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December 31, 1999
Incase my server breaks down on Y2K, goodbye.

December 29, 1999
Chapter Eight of "Another Beginning" has been finished, this is a rather short fast-paced story, and dare I say it, educational/informational.  I hope you enjoy it and please tell me your opinion of it.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I hope people understand that I'm just a small pokemon site, I can't possibly update this site everyday, mainly because I have nothing to update with, unless you don't mind if I pop in everyday to say hi, hello, how-ya-doin.  I'm going to at least try and finish a chapter a week though, I practically have the whole story planned out in my head I just got to find the time from work, school, and the pressure, why can't I just win the lottery (not to mention getting off my lazy @ss, censor boo.....) to write it down.  So just bare with me and pop in every week or so to check for a new story, its just like waiting every Saturday for one new episode of Pokemon.

December 25, 1999
Well there hasn't been any real updates to this site, except that I've joined some more top sites, still trying somehow to advertise this site. Anyway Merry December 25 everybody (in case you're wondering I'm Buddhist and today is just any other day to me).

December 22, 1999
      A big update today, Chapter 7 of "Another Beginning" has finally been finished, for those who
have been following along on my ongoing epic of a Pokemon story, I admit the first few chapters are kind of shaky.  Since I was just starting out on the story and wasn't all that serious at first (F.Y.I. it took me two months just to finish the first five chapters hehe...), but the stories are developing along quite nicely, I even threw in some comical banter into the mix.  So don't miss this exciting chapter which chronicles Peter Ketch's journey on his quest to become a Pokemon Master.

Other news: I've joined the Pokemon Power Webring and added a link to the side bar.  It's just a way to try and get the word out on my site.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd bookmark my site and tell others about it too, BTW their is no better advertisement then by the word of mouth ad.

December 21, 1999
On the Pijoto's Links section, I've included two more pokemon sites that I myself personally visit, The Euro-Asia Gameboy and The Team Rocket's Headquarters. The EAGB is a great site, it has editorials on pokemon, also it has recently added all the pokedex pictures to every Gold/Silver pokemon, and has a lengthy walkthrough of gold/silver for people that don't understand Japanese. The TRHQ is the best TRHQ since alot of sites has that name, but this is the best. It has extensive character bios of Rocket members and also exclusive interviews with the stars of the show, plus movies and all that stuff. Another one of the links I have to mention is the Strata Strikes Pokemon Illustration Marathon, I admit I have used her drawings and put them on to my own site, but I do give her credit for it by linking my page to hers, unlike some of the other thousands of pokemon sites that have stolen her images and pasted them on their site. So with that said, please don't flame me:)

December 19, 1999
I've added a new section to Pijoto's Stories, as you may notice it is Pijoto's Editorial. Its basically my two-cents and ramblings on about pokemon, but its a good read. The first editorial that I've written is about what kills an otherwise good fan-fiction, be sure to check it out.

December 17, 1999
I, like all ambitious new pokemon webmasters, would like to rise amongst the ranks of the Pokemon top sites, that's why I have participated in the Pokemontop50 and the Pokemon Village ranking systems.

December 16, 1999
I've uploaded Chapter Six to my ongoing fanfic "Another Beginning", as well as adding a page where I can archive all the chapters to the story, rather then adding it to the main page.

December 14, 1999
Welcome to the Grand Opening of Pijoto Stories. Please go to the link "About Pijoto" for a more formal welcoming. While you're here enjoy the stories I have to offer and I promise more will come.