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Chapter Eight


            “Jessica and Brock are both down to their last Pokemon each”, Sarah whispered to me. 

            “Yeah this is going to be an exciting match”, I whispered back.  Sarah and I are witnessing a spectacular match between the Pewter city rock gym-leader, Brock and the red-haired vixen, Jessica.  Brock has chosen an Onix, so big that it almost touches the 30-foot high ceiling, and Jessica has chosen an Arbok, roughly half the size of Brock’s Onix.

            Brock making the first move, “Onix, skull bash”, Onix lunged head first at Arbok but its quick snake reflexes managed to evade that attack, sending Onix slamming to the ground.  

            “Arbok, wrap attack”, Jessica ordered, Arbok slithered its way around Onix’s neck.  “Arbok, glare now”, Jessica commanded, Arbok still wrapped up on Onix’s neck, looked Onix right in the eyes and executed a Glare attack at point-blank range. 

            “Onix shake it off of you”, Brock panicked, but futile considering Onix could barely move. 

            “Now finish it off Arbok, time for the special combo attack”, Jessica shouted.  Arbok first sprayed Acid on Onix’s rock hard skin to soften it enough for Arbok’s fangs to sink in for a poison sting attack.  With Onix, now poisoned, paralyzed and beat, “Onix return”, Brock returns his Rock snake with almost showing a tear in his eyes, congratulated Jessica on a hard fought match and rewarded her with the Boulder Badge.

            Sarah and I, are back at her Aunts house for lunch, “Thank you for having me here Miss. Hewitt”, thanking Sarah’s Aunt for a great breakfast and an even better lunch. 

            “No problem, if you two need me, I’ll be in the garden, Sarah’s Aunt said. 

            “That was an awesome battle between Brock and Jessica; I doubted that an Arbok could even stand a chance against an Onix, but her Arbok was really well trained”, I commented to Sarah. 

            “Yeah, kind of makes you scared doesn’t it”, Sarah said. 

            “What do you mean”, I answered back. 

            “Well those two were battling on a whole different level then we do, imagine how long it would take for us to get too that high of a level, if ever” 

            “Hey Sarah, just look at it as this way, its like looking at a trigonometry book for the first time, when you’re still just concentrating on long division.  You see an arcane mess of symbols and numbers and start to think, how am I ever going to be able to do this, but eventually after years of studying all the math courses that leads up to trig, it gets easy.  Of course when Calculus comes around the corner, that’s when you have the mental breakdown”, I joked, managing to make her laugh.

            A couple of hours lounging in Sarah’s Aunt living room, watching old summer reruns on the idiot box, makes me miss this favorite activity of mine before I went and became a trainer.  Eventually I decided to move on to Crystal Loch, “Come on guys we have to get a move on”, talking to Joule, Caterpie, and Pidgey, which were having a pretty good time playing with Sarah’s Nidoran and Primal.  Now talking to Sarah, “Are you ready to go Sarah, I heard there are great water pokemon to catch at Crystal Loch”.  

            “Yeah lets go….  Oh I better get that”, the telephone rang and Sarah went to answer it.  After awhile on the phone she finally came back. 

            “Who was that on the phone”, I asked. 

            “That was my mom on the phone, she wants to pay me a visit and told me to stay here until she flies in from our home at the Chartreuse islands.  Since it has been over a month since I left to become a trainer, I guess she just wants to see how well I’m doing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t come with you”, Sarah explained. 

            “That’s ok I guess, I’m just sorry we haven’t had a pokemon battle yet, I kind of want to see how good you are”, I inquired. 

            “Not like that would clear anything since my Pokemon are better then yours anyways” 

            “How do you figure”, I smirked back. 

            “Lets face it my Nidoran can wipe the floor with your Pikachu, since it is pretty strong against electricity and your Caterpie is no match to a poison type pokemon.  Don’t forget my Primal already defeated all of your Pokemon single handedly, so to save you from embarrassment we better hold off our battle for another day”. 

            “First off your Primal only defeated Pidgey and Joule, since I didn’t know what fighting technique to expect from a Mankey, but now I do.  Second, I bet my Pidgey can beat your Nidoran, with no problem”, I defended.  

            “Then there is only one way to settle this then” Sarah suggested.

            Back to the Pewter City Pokecenter at one of the outdoor battle arenas,  “Lets make this a two on two all out battle”, I yelled to Sarah at one end of the field. 

            “Fine by me”, Sarah yelled back from the other side of the arena. 

            “Go Caterpie”, “Primal”, we both called. 

            “Low kick”, “String shot”, Sarah and I said respectively.  Mankey just proved to fast for Caterpie as it punted Caterpie across the field with a low kick, when it was still just trying to take a deep breath for a string shot.  

            “Ahh, hang in there, Caterpie” 

            “Now Mankey, finish it off with a fury swipes attack”, Sarah commanded.  With panic in my voice I yelled, “Skunk spray”. 

            “What”, Sarah exclaimed. 

            “Piee”, Caterpie got up and sprayed such a putrid stream of stench that it almost made Sarah’s Mankey faint from the odor itself, leaving itself open for a Caterpie torpedo tackle. 

            “No fair, I didn’t know Caterpie’s have such an attack”, Sarah exclaimed.  

            “Hehe, I didn’t either until I checked my Pokedex earlier, but it’s purely a defensive attack that Caterpie’s use in the wild to ward off predators.  I’m sorry but you’re going to have to bathe your Primal in tomato sauce 2 hours a day for like a week to get that stench out of its fur”, I said, half jokingly.  

            “That’s not funny, Primal return, Nidoran it’s your turn”, Sarah sent out her Nidoran to battle. 

            “Good job Caterpie, but this is going to be Pidgeys battle”, I returned Caterpie; mainly because I was afraid of Caterpie’s vulnerability to poison attacks and sent out Pidgey.

            “Nidoran poison sting”, the Nidoran tried leaping up to prick Pidgey with its poisonous horn, but that proved useless as Pidgey just flew higher. 

            “To bad your Nidoran can’t fly, Pidgey sand-attack”, I said, in order to execute a sand-attack, Pidgey swooped down real fast to ground level and kicked up all the dirt and sand that has accumulated on the arena floor, blinding Sarah’s Nidoran.  Confused, the Nidoran charged at Pidgey blindly, which Pidgey easily evaded by flying higher.  I kind of didn’t want to attack the Nidoran any further seeing how it couldn’t defend itself, and when I was about to tell Pidgey to use its talon strike attack Sarah interrupted, “No wait, I give up, you win, Nidoran return”.

            “Good battle, I guess you were right”, Sarah said. 

            “Don’t feel bad flying pokemon has a slight advantage over ground-types like your Nidoran”, I said.  After the battle we toured around Pewter city for a while visiting the local shops and their famous prehistoric and science museum.  Sarah even walked with me all the way to the edge of Pewter City that leads to Crystal Loch, vowing that we’ll meet again, we said our good-byes and I was headed on my way.  Once again by myself, just me, my pokemon and I, *sigh* I hope we meet again soon.