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February 29, 2000
Closing out the month of February with Chapter 13, A Vow, Part 1 from LugiaMaster's story and a new poll! The old poll on whether or not you can see the Bradley Hand ITC font on the title didn't get much votes, and I've gotten no feedback on it, so I'll just scrap it and let it rest in the Previous poll's page. The New Poll is, Rank my site! poll, between 1 - 5 stars, for instance Rattata's Rant gave me 3 stars and I think that's about what this site deserves... and people please give me some feedback on the comments section.

February 25, 2000
A Brock Prologue, Part V, brought to you by Pijoto's Publishers, at a blistering rate of 2 new parts a month... ^_^ I finally finished Part V of A Brock Prologue, due to my somewhat busy schedule, all I can promise from me is at least 2 new parts a month. For Part V, I've added it to the new section under Mini-series and decided to make an archive page for it. In this chapter I try to depict, a different side to Brock... and watch out for gratuitous food jokes!

In other news: LugiaMaster decided to rename his ongoing series to Quest of the Sea God and completed chapter 11 & 12 of his story.

February 21, 2000
Check out my new button, pretty lame... but that's all I could manage to slap on in about 5 minutes... If someone wants to link to me??? Then you can use that button.

I swear, I must have one of the worst luck with topsites, for instance, so far I have dropped Six different topsites because they worked for a little while then never again, The Pokeplace, Pokeweb, the Grass network, Oakslab, VGFF, and PMHQ. I waited patiently for about a month and it still they never showed up, so I just decided to drop them and stick with the three topsites I'm currently participating in. Also one more thing, does anyone know what happened to the Pokemon Adventure network? I dropped that too, because all of a sudden that site no longer exists?

February 19, 2000
A new ongoing series by STRIFEvLEONHART, called Pokémon: The NeXt Generation has been started with his first five chapters uploaded. Also chapter 7 of Zach's story has updated as well.

February 18, 2000
Wassup!!! Over 2000 hits for the masses, hey I appreciate it and all, but I'm only averaging 25 hits a day : (  In a way I'm kind of satisfied with staying a small and relatively unknown site, because if I was a big and popular fanfic site, such as the PFFMLA or The Pokemon Tower Library, people would be flooding me with their fanfics and emails, and I'll be backed up with proofreading and uploading fanfics, until the day I die.  Man, I don't know how their webmasters do it, and manage to find the time to take care of their business as well.  

Of Course, being a big, popular, and well known site, ain't that bad either ^_^;;

February 16, 2000
Nothing much to say here, except that LugiaMaster has finished up chapter ten of his story

February 12, 2000
One more thing to mention, Ratatta's Rant, finally gotten around in rating my site, and it turns out my site is a 3 star, hey I'm aware this isn't a four star site or anything so I am happy. Oh, and his comment was --> "A decent fan fic site...", -_-;;

Almost two weeks without a story from me, jeesh, I continue to blame it on school. Part IV of A Brock Prologue has finally been completed, this is the start of the Pewter City Pokemon Competition, through the span of the competition, I bet no-one can walk away from the story without feeling a little respect for the mighty Caterpie!

Like the new look? Really its just some minor altering, I decided the left bar was getting too long so I created the right one. As you may notice the Farfetched on the right, I put it their because my old screen name used to farfetched, before I started going by Pijoto (and yes I did get it off the Strata Strikes pokemon Illust. Marathon, I give credit where credit is due, if you want to visit her site go to my links section).

In other news: Chapter 7 of Zach's story has been updated.

February 10, 2000
I've updated the submit a fic page with two new info. The first one is that I'll now let you have the option of receiving a counter for your archive page and the other thing is that I'll explain the pokemon you get on your archive page and how it will evolve. All the rules are explained in full detail on the page so check it out now!

February 9, 2000
February really has been off to a slow.... start, it's just that I've been really busy with school and I keep on saying that I might not update for long periods at a time (a week at maximum). Enough with the excuses, Chapter 5 of Fallen friends by Zach has been posted, that's all for now. Expect me to complete part IV of my Brock story sometime next week.

February 7, 2000
Man, after two scary days, I thought my website was gone forever, but now I guess tripod finally got my site back up after I emailed them. Anyway I got some stories backed up that I'll upload, on Wednesday I promise, I can't do it tomorrow since my boss wants me to work ten hours and school and all, anyway I'm just glad my site is back up ^-^

February 4, 2000
I've archived all of the month of January 2000 news, incase you haven't checked up on my site lately.  Also two more chapters (five and six)  from Mega Arcanine (Also known as SSweetiebabe) has been posted and chapter 9 of the story from LugiaMaster has been posted too.