warrior ways. The overconfidence of Pijoto may be his downfall, never underestimate your rivals, especially when your rival is farfetched!

So who will come out of this victorious? The sword wielding Zealot of the skies, farfetched. Or farfetched's superior in every way, the high flying, sky attacking Pijoto!